Wakefield & District MAG

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, Wednesday 15th January 2003


The White Hart, Westgate End, Wakefield

Neil Liversidge, Branch Chairman & Rep, opened the meeting at 21.30 hrs. All Members in the branch area had previously been notified in writing of the time date and venue of the AGM.

Branch Officers

The following officers were elected, unanimously and unopposed in all cases:



Justine Travis, Treasurer, presented her report which was accepted by the meeting. Justine was thanked for her work throughout the year as was Debbie Anderson for her outstanding efforts raising funds.


The meeting unanimously agreed to visit The Waterloo public house and to decide, after the visit, whether to move the venue. It was subsequently decided to move to the Waterloo and also to change from a Wednesday evening meeting to Thursday evening with effect from Thursday 13th February 2003, the meeting still to commence at 9pm as previously.


Neil Liversidge as Rep thanked the members for making Wakefield & District MAG a highly successful new branch.

Jane Chisholm attending the branch AGM as Regional Rep confirmed that it had been conducted in a legitimate and constitutional fashion. The meeting adjourned to the Waterloo.


During 2002 Wakefield & District MAG contributed the following amounts to MAG funds:

Total: £1,760

In addition of course, our members also spent a good deal of money individually at the MAG events attended and bought products individually at those events as listed below. We also donated £250 to the Wakefield Express Scanner Appeal.

Runs, Rallies, MAG Meetings and Other Social Activities

Political Activities (Internal & External)





Rep’s Report

We started the year with 51 Members on the role. As I write we have 82. Whilst MAG Membership nationally has fallen ours has increased by more than 60% in one year. What is more, from making phone calls tonight to the 13 Members in the area who have not renewed since 01/01/02, all those contacted said they were impressed by what MAG was doing locally and nationally, and definitely intended to rejoin. One is even saving up to buy life membership. If we can get all 13 back in then we’ll have increased Membership by 84%! Most people who lapse do so by accident and are well worth a personal phone call.

I am deeply grateful to and appreciative of all those Members that have made Wakefield & District MAG so successful. One year ago most of us did not know each other. Today we have a thriving group of real friends, enjoying a great weekly meeting, going on runs, visiting places of interest, partying with other bikers and doing our bit for the national and international riders’ rights movement. We move into the year ahead with a full slate of enthusiastic and capable officers. I am especially glad that Steve Travis has taken on the role with me of Joint Rep. From now on Steve will be taking alternate meetings. I’ll still be there of course but every other week it will be Steve, rather than me, leading the discussion.

Once again, to all our Members, a heart-felt ‘thank-you’. Let’s make the year ahead even better.

Neil F. Liversidge, 23660