Event Reports

BADMAG's Bikes in Bus Lanes Celebratory Ride - Saturday 30th May 2015

Twelve Wakefield MAG members on eleven bikes met at Redbeck Cafe on Saturday 30th May to support Barnsley and Doncaster MAG's (BADMAG) Bus Lanes Celebratory Ride - Bikes have recently been allowed (since 19th May) into the York Road bus lane in Doncaster as part of an 18 month trial ... and hey, that's worth celbrating !!!

After breakfast and coffee's, we headed towards Doncaster and the meeting point, which was the Highwayman pub, very easy to find right next to the A638, the very road we had come on all the way from Redbeck.

We met up with fellow Wakefield MAG members Pete and Bob here, together with around 40 others from East Yorkshire, Leeds & Sheffield MAG branches, members of the Circle of Friends MCC and other individual riders. We also had a police escort of 2 police bikes to help us get onto the bus lane safely and in one block.

Some of the gathered bikes

We thought the run set off at 11:00, so were there in plenty of time, however, the run was to gather from 11:00, setting off at 12:00, so we had plenty of time to chat, and for our obligatory team photo.

Team Photo

The procession set off at 12:00 and we picked up the bus lane at Don Valley school, Scawthorpe through to the St Georges bridge roundabout. The route took us through the centre of Doncaster and finsihed at the J&S Clothing and Accessories shop in town (or back at the Highwayman, if like Steve, Justine and Pete Walker, you got split up in town and had no idea where everyone else had gone).

A few stayed for food at the Highwayman, whilst others made their way back home. A good show of support for BADMAG and a huge thanks to the fourteen Wakefield MAG members who attended. Let's hope the next celebratory ride in Doncaster is for the full opening of all the cities bus lines to bikes !!!