Event Reports

Monthly Social Night (Scalextric Racing) - Wednesday 28th June 2017

Our Social Night for the month of June was an eagerly awaited Scalextric Racing Championship. Sam was at the Grey Horse early to set up the track and once we had all arrived and paid our 'drivers race fee' we started our heats (in little blue and silver Subaru Imprezza's - the blue one was the fastest !!!!) to narrow down the field.

The racing cars

It's trickier than you think, too slow, making sure you stay on the track and you get passed easily, too fast and you fly off the track, and forefeit your lap counter for the current lap. Too close to the other car and you both have a spectacular crash at the track switchover (of which there were two). It was exciting stuff.


We all had warm up laps where Sam scored our performances (completed laps in a set time period) then Steve took Lorna on at the last sixteen (and by luck, certainly not skill), he made it to the Quarter Finals. The results from there on were:

Quarter Finals

Semi Finals


And the 2017 Wakefield MAG Scalextric Racing Champion was ..... (cue Drum Roll) ..... Johnno !!!!

2017 Wakefield MAG Scalextric Racing Champion - Johnno

All that practice driving Wakefield Council wagons obviously paid off !!!

A great night, which raised twenty quid for the MAG fighting fund - a most fun way of raising funds ..... A huge thanks to Sam for bringing her Scalextric set along, and for everyone who came along and took part (on what was a most miserable night weather wise - no points awarded for turning up on a bike that night !!!).