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The Motorcycle Action Group, (MAG), is a voluntary organisation, drawing membership from across the whole spectrum of motorcycling. MAG was born out of protest against legislation, introduced in 1973, making it compulsory to wear a crash helmet. Since then MAG has evolved from a single issue group to a highly respected political lobbying and campaigns organisation which is central to all aspects of policy and legislation affecting motorcycling.

Representing over 50,000 motorcyclists through individual and affiliated club membership, MAG is the premier European motorcycle riders group and represents Britain's million motorcyclists on a wide range of issues that affect all aspects of motorcycling. MAG operates at the European, National, Regional and Local levels and has a nation-wide network of over 200 local groups who organise regular local meetings, political lobbying, demonstrations, social events and charitable functions.

MAG can, and does make a difference and whatever you ride, MAG has something for you!.
MAG represents all types of Powered Two Wheelers

MAG has been struggling against massive odds since 1973 in an effort to protect motorcycling from the worst excesses of legislative zealots.

Here are just a few of the success stories:

Since 1973 MAG has remained faithful to its core principles of freedom of choice and self - determination. Motorcycling is about freedom of expression. Above all it is about camaraderie and friendship. In a world of increasing regulation and conformity motorcycling represents one of the last bastions of individuality and diversity. This freedom of expression and individuality is not a 'given'; it has to be protected and fought for. Not many MPs ride motorcycles. Some MPs & EC 'Eurocrats' would genuinely like to see motorcycles banned. It is through the relentless work of organisations such as MAG that we can continue to enjoy our bikes and the freedom that goes with it.

MAG can only perform these 'minor miracles' if it has a strong membership base. If you are not already a member, please join. As well as protecting riders rights, there is a huge range of member benefits .... Can you afford not to ?

Are you passionate enough ?

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