Post Christmas Auction raises £135

Wakefield MAG held itís inaugural Post Christmas Auction on Thursday 29th January 2004. The idea behind the auction was to raffle off all those unwanted Christmas presents and other items, which were surplus to requirements, with all the proceeds going to the MAG Foundation Charity. The idea was blatantly stolen from York MAG, who hold a mid-summer auction every year, and which Wakefield MAG members had the pleasure of attending last August.

We were particularly pleased to have in attendance at our auction, members of York MAG, Huddersfield MAG, the Rough Diamonds MCC and our Yorkshire Region rep, Jane Chisholm. Particular thanks also go to all those who donated so many quality items to the raffle. As well as the usual items one would expect from a motley collection of bikers (gloves, boots, helmets, jackets, tools etc) there was a whole host of other stuff: Coffee Percolator, slippers, pan stands, brand new bench grinder (courtesy of Rough Diamonds MCC), books, toiletries, jewellery, CDsí, videos, you name it, we pretty much had it. Amazingly, we managed to sell the lot. There was particularly frenzied bidding for the Spud Gun (complete with Potato), canít for the life of me think why ?!?.

Everyone had a brilliant time and we managed to raise £135 for the MAG Foundation which is truly impressive, particularly as the bidding on most items started at 50p or less.

A cracking night and a huge thanks again to everyone who attended, donated items, and parted with their hard-earned cash. Canít wait for the next one !!