Event Reports

September Social (Cinema Themed Film Quiz) - Wednesday 27th September 2017

The old ABC Cinema in Kirkgate

Our September Social Night was a Cinema Themed Film Quiz (or Movie Quiz if you are that way inclined) .... held in the Grey Horse auditorium for one showing only ...... In true cinema fashion, we had a popcorn machine making bowls of popcorn for everyone, sweets in noisy wrappers, and a laptop showing Pearl & Dean trailers ahead of the main attraction (no cheesy advert for the local curry house with flock wallpaper though).

Pearl & Dean Banner

The doors had opened at 20:00 with Chas selling the tickets (for the quiz answer sheet, for a pound obviously) in the main foyer.

Once we had everyone settled down and organised into teams, Justine kicked off the quiz with 5 'name the film' questions. The correct answers, when they were announced later, included as wide a range as 'The Lord of the Rings', 'The Lavendar Hill Mob' (not 'The Lady Killers' as a lot of us had guessed), 'Tomb Raider', 'Born on the Fourth of July' and 'The Jungle Book'.

The next five were all famous quotes from Films where you had to name the film. Most of us got 'My momma always said, "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get" correct.

Forrest Gump

The next five were all songs from films where you had to name the songs artist. We had Ronan Keating ('When You Say Nothing at All' from Notting Hill), Chris de Burgh ('Lady in Red' from Working Girl), Joe Cocker ('Up Where We Belong' from Officer and a Gentleman - never heard of it said ASBO Alice .. pah, the yoof of today), Berlin ('Take my Breath Away' from Top Gun) and The Righteous Brothers ('Unchained Melody' from Ghost) ... and not unfortunately the Everley Brothers as we had guessed ;-)

The next five were all about famous film actors / actresses and their families. Bit of a tough round this one, and not many of us managed to correctly answer who was Tim Robbins 2nd wife - Susan Sarandon

Tim robbins with his 2nd wife, Susan Sarandon

Up next were film genres, with answers including Yul Brynner (Westerns), Pongo and Perdita (Disney Films - the doggy couple from 101 Dalmations, although Spot and Dotty from Simon's team almost deserved a point !!), Peter Ustinov (Murder Mystery), Brad Pitt (Detective) and Austin Powers (Spy). Bob was hilarious as he had a senior moment and went through virtually the entire film plot of both the International Man of Mystery and the Spy Who Shagged Me, complete with Mini Me hand signals, and even got as far as saying that bloke who played Shrek, but still couldn't remember 'Austin Powers'

Austin Powers

The final round was Action Heroes and name the actor. We had Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel (or is it Diesel Van) ... not Wesley Snipes as we had put though), Bridget Fonda, Patrick Swazye and Val Kilmer from the 1997 film, The Saint.

Some easy ones in there, and some not so easy. We passed across our answer sheets to our neighbouring teams to mark and Justine took us through the answers. The winners, with 26 points out of a possible 31, was 'Charles' Angels' (Chas, Pete, Terry and Sharon). The 2nd placed team weren't far behind with 23. And the winning prize ..... 2 buckets of popcorn ... what else ;-)


Everyone agreed it had been a great quiz, and the props, popcorn and sweets proved very popular. All night the rest of the pub could be heard asking each other "Can you smell popcorn ?"

A huge thanks to Justine for hosting the quiz and everyone for coming along and taking part, and of course, a big hurrah to 'Charles' Angels', the winning team.