Event Reports

Charity Pet Food Run - Sunday 27th March 2011

Our 2nd Annual Pet Food Run (and first rideout of the year) was held on Sunday 27th March.  19 bikes assembled at our HQ (Grey Horse, Kirkgate, Wakefield), together with a trike and a car.  Most of the bikes were well loaded with dog food and associated doggy treats, as was the trike’s trailer and the cars boot !!!!.

Team Photo

We had our obligatory team photo then set off at 10:00 and took the A650 out of Wakefield towards our first stop off, Whitehall Dog Rescue at East Ardsley.  We met another 2 bikes here who claimed they had got the start time wrong !?!?!?!  Given the clocks had just changed to BST, we reckon they had forgotten to change their clocks (which is hotly denied, but we all know the truth !!!!).

We were greeted by Brian at Whitehall and deposited a vast amount of dog food and associated snacks & treats in the yard.

Brian at Whitehall

We then had a guided tour and got to fuss the residents.

Meeting the Residents

We were all delighted to see Ceasar the Rottweiler again.  Last year, Ceasar was undergoing numerous hip operations and wasn’t in the best of health, and it was great to see him much improved and full of beans.

Ceasar the Rottweiler

We got back to the yard to find Henry had helped himself to a Rawhide Boomerang and was running round the yard with it (followed by his sister Holly but he wasn’t giving it up for anyone !!!!).

Henry & his sister Holly

Our next stop was the Leeds, Wakefield & District Branch of the RSPCA, based at Pet Stop in Tingley (a mere 3 mile ride down the road from Whitehall).

Leeds, Wakefield & District Branch of the RSPCA, based at Pet Stop in Tingley

We arrived at Pet Stop to find a Samoyed Dog Show taking place.

Samoyed Dog Show

Daz had a look round the show ring and inadvertently won First Prize in the Guest Mongrel category !!!!!

We deposited the second batch of dog food and doggy treats at the RSPCA office, together with the donations from the ‘whip round’ we had at the start of the rideout, which totalled around £25.

The second batch of dog food and doggy treats donated to the RSPCA

We then had a tour around the kennels and met the dogs up for adoption.  There were some lovely dogs there and it always makes you wonder how such gorgeous dogs end up in rescues.

Just two of the dogs up for adoption

Following the tour, the majority of us had a further rideout to that most famous Yorkshire biker hangout - Squires Café, in Sherburn-in Elmet, for a cuppa and a bite to eat.

We all agreed it had been a great rideout, and benefited two great local charities.  A huge thanks to everyone who brought along bags and tins of dog food, chews, treats, toys and other associated doggy delights.  Thanks also to the Yorkies (Virago Star Owners Club - Centre 5), who turned out in force to support us.  Particular thanks also have to go to John Millea & Sons of Hemsworth (01977 610229), who donated a huge sack of dog food (as they did last year too !!!).

We will be holding another Pet Food Run in March next year, so hope you can make it.