Event Reports

Willingham Woods Rideout - Sunday 24th April 2016

A cold but dry morning saw 10 of us (on 9 bikes) meet at the Redbeck for our April rideout ..... destination Willingham Woods in Lincolnshire.

After the usual breakfasts and coffees etc we all geared up and set off heading through Featherstone, Pontefract, Darrington and on to Womersley where after stopping to mark a left turn at a roundabout unfortunately Mick's bike decided it would only go into 5th or 6th gear!

Clare shot ahead to let the leaders know what had happened while Caz marked a crossroad on route. After a couple of phone calls and a wait Mick got going but decided to limp home in 5th/6th gear putting an unfortunate end to his day out. Caz in the meantime had turned off her engine while waiting and now needed a bump start (thanks to Chas and Terry) as her battery appeared to be cream crackered.

On the move again and we continued through Pollington, Snaith and on to Goole. Leaving Goole on the A161 through Swinefleet, the road 'opened up' and led us through some great sections of straights and twistys as we progressed through Eastoft and Crowle till we merged with the A18 at Ealand.

A18 all the way through Scunthorpe (with a toilet break at Tesco) and onto Brigg where again the road 'opened up' allowing us to flow through Somerby, Clixby and on to Caistor.

A tricky right, left, right triple junction in Caistor worked an absolute treat due to efficient marking and observation and onto the (again open) B1225 until we made a right on the A631 and on to Willingham Woods.

Group Photo at Willingham Woods

Quite a few bikes in the layby but the cold weather had also kept a few at home I reckon.

Parked up at Willingham Woods

Drinks and snacks all round and after 45 minutes it was time to be off. Only problem, bump starting Caz's bike again, but this time with an audience .... first go .... YES!!!

A631 led us through Market Rasen, Glentham and onto Caenby Corner. On through Gainsborough, Beckingham, Everton and to Bawtry, where we turned right towards Doncaster.

Sam and Clare peeled off just after Doncaster making their respective ways and the rest of us headed back towards Wakefield where the weather spoiled itself with a 10 minute shower .... still might as well clean Caz's bike (again!) while I'm fitting the new battery .... LOL.

All in all a pleasure to lead and hope everyone had a good day and enjoyed the ride .... except Mick of course who I hope gets his bike sorted very soon.

As a footnote, the second man marker system worked perfect even though we were spread out at times and we even had some mid-group overtaking!!!

Martin Burgess
Rideout Co-ordinator