Event Reports

Scarborough Rideout Report - Sunday 28th September 2008

Report by Paaam White, our South of England correspondent

The day started off well - 16 of us meeting up at Stork Lodge Tea Rooms, with a cup of tea to get the journey off to a good start.  After an early group photo, the motorbikes and trike set off eastbound and the A64, heading for a hopefully sunny Scarborough.

Stork Lodge Tea Rooms prior to setting off

The half way stop was at the Highwayman café, where we pulled up for another well earned brew and Ron very kindly handed out the milk chocolate digestives for us all to share.  Unfortunately Chas was not as fortunate as he not only missed out on the biscuits, but his bike suffered an electrical problem just before the café, which caused him and Graham to pull over to a lay-by to try to sort it out.  Mark went back to see if he could help shed some light on the problem, shortly followed by Igor and Corrine who went back with refreshments and more knowledge/advice.  The rest of us carried on with our journey East.

We managed to arrive at Scarborough in a record 3 hours and 15 minutes, where we went in search of something to eat.  It was a meal of two halves with the group splitting into 2 - half ate at the fine dining Fish and Chip café where they had lunch in style with all the trimmings.  The other half ate fish and chips with their fingers whilst sitting on the sea front, gazing at the bunches (Ed: Bunches ?!?) of donkeys walking up and down the beach.

Afterwards, we all went to browse in the quality shops that Scarborough sea front had to offer.  Between us we purchased the traditional sea side gifts to take home - toys, sticks of rock, clothing, a model Ducati and a couple of triangular bandages.  Unfortunately the casinos proved the injustice of gambling with nil wins - but there was much excitement over the toy crane machines, with squeals of delight and groans of disappointment (as appropriate).

Following a traditional English downpour of rain, the group again split into 2 - half going home via scenic Filey, whilst the other half opted for another cuppa before setting off.  Mick went off for a last minute bit of shopping, before we all returned back to the bikes for the ride home.  Unluckily for Daz, there was one very poorly seagull in Scarborough that day who’d had a curry the night before and had left him with an alternative paint finish all over his bike.

The journey home was a bit quicker although the roads were quite busy, so we had a ciggy stop at the Highwayman café where, after a quick costume change by one of our members and some technical advice given by Igor to some scooter boys who were having problems with their hairdryers (sorry, scooters), we all made it home OK.

A good day was had by all - a good laugh with friends and many cups of tea.