Event Reports

8th Wakefield MAG Biker Quiz Nite - Wed 23rd November 2011

We held our 8th Wakefield MAG Biker Quiz Nite on Wednesday 23rd November, in the Grey Horse. We had a fantastic attendance this year with well over 70 people packing our meeting room, so much so, we had to do several emergency chair and table runs to the lounge bar !!! Great to welcome along teams from York MAG / York Bike Night, Leeds MAG, Huddersfield MAG, Sheffield & Rotherham MAG, Colne Valley MAG, West Yorkshire VJMC, local MCC's & many others (thousand apologies if you haven't got a mention), in addition to several Wakefield MAG teams.

The packed room

We followed last years popular format, with 60 questions in total being asked, 30 pure bike / biking knowledge questions and 30 general knowledge (but with a bike related link, however tenuous).

We started around 10 past 8 with the first set, all about Motorcycle Sport, then 5 general knowledge, then 5 questions all about motorcycle media, 5 general knowledge, 5 bike knowledge and so on, taking a breather at question 33 to fuel the mind (with beer & nicotine). Following the 5 minute break we then continued with the set of bike and general knowledge questions interspersed, so as to maintain the interest.

Booby Prize (for the least correct answers) - Team Colne Valley MAG

Lots of head scratching and muttering going on, particularly where they had the answer just on the tips of their tongues, but it sadly evaded them.

At the end of the 60 questions, we took a second breather, with Lisa, our ever keen fund raiser selling tickets for our weekly raffle. A huge thanks has to go to Dougie, our genial landlord of the Grey Horse, who put on a fantastic free spread of seven huge trays of sandwiches for us all (but you had to be quick as they were all gone in a flash).

Having fun

Just before we swapped the answer sheets we held a minutes silence in honour of two pretty special people:

Time then to swap the papers with your neighbouring team ready for marking. We went through the answers and there was lots of clamouring for that extra ½ point (amazing how beer prizes brings out the competitive nature in people isn't it ?!?!?!). The papers were then swapped back and we had a poll to find out who had won.

Nobody had 50-60 right, or 40-50, but amazingly we had a tie for 1st place, on 35 points, exactly as we had last year. Time to crack open the tie breaker questions. The tie breaker was about Evel Knieval's Guinness World Record (for broken bones, not the distance jumped). Nearest the correct number of broken bones would be the winner. Two wildly different answers but Wakefield MAG team 'Dilligaf' came closest to the correct answer. Being first, team captain Bill had the choice of prizes, for which he plumped for the five boxes of choccies (that's Christmas sorted then !!!), and of course, the coveted winners trophy.

Winners - Wakefield MAG Team Dilligaf

2nd Place went to the York Misfits, with a score of 34. They turned down the prize of two free tickets to their own Christmas Do (cant think why), opting instead for a case of Boddingtons for their achievement.

2nd Place - Team York Misfits

3rd Place was amazingly another tie, with Leeds MAG and Huddersfield MAG both on 33 ½ points. Good job we had several sets of tie break questions. "Emilio Scotto of Buenos Aires, Argentina completed the longest ever journey by a motorcycle, covering over 457,000 miles through 214 countries and territories, from January 17, 1985 to April 2, 1995. How many tyres did he use on his 10 year journey ?". Both teams took their challenge very seriously indeed, even checking what bike he was on (a Honda Goldwing). Again, wildly different answers but Leeds MAG came closest to the correct answer of 86. A case of Budweiser for their achievement.

3rd Place - Leeds MAG

Next came the equally highly contested prize - coming last. Winners of this most prestigious category, on a still respectable 17 points, were Colne Valley MAG. Team Captain Dave was awarded the coverted booby prize, which does the rounds on all our competitive events - the fat bird on a scooter trophy !!!!!. Actually, they didn't exactly leave empty handed as members of the Colne Valley MAG team won both bottles of wine in the raffle !!!

Booby Prize (for the least correct answers) - Team Colne Valley MAG

This year's quiz, raised £69, with the wine raffle raising a further £64. After deducting the cost of the prizes, we raised £98 for the MAG fighting fund !!!!. What a fantastic result.

Congratulations to all teams, it was a brilliant night and a good time was had by all. Educational and fun (why couldn't school have been like this ?!?!!?).

The winning roll of honour now looks like this:

A huge thanks again to everyone who turned up and contributed to a most memorable quiz .... Hope to see you at our 9th quiz in a years time !!!!!!!!!!