Event Reports

Leeds MAG Demo Run - Saturday 24th May 2014

Eight Wakefield MAG members attended the 2014 Leeds MAG Demo Run. This is all the more impressive as it has to be the wettest .. EVER .. Leeds MAG Demo Run. It was bucketing it down.

On arriving at Squires, the lack of bikes there as compared to the usual turn out for the Demo ride was noticeable, to say the least. On a good day, the turn out has been such that finding a space to squeeze your bike into is a bit of a feat. On Saturday, you could have parked a few dozen large trucks with room to spare.

It was estimated that there were between 100 to 150 bikes partaking, a good number, but just a fraction of the number of riders who normally turn up for this event.

Ready for the off from Squires

Anyway, off we set, with the small bikes at the front and the usual mix of bikes and trikes in amongst.


The Police did an impressive job of stopping the traffic and herding us safely through the streets but I did witness a few grumpy comments to some of the bikers and other road users, which is not surprising if you are not there by choice, I suppose. They wanted us to narrow the gap and squeeze up a bit tighter together which is a bit hazardous in itself on wet roads with poor visibility. The majority of us were riding with visors up as it was bordering on impossible to see out otherwise.

We didn't seem to attract the usual good humour from the shopping population of Leeds either, most of whom gazed unhappily at us. I suppose you can't blame them when they are getting a soaking whilst waiting for a load of noisy bikes to pass. Most of them only wanted to cross the road, but I still noticed a few camera snappers and waves, none the less.

We were a hardy crew. There was much dripping of water from helmets and wringing of gloves at the destination, with many folks clearly soaked to the skin.

At the New Inn, soaked to the skin

But hey, we were there. I abandoned for home at some point towards the end, when I just couldn't feel my fingers any more and when I felt rivers of cold water which had found its way right through my waterproofs and into my underwear and boots. I just didn't fancy having to get off and then back on, the bike. Then there was the thrill of riding through some mini lakes on the way home, before the roads got closed.

Sandi and Dave were brave enough to stop over at the venue, with around a dozen camping overnight for the evening entertainment. They reported it wasn't actually too wet by then.

All in all, while the weather definitely did put a damper on events and the numbers who attended, I'm sure there were no damp spirits by the time everyone dried off and partook of a few bevvies in the bar after.

No damp spirits in the evening after some well deserved refreshment

Ed: Confirmed, no damp spirits in the evening after some well deserved refreshment.

And next year? ..... I'll be back !!!