Event Reports

Social Night (Yorkshire Places Quiz) Report - Wednesday 26th April 2017

Sixteen members attended our second 'monthly social event' on Wednesday 26th April, hosted by Chas Milner. The theme of the social event was a Yorkshire Cryptic Clue Quiz.


Chas relieved us all of our Yorkshire Pound p.p. entry fee, we split into 4 teams of 4'ish and then attempted to crack on with our 20 cryptic questions, all of which were places in Yorkshire .... and not just any old place, but places that have been visited on our many rideouts (so not much excuse for getting them wrong).

The questions (and answers) were:

  1. Couples do this when they get engaged (9): Pickering
  2. Laugh at the Candle Part (11): Giggleswick
  3. Last of the Summer wine Location (9): Holmfirth
  4. Girls Rope Game and an imperial Weight (7): Skipton
  5. Dick Turpin was hung here (4): York
  6. Crying Dwelling (13): Blubberhouses
  7. Dracula landed here (6): Whitby
  8. A town of 2 Smiths (9): Tadcaster
  9. Entrance to a London Borough (9): Harrogate
  10. Prince of Thieves Holiday Resort (5-5-3): Robin Hoods Bay
  11. A funeral in a paddock (9): Wakefield
  12. A medieval dwelling and a crossing place for a river or stream (10): Castleford
  13. Male deer in a hideout (7): Buckden
  14. Resolve an argument (6): Settle
  15. A cook in a pasture (9): Sheffield
  16. Home of the alhambra Theatre (8): Bradford
  17. Not a hair brush (5): Acomb
  18. An American shopping centre selling meat (6): Malham
  19. Home of the Green Howards and a castle built by Alan Rufus (8): Richmond
  20. A flying insect in a valley (6): Bedale

Most teams got the majority fairly easily, but there were one or two that were particularly problemmatic, Team 2 stuggled with Q9, Team 1 struggled for ages with Q1 before the penny finally dropped, but never did manage to get Q14, Q17 caused a few problems too for most teams.

Chas eventually put us all out of our misery, we all swapped our answer papers, and we went through the answers. Of course, they were all blindingly obvious once you heard the answers, with lots of 'Doh' moments.

And the winners were .... cue drum roll ......

  1. Steve, Justine, Ian & Lorna, on 19 points
  2. Clare, Martin, Sharon & Terrence, sharing 2nd place with team 2, on 18 points
  3. Kane, Asbo Alice, Pete & Dave, also on 18 points
  4. Cathy, Steve & Ashley, on 16 points

The winners prizes were four bottles of Black Sheep Brewery foaming ale products, and an engraved glass (pint pot) ..... Get in !!!!!

The winning teams prize(s)

Of course, it's the taking part not the winning ..... although winning was rather nice after coming spectacularly last in the previous months Music Quiz ;-)

A great social night .... can't wait for the next one (which isn't long to wait ... a month in fact). Well done Chas for hosting a Great Yorkshire Quiz !!!!