Event Reports

MAG Annual General Conference - Saturday 30th September 2017

The MAG National Annual General Conference was held on Saturday 30th September at the Royal British Legion, Manea, March, Cambridgeshire. Wakefield MAG was represented by Steve the Rep, with representation from all of the Yorkshire MAG Groups. A good turnout at the venue and there weren't that many spare seats.

MAG Ltd held a most informative and productive Annual Group Conference this year. MAG is a leading light in the fight for riders rights with the ear of many MP's, Government Bodies, Councils, Police, Highways England and others. MAG has certainly strengthened it's working relations with these influential organisations and individual's and it is paying off - MAG is nowerdays directly consulted and invited to participate, and is thus a highly effective lobbying organisation as a result (THE most highly effective lobbying organisation it has to be said) - all of which is very good news for bikers and riders rights. It's not all plain sailing however, The Mayor of London for example is proving to be less persuaded to include motorcycles in his transport strategies and thus may result in a call for direct action, so watch this space for future developments.

The attendees were treated to presentations from Lembit Opik (Director of Communications and Public Affairs), Dr Leon Manning (MAG's Campaigns and Policy Advisor), Matthew Long of Bemoto Insurance and MAG El Presidente, Ian Mutch. Election wise, all the National Officers up for re-election were unopposed so were automatically re-elected (although unanimous votes of confidence were received from the Conference delegates). That means your National Chair is still Selina Lavender, Scotland Regional Rep Steve Wykes is still a Director and the National Reps Liaison Officer is still Jane Carrott.

Leon Mannings, after several years as MAG's Campaigns and Policy Advisor, is hanging up his helmet and retiring .... although he'll no doubt still be involved in a voluntary capacity .... he is very much looking forward to riding his bike again as apparently, he only managed two trips out on it all last year due to being otherwise engaged on MAG assignments. Lembit and Ian Mutch both gave him fantastic leaving speeches, and he was presented with a signed (by all the NC and Staff) Armadillo picture, as he has spent the best part of the last few years campaigning to have this dangerous street furniture removed, so they are very much close to his heart ;-)

Leons Armadillo Picture

A huge thanks and debt of gratitude Leon, you will be one hell of a hard act for someone to follow !!!

Unanimous votes were granted to continue to award honoroury Affiliate Membership to the National Association for Bikers with a Disability (NABD) and National Youthbike, both very worthwhile causes who replicate in spades with their support of MAG.

Finally, the Awards, in which Yorkshire MAG was very well represented.

And finally the donations:

All these donations come from MAG members volunteer unpaid effort throughout the UK ..... and this doesn't include the other Regions / Groups who didn't present a cheque at AGC, but still contribute many thousands to the MAG Fighting Fund. Awesome .... No other word for it !!!!

The Conference finished at pretty much 5:00pm (a half hour ahead of schedule).

A full report will appear in the next issue of the Road, but don't forget that you read it here first !!!