Event Reports

6th Bingo Night - Wednesday 25th October 2017

Our 6th Bingo Night was held on Wednesday 25th October and what a cracking night it was.

We were pleased to welcome along a large contingent from Huddersfield MAG and Oliver from Sheffield and Rotherham MAG.

Happy Bingo Night Attendees

We were also pleased to welcome back our now regular 'Bingo Crazy' non-biker contingent, who come along to all our Bingo nights. These are the 'professionals', serious Bingo players, who even have their own Mecca Bingo dabbers .... not mere pens like the rest of us ..... serious stuff !!!!

As usual, Chas was our genial Bingo caller, ably assisted by Terry (Bingo ticket seller and money handler), Sharon (Raffle ticket seller) and Martin (winning line and full house auditor).

Chas and Terry

There was a steady stream of ticket buying before each set of 3 games .

Queueing to buy tickets

We played 9 games of bingo over the course of the evening - 6 cash bingo's (fiver for a line and a tenner for a full house), and 3 prize bingo's (a prize each for a line and a full house). In addition to the Bingo games, we also held a seperate prize raffle (to win all manner of alcholic, chocolate and perfume related goodies). Last but not least, we also held a 1-90 raffle (the winner of which held a ticket (from 1-90) which corresponded to the very last number called before a full house was won, on the very last bingo game of the evening).

Bingo Ticket

Chas realised he was running a little short of time so he went through the last few games at lightning pace ... for those of us who are mere amateurs at this bingo lark, it's quite stressful checking multiple tickets for that elusive number at speed with the next number being announced before you have even found the last one ... Gulp.

Most folk won something over the course of the evening, if not on the bingo games, then in the raffle.

We quickly totted up the proceeds at the end of the evening and were delighted to report the different bingo games raised:

The Bingo Night raised a total of £296.62 (clear profit after deducting all the prizes), all of which goes into the MAG Fighting Fund. This is not quite the record, but only a couple of quid short of the record .... an awesome result in anyone's book !!!

It was a fantastic evening, everyone immensely enjoyed themselves, a huge thanks to everyone who attended, donated raffle prizes and parted with their hard earned cash. A massive thanks also to Chas, Terry, Sharon and Martin who ran the evening so smoothly. The next bingo evening will be held early(ish) next year ..... hope to see you there !!!!