Wakefield & District MAG


Minutes of the 2006 Annual General Meeting

Held on Wednesday 10th January 2007

at The Grey Horse, Kirkgate, Wakefield



1.         Welcome by chair and introduction of Yorkshire Region / National observer


            Sheila McMahon attended as Yorkshire Regional Rep


2.         Apologies


            Mo Griffiths and Gareth (Herbs) sent apologies.


3.         Minutes of previous AGM and matters arising


            True and correct – Proposed Phil Statham, Seconded Eddie Johnson


4.         Reps Annual Report of Branch Activities and Achievements for 2006




·        Post Christmas Auction, held on 25th Jan 2006 raised £300 for:

·        Yorkshire MAG (£200)

·        Wakefield Hospice (£100)

·        Donation from Branch funds to Yorkshire MAG (£100)

·        Donated £100 to Yorkshire Air Ambulance Charity from Branch Funds

·        Raised £1,830, through MAG rally ticket sales:

·        41 ITV (£410)

·        40 FYP (£920)

·        50 YPR (£500)

·        Supported Wakefield Hospice Mile of Coins challenge (£12 / 1 foot of coins)

·        Major Branch involvement in the organisation and running of the 2006 YPR, which raised £9,500 for the MAG Fighting fund, including £1,464 through product sales via Wakefield MAG members manning the MAG Stall




·        3 Wakefield Members (Steve Travis, Ian Whittaker, Eddie Johnson) attended the Reps & Activists Training weekend in Jan 2006

·        Attended:

·        MAG AGC in Bromsgrove (5 Wakefield members in attendance)

·        Post AGC Party (3 members)

·        Yorkshire MAG AGM at Marsh, Huddersfield (7 members)

·        All Yorkshire Region meetings

·        Participated in the 3DLD Demo in Brum (9 bikes)

·        Supported all National & Regional political campaigns, including:

·        3DLD

·        M/C friendly crash barriers

·        Daytime running Lights

·        Mulhouse Declaration (EVSC)

·        Surveys:

·        DfT

·        Nottingham University


Runs, Rallies, MAG meetings and other Social Events


·        Hosted Post Christmas Auction (Jan)

·        Attended Fred Hill Memorial Run in Feb (10 bikes & 3 trike's)

·        Cinema visit to see Worlds Fastest Indian (6 members)

·        Marshalled Wakefield Hospice 10K charity race in April (6 bikes)

·        Hosted a MAG stand at the VJMCC Show at Lotherton Hall (4 members)

·        Attended Leeds MAG Bike Show & Demo Run (2 bikes)

·        Major Branch involvement in the organisation and running of the 2006 YPR:

·        6 Members on the YPR organising committee

·        Designed & hosted YPR website

·        Designed & distributed flyers

·        Designed Tickets

·        Advertised and promoted rally

·        Manned MAG stall (which raised £1,464 through product sales)

·        Significant amounts of marshalling

·        Achieved widespread coverage of the event:

·        BSH

·        The Road

·        Motorcycle Monthly (MCM)

·        Attended FYP Marshals briefing (6 members)

·        En-masse attendance at MAG rallies (ITV, FYP, Edinburgh, YPR, STC, Tsunami Soiree & One Night Stand)

·        11 members Marshalled Blues tent at FYP

·        Held the 2nd Annual Treasure Hunt (14 participants), with full page spread in The Road magazine

·        Attended the Lost The Plot MCC / Doncaster MAG 1st Christmas Party, including hosting the YPR marshals debrief

·        Promoted MAG at the Castleford & District British MCC Cavalcade rideout start point (Corinnes Caf)

·        2 well attended pub crawls

·        10 rideouts

·        Hosted 3rd Biker Quiz Nite

·        Supported other Yorkshire MAG branch events & meetings:




·        Sent out 11 monthly e-Newsletters

·        Launched two new membership initiatives:

·        New member welcome letter

·        Membership renewal letter

·        Sent out two member mailshots:

·        Summer - to promote/advertise 3DLD Demo in Birmingham;

·        Winter - to invite members to 2006 AGM

·        117 current members (111 last year – 5% increase)


Steve as Rep thanked all the members for making the branch so successful and for an excellent year all round.


5.         Financial Report


·        Audited Accounts for 2006

Audited by Igor Duma and Ian Whittaker

Request to Yorkshire Regional Rep from Ian Whittaker, auditor, for receipts for donations to region – Sheila MacMahon has taken it away to raise with Regional Treasurer to provide a receipt or thank you letter


6.         Election / Re-election of branch officers:


            Chairman / Local Rep - Steve Travis

            Proposed: Phil Statham, Seconded: Corinne Duma


            Deputy Rep -  Eddie Johnson

            Proposed: Corinne Duma, Seconded: Bill Kelsall


            Treasurer - Justine Travis

            Proposed: Ian Whittaker,  Seconded: Lorna Jaques


            Products Officer -  Vacant (covered by Rep)

            Political Officer - Ian Whittaker

            Proposed: Phil Statham, Seconded: Eddie Johnson


            Auditor (x2) - Ian Whittaker/Igor Duma

            Proposed: Corinne Duma, Seconded: Lorna Jaques


            Rally Secretary -  Jake Halsall

            Proposed: Phil Statham, Seconded: Justine Travis


Social Committee -  Corinne Duma, Lorna Jaques, Sue Evans 

[Agreed in AOB]

            MAP Consultative committee - Wakefield Representative -  Jake Halsall

            Proposed: Phil Statham  Seconded: Nigel Pearce

            [Elected – Replacing Phil Statham who has stood down from the role]

            Press Officer -  Steve Travis

            Proposed: Eddie Johnson, Seconded: Corinne Duma


            Membership Secretary -  Steve Travis

            Proposed: Phil Statham,  Seconded: Bill Kelsall


            Clubs Liaison Officer - Eddie Johnson

            Proposed: Justine Travis, Seconded: Sue Evans



7.         Motions


Why don't we sit the other side of the room?  Motion raised by Igor Duma due to noise from bar and people passing through to the beer garden / car park. Proposed: Igor Duma, Seconded: Corinne Duma


·        Bill Kelsall – Bikes can be seen from this side for security reasons.

·        Phil Statham – If branch expansion plan works we will fill the room anyway.

Defeated after debate to prove we are democratic.



8.         Objectives & Branch development plan for the forthcoming year (2007)


·        Continue to work with Wakefield Council for provision of secure motorcycle parking within Wakefield and the surrounding district

·        Conduct a road condition survey within the Wakefield area

·        Continue to support Wakefield Hospice events:

o       Wakefield Hospice Garden Party

o       Marshal Wakefield Hospice 10K road race

·        Initiate Major recruitment drive to increase MAG membership within WF postcode area

·        Re-launch Barnsley MAG and forge close ties with MAG members in Barnsley (our ‘Buddy’ Branch) – hold joint events with Barnsley MAG and help develop / grow MAG in Barnsley (in parallel with growing Wakefield).

·        Continue to support other local MAG groups with their activities

·        Hold lots of ride-outs and other social events, including our three successful annual events:

o       Post Christmas Auction

o       Treasure Hunt

o       Biker Quiz Nite

·        Continue to support the major Yorkshire MAG events (ITV, FYP, YPR) and fund-raising activities

·        Two items suggested by Rep which were dropped after debate:

o       Driving School Booklet - Sheila MacMahon said the driving school booklet has issues with funding and there is talk of a national strategy so there should be less to push as a branch.  Suggestion it be put on hold pending further developments nationally.  Agreed to drop until a national campaign launched.

o       Motorcycle Forum (with Wakefield MP's & Councillors) – Agreed to drop as a branch initiative as there is a considerable amount of work involved to launch this. Sheila also highlighted that David Short is developing a national strategy for this so it is sensible to put this on hold


Charity support – Justine Travis queried whether we were supporting Wakefield Hospice this year. Steve Travis said it was good publicity but Phil Statham and Bill Kelsall said that we did not get a mention in the press following last years marshalling but that the competitors themselves (incl. British Champion) were very grateful.  Steve Travis said we should marshal the run but get publicity and the route in advance and a meeting with the foot marshals. Steve Travis said we should support their events as they are a big Wakefield based charity, but not necessarily support with money/donations.


Road condition survey - was agreed but to be run as a rideout.  Road hazard cards are being revamped but this needs to be run separately and the council told as a whole for action.


Guest speakers at branch meetings raised as an idea, which had been very successful in the past but we hadn't run one for a couple of years.  Ian Whittaker suggested a BikeSafe Cop as a guest speaker (Agreed).  David Short (MAG Campaigns Manager) to be also asked along as a guest speaker.


Phil Statham queried whether a First Aid course could be attended again.  To be investigated.


9.         Presentation to branch heroes:


·        Most attendance’s at MAG events, branch events & meetings: Phil Statham (975 points) – Award: Bottle of Grants Whiskey

·        Most attendance’s runner-up: Liz Ward (855 points) – Award: £10 BHS Vouchers

·        Most attendance’s to branch meetings on a bike: Kevin Bucknall (23 meetings) – Award: Motorcycles Forever book (signed by author)

·        Biggest contributor to the Branch throughout 2006 (Chairman’s award): Lorna Jaques and Sue Evans (for tireless marshalling, commitment & new member recruitment) – Award: Bottle of Malibu (to be shared obviously)

·        Honourable Mentions: Eddie Johnson (for being blocked by virtually every ISP for spamming (over-enthusiastic promotional emails !!!); Liz Ward (for all her hard work over the year)


10.       Any Other Business


Corinne Duma proposed Lorna Jaques, Sue Evans, and Corinne Duma would form a Social Committee to plan our social events.  Universally agreed and accepted.


5th Birthday celebration event.  Proposals received put to the vote:

·        10 pin bowling (10 votes)

·        go-kart racing (3 votes)

·        rock night (2 votes) (agreed to possibly do later in year at Mo & Linda's Rugby club)

·        pub crawl (1 vote)

Ten pin bowling to be booked (by our new social Committee); Lorna and Sue to also enquire about including food with the group booking


A thanks was given from the branch to Steve Travis for his hard work as Rep.  Need to also mention the round of applause given, nay, rapturous applause, more of a five minute standing ovation really, if not ten !!!!!


11.       Date of Next AGM


Agreed to be Wednesday 9th January 2008



Steve Travis

Branch Representative

Wakefield & District MAG