Event Reports

Clay Pigeon Shooting - Sunday 28th April 2019

Elmer Fudd

Wakefield MAG enjoyed a morning of Clay Pigeon Shooting on Sunday 28th April at Yorkshire Field Sports, Newland Park, Birkwood Road, Altofts, Wakefield, WF6 2JE.

Yes, we realise it's not a particularly sound idea to let Wakefield MAG loose with loaded shotguns .... but, what the hell ... we went anyway !!!

The cost was £24.50 for 25 clays (ample for an hour and a half of missed shots and a sore shoulder from the recoil). Eight of us assembled at just before 11:00 before Jamie (the instructor) took us to a nearby field where we were given rudimentary instruction in how to load the gun, set the safety catch, aim and try to hit the clays. The first 6 shots were used to get used to the shooting with a single clay per 'pull' call, and after that it was 2 clays launched seconds apart per 'pull' call.

Sharon shooting Clays

We each took it in turns to loose off 6 shots before handing over to the next person. It has to be said, you think it's easy as after all, shotgun pellets spread so you really can't miss, right ?????

Er, wrong, turns out it's pretty easy to miss and most of us couldn't hit a barn door stood right in front of it !!!!

Still, it was a fun morning out with the Wakefield MAG family, and made a nice change from something bike related. But I might just stick to air rifle shooting in future - when you aim at something with an air rifle you have a better chance of hitting the target .... or maybe I am just s**t with a shotgun ;-)