Event Reports

March Social (Martin's Megga Music Quiz) - Wednesday 29th March

Our first monthly social meeting event of 2017 was held on Wednesday 29th March, and was a pop music quiz, as organised and hosted by Martin Burgess.

The quiz was split into 3 rounds:

  1. A picture quiz of 12 classic album covers for which you needed to name the album title and the artist
  2. A lyrics round of 12 lines from songs, again naming the song title and artist
  3. An intro's round where 12 intros to songs were played, and you had to again name the title and artist. There was also a bonus No.13 question in this round

We split into small teams, paid our one pound p.p. entry fee then we all dived into the quiz.

Our happy quiz goers

The album covers round was fairly easy, and most teams got most of them right, whilst the lyrics round was easy for some and downright impossible for others. The intros round was frustrating as you knew the song, in many cases even had it in your collection, but could you name the title and artist .......

We all totted up our answers at the end of the quiz (1 point for artist, 1 point for song/title) and the winning team, with a most impressive score of 71 out of 73, was Jake, Hannah and team. They picked up the winners trophy (an engraved glass).

1st Prize

The 2nd team were not too far behind but the last two teams (Steve & Justine & Lorna & Alan) struggled with less than 50% (still a pass mark ..... just ;-)

No one managed to get the bonus question right, which would have netted the winner half of the quiz proceeds. The answer to the Bonus question was a hidden subliminal message in the answers to the Intros round .... which was ...... WAKEFIELD MAG ..... of course !!!! Very clever.

A huge thanks to everyone who came along to our social evening and music quiz. Everyone all enjoyed themselves and congratulations to Jake and his team with a very impressive score and clear winners. The quiz raised £18 towards the MAG fighting fund. A massive thanks too to Martin for the reasearch and the effort into pulling together a very entertaining quiz.

We now have an insight into Martin's music taste ......... and very surprisingly, it's not all Status Quo ..... in fact, that's why Steve came at the bottom of class .... too much time revising Status Quo songs ..... just like at school really ;-)