Event Reports

Bingo Night - Tuesday 25th October 2022

October 2022 Bingo Night

This years Bingo night was only attended by thirteen bingo players. As numbers were somewhat down on previous years, we opted to just play prize bingo, as we wouldn't have made any money had we run cash bingo as well. Luckily, we had lots of prizes donated which saw us through all of the games lines and full houses.

As usual, Chas was our genial Bingo caller, ably assisted by Terry (Bingo ticket seller and money handler) and Martin (winning line and full house auditor).

October 2022 Bingo Night

There was a steady stream of ticket buying before each set of 3 games.

October 2021 Bingo Night

We played 9 games of bingo over the course of the evening. Some people were far more successful in the bingo games than others, those who won invariably won several times, whereas others won diddly squat .... but with the added frustration of getting so close, needing only one or two numbers, only to get pipped at the last minute :-(

We quickly totted up the proceeds at the end of the evening and were delighted to report the bingo night raised a total of £73.10, all of which goes into the MAG Fighting Fund .... a great result considering the sparse attendance !!!

It was a fantastic evening, everyone immensely enjoyed themselves, a huge thanks to everyone who attended, donated raffle prizes and parted with their hard earned cash. A massive thanks also to Chas, Terry and Martin who ran the evening so smoothly.