Event Reports

17th Bikers Quiz Nite - Tuesday 30th November 2021

Quiz flyer

We held our eagerly anticipated 17th Wakefield MAG Biker Quiz Nite on Tuesday 30th November, in our HQ, the Thatched House, Stanley, Wakefield. We were very pleased to welcome along 20 quiz contestants, who formed multiple teams representing Leeds MAG and Wakefield MAG.

We followed our tried and tested format, with 60 questions in total being asked, 30 pure bike / biking knowledge questions and 30 general knowledge. After collecting the entry fees and issuing the answer sheets and pens, Steve the Quiz Master started around quarter past 8 with the first set of 5, all about motorcycle sport then 5 general knowledge covered by Chas our 2nd Quiz Master, then 5 more bike questions, 5 general knowledge and so on. We had a most humerous moment when Chas who had obviously employed Boris Johnson's speech writer and got some of his questions in the wrong order, but we soon sorted it :-)

Some of the questions this year really tested the grey matter, but if it's too easy, it's not worth winning is it ? Others were more obvious, but not sufficiently so, thus causing lots of self doubt and team debate (so many correct answers were subsequently crossed out and replaced with an incorrect one - always frustrating when that happens, and of course, the guilty party always gets the venomous blame from their team mates).

We continued until all 60 questions had been asked, and then had a 20 minute break, when we sold tickets for our forthcoming Christmas raffle.

Time then to swap the papers with your neighbouring team ready for marking. We then went through the question answers, had the inevitable scrabble for 1/2 points for partially correct answers, the scores were then totted up, papers were swapped back and we had a run down to find out who had won.

1st place, with 39 points, was Leeds MAG, just for a change ;-)

First Place, Leeds MAG

Leeds MAG have a bit of a history with this quiz, having won it outright twelve times previously (2004-2007 & 2012-2019) & coming second twice (2008 & 2009). Being outright winners, Team Captain Manny got the choice of the beer related prizes (opting for the case of Old Speckled Hen) and also got to retain the champions trophy.

Continuing our count down, Leeds MAG's 'B' team bagged 2nd place with 35.5 points. Team Captain Kate duly collected the team 2nd prize, a case of John Smiths.

Second Place, Leeds MAG

Third place went to a Wakefield MAG team (we had to do really, Leeds MAG had run out of teams by this point LOL), on 24.5 points, with Team Captain Martin collecting the third prize, a case of Carling.

Third place, Wakefield MAG

Finally, it was time to determine that equally highly contested prize (and the only one worth winning in the Quiz Masters opinion) - the coveted 'Fat Bird on a Scooter' Booby Prize trophy for coming last. We started the count backwards from zero to 10, then 11 to 20, and the winner of the booby prize, with 18 points, was the Wakefield MAG 'C' team, with Team Captain Dave collecting the prize of a four pack of Morrison's Saver lager (there is more alcohol in tap water than this budget brew LOL).

Last place, West Yorkshire VJMC

A huge thanks to everyone who attended the Wakefield MAG Quiz. I think it's fair to say we all had a scream. Congratulations to all teams, it was a brilliant night and a good time was had by all. Educational and fun (why couldn't school have been like this ?!?!!?).

The quiz returned a small loss after the cost of the prizes had been deducted, as numbers were down on pre-Covid quiz levels. However, we sold lots of Christmas raffle tickets, all of which goes towards the MAG Fighting fund, so all swings and roundabouts in the grand scheme of things.

The prestigious roll of honour now is:

If Leeds MAG achieve the accolade of winning the quiz ten years in succession in 2022, we might just have to have the winners trophy gold plated LOL

A huge thanks again to everyone who turned up and contributed to a most memorable quiz. Hope to see you at our 18th quiz in a years time !!!