Wakefield & District MAG

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, Thursday 15th January 2004


The Waterloo, Westgate End, Wakefield


Steve Travis, Branch Chairman & Rep opened the meeting at 21:15 hrs. Jane Chisholm, Yorkshire Regional Rep was formally welcomed to the meeting as Yorkshire Region observer. All members in the branch area had previously been notified in writing, via the December 2003 mailshot, of the date, time, venue and agenda for the AGM. The details of the AGM were also publicised in the December/January issue of Streetbiker, on the branch website (http://wakefield.mag-uk.org) and the MAG website (www.mag-uk.org).


No apologies were received for non-attendance at the AGM


The minutes of the previous AGM (15th January 2003) were circulated. These minutes were proposed by Corinne Stokes and Seconded by Ian Whittaker as being a true and accurate account of that meetings proceedings.


Steve Travis as Rep, presented a report of the branches activities and achievements during 2003:

Reps Annual Report 2003


Overall, the branch had raised nearly £2,500 towards the MAG fighting fund, through:
  • Sale of Farmyard Party tickets (51)
  • Sale of Into the Valley rally tickets (20)
  • Sale of MAG National Raffle (R1) tickets (165)
  • £350 donation to Yorkshire MAG from Branch funds
  • Payment (£300) for marshalling the AMCA MotoX event in August, in conjunction with York MAG
  • AGC Fare Pool contribution
There were also MAG funds generated through additional membership fees as part of our highly successful member recruitment campaign. In addition, of course, our members also spent a good deal of money individually at the many MAG events we all attended over the course of the year

The branch also made the following charitable donations:

  • £100 to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance Trust, following fund raising activities at the Eastmoor Gala
  • £25 to the Lineham Farm Children’s Trust, in memory of Tony Berry, the Leeds MAG Rep who tragically lost his life in a motorcycle accident in July 2003


Participated in the Yorkshire MAG ‘Diesel Spills Kill’ campaign, distributing the stickers to a large number of West Yorkshire based hauliers and commercial refuelling depots

Responded to:

  • Bikes in Bus Lanes bill, contacting Wakefield MP’s to gain support for the motion
  • MAG Insurance survey
  • Theft Survey
  • Pillion Survey


  • MAG AGC (Beverley)
  • Yorkshire MAG AGM (York)
  • All Yorkshire Regional meetings

Runs, Rallies, MAG Meetings and other Social Activities

  • Attended en masse the Into the Valley Rally in May and the Farmyard Party Rally in June, with a significant number of the branch members marshalling the FYP event
  • Attendance individually by members to the York MAG Two Night Stand rally and Stormin the Castle rally, again with branch membership marshalling the STC event
  • Attended the FYP Marshals event en masse
  • Attended the Squires Café MAG recruitment event in September
  • Attended the East York’s MAG Motorcycle Awareness Day, in Beverley, in September
  • Held 14 branch rideouts, both on Sundays and weekday evenings, to various shows, events and places of interest
  • Visited other Yorkshire MAG branches in York & Huddersfield
  • Held 3 well attended, highly successful and now somewhat legendary pub crawls
  • Attended the Eastmoor Gala in July, with 17 bikes from Wakefield MAG and 5 from York MAG taking part in the carnival procession and bike show
  • Enjoyed a talk by Ros Watson, a personal injury lawyer specialising in road traffic accidents


Wakefield Branch has increased MAG membership in the Wakefield area by 200% in the two years since our formation in January 2002. Steve Travis as Rep thanked all the members for making Wakefield MAG such a highly successful branch.


Justine Travis, as branch treasurer, presented an overview of the branch accounts and financial position. Igor Duma and Ian Whittaker, our branch auditors, verified these accounts as a true and accurate portrayal of the branches financial position.


The following officers were elected/re-elected onto the 2004 branch committee, unanimously and unopposed in all cases:

Chairman/Local Rep: Steve Travis

Proposed: Neil Liversedge; Seconded: Phil Statham

Deputy Rep: Phil Statham

Proposed: Ray Thorpe; Seconded: Justine Travis

Treasurer: Justine Travis

Proposed: Neil Liversedge; Seconded: Tony Smith

Products Officer: Sue Foster

Proposed: Corinne Stokes; Seconded: Debs Anderson

Political Officers: Ian Whittaker & Eddie Johnson

Proposed: Jake Halsall; Seconded: Ray Thorpe

Auditors: Ian Whittaker & Igor Duma

Proposed: Phil Statham; Seconded: Debs Anderson

Social Secretary & Events Co-ordinator: Jake Halsall

Proposed: Corinne Stokes; Seconded: Sue Foster

Press Officer: Eddie Johnson

Proposed: Neil Liversedge; Seconded: Ian Whittaker


One motion was submitted prior to the AGM:

Move the current meeting venue from the Waterloo to another venue.

The Pro’s and Con’s of this motion were highlighted by the Rep and a vote taken.

Votes for: 13

Votes against: 6

It was agreed that a set of requirements would be documented and then suitable venues sought that met those requirements.


Steve Travis as Rep outlined the objectives and branch development plan for the forthcoming year:

  • Lobby Wakefield Council for:
    • Secure motorcycle parking within Wakefield and the surrounding district
    • Provision of facilities for off-road motorcycle use within the Wakefield district
  • Make contact with all local Wakefield MPs & councillors
  • Run a rally (Yorkshire Pudding Rally with Barnsley, Dearne Valley, Sheffield & Huddersfield MAG branches)
  • Attend another Wakefield Carnival/Gala
  • Continue our highly successful recruitment drive
  • Forge better links with local motorcycle clubs, particularly Five Towns MCC
  • Continue to support other local MAG groups with their activities
  • Hold more ride-outs

The following objectives were also suggested and discussed at the AGM as possible additions to the branch development plan:

  • Hold a Ridings Shopping Centre MAG awareness and recruitment ‘event’
  • Form a motorcycle forum, to be attended by Wakefield councillors
  • Support the national initiatives against speed cameras, sited purely for revenue raising purposes as opposed to accident reduction


Awards were presented for the branch heroes of 2003, based on points accumulated by members for attendance/participation in MAG/Branch events over the course of the year.

  • Most attendance’s at MAG events, Branch events and meetings: Jake Halsall (620 points)
  • Most attendance’s runner-up: Mark Routledge (505 points)
  • Most attendance to Branch meetings on a bike: Jake Halsall (150 points – 30 meetings attended out of a possible 45)
  • Biggest contributor to Branch Funds through fundraising efforts: Debs Anderson


No other business was raised


The date of the next AGM was set for Thursday 13th January 2005, venue T.B.A.

The meeting was attended by 26 branch members. Jane Chisholm attending the Branch AGM as Regional Rep for Yorkshire confirmed that it had been conducted in a legitimate and constitutional fashion. The meeting closed at 22:00 hrs.

Steve Travis

Wakefield MAG Rep