Event Reports

Wakefield MAG May Social (Killer Pool) - Tuesday 31st May 2022

Thirteen members attended our May Social evening on Tuesday 31st May, which was a killer pool competition. 50p gained your entry to which you had to battle it out with other players to be the last on the table, and hence the winner. Everyone got 3 lives which you forfeited one each time you missed potting a ball, or you potted the white ball. Other than that, any colour ball potted kept you in the game.

Martin officiated and kept score, and the winner of each round took half of the entry money as a prize, with the other half going into the Branch coffers.

Killer Pool Social Evening

we managed 3 games over the course of the evening and the winners were:

  1. Game 1 - Mark Rhodes
  2. Game 2 - Mark Rhodes
  3. Game 3 - er, Mark Rhodes

We all know what Mark did in his army days .... play pool every night in the NAAFI !!!

A most entertaining evenning. A big thanks to Martin Burgess for organising the evening and thanks to all the members who attended this social night and made it a fantastic and memorable night.