Event Reports

Social Night (Clare's Nature Themed Quiz) Report - Wednesday 31st May 2017

A packed room took part in our third 'monthly social event' on Wednesday 31st May, hosted by Clare Ellam. The theme of the social event was a Nature Themed Quiz (Extreme Animals, Random Animals and Nature Themed (with a tenuous link to bikes) - the mind boggles .... and it did.

Clare relieved us all of our Pound p.p. entry fee, we split into teams of 4 or less and then attempted to crack on with our first round of 20 questions, the first 10 being nature themed with an extra 10 questions in the form of bike pictures, which were related to the answers in the first 10 questions ... all quite clever stuff.

The questions (and answers) were:

  1. Name the fastest bird in the world: Peregrine Falcon (pic 2 was a Suzuki Hyabusa ... and a Hyabusa, is a Japanese 'Falcon')
  2. A name for a little chicken: Bantam (pic 4 was a BSA Bantam)
  3. What type of insect is the 'Common club Tail' : Dragonfly (pic 5 was a Douglas Drangonfly)
  4. What breed of dog was Snoopy: Beagle (pic 10 was a BSA Beagle)
  5. What is the most numerous breeding bird in the British Isles: Blackbird (pic 6 was a Honda Blackbird)
  6. What is the UK's largest Wasp: Hornet (pic 8 was a Honda Hornet)
  7. What breed of dog (who went down with the titanic) was 'Gamin de Pycombe': Bulldog (pic 1 was a Yamaha Bulldog)
  8. What is Keraunophobia a fear of: Lightning (pic 3 was aa BSA Lightning)
  9. What celestial body has a nucelus, coma, dust tail and ion tail: Comet (pic 7 was a Vincent Comet)
  10. What is the second major layer of the Earth's atmosphere called: Stratosphere (pic 9 was the Suzuki Stratosphere, a concept in-line 6 cylinder bike first shown at the 39th Toyko Motorcycle Show in 2005)

Most teams got the majority right fairly easily, but then we got to the round two questions .... oh dear ... wish we had all watched more David Attenborough documentaries .... What is the biggest reptile .... what is the fastest fish .... what is the slowest fish ..... what is the most poisonous snake in Africa ..... How is the Chaparral Cock (a ground cuckoo native to Mexico) better known ..... What is a group of rhinoceros known as ..... What is the home of a squirrel known as (er, a tree) .....

When we had totally exhausted our brain cells, we all swapped papers and Clare put us all out of our misery. No one got more than 30 correct, but the winners, on an impressive 26 points, were the team of Martin, Andy Mac, Dave and Faye.

The winning teams prize(s)

Another great social night .... can't wait for the next one (Scalextric Racing next !!!). Well done Clare for hosting a Great Nature Themed Quiz !!!!