Wakefield & District MAG


Minutes of the 2007 Annual General Meeting


Held on Wednesday 16th January 2008


The Grey Horse, Kirkgate, Wakefield





Steve Travis, Branch Chairman & Rep opened the meeting at 21:15 hrs. Dave Nash, Yorkshire Regional Rep was formally welcomed to the meeting as Yorkshire Region observer. All members in the branch area had previously been notified in writing, via the December 2007 mailshot, of the date, time, venue and agenda for the 2007 AGM. The details of the AGM were also publicised in the December 2007/January 2008 issue of The Road, on the branch website (http://wakefield.mag-uk.org) and the MAG website (http://www.mag-uk.org)


Apologies received from Justine Travis & Apologies received from Justine Travis & Pam White for non-attendance at the AGM



The minutes of the previous AGM (for the 2006 year), held on Wednesday 10th January 2007, were circulated. These minutes were proposed by Phil Statham and Seconded by Corinne Duma as being a true and accurate account of that meetings proceedings.


Steve Travis as Rep, presented a report of the branches activities and achievements during 2007:


Reps Annual Report 2007




      Post Christmas auction (Jan 07) raised 321.70, rounded up to 350 from Branch Funds:

      200 donated to Yorkshire MAG

      75 donated to NABD

      75 donated to Leeds Liver Unit Trust

      Donated 200 to Yorkshire MAG from branch funds (c/f 2006)

      Raised 1,886, through MAG rally ticket sales:

      Sold 22 ITV Tickets (286);

      50 FYP Tickets (1100);

      50+ YPR Tickets (500)

      Donation from Branch funds to Wakefield Hospice (43)

      Raised 213 for MAG through Post AGM Party

      Contributed to the overall profit, through various organisation tasks and marshalling, of all the MAP events

      Wakefield members manned MAG stall at YPR (which took 2,081 through the till over the weekend)




      Held our AGM (10th Jan) full & active committee elected

      Attended Leeds MAG's Fred Hill Run (Feb 07) 8 from Wfd


      MAG AGC in Horncastle (5 Wakefield members in attendance)

      Yorkshire MAG AGM (13 members)

      All Yorkshire Region meetings (or submitted a report)

      Participated in the National Demo in Brum (4 bikes)

      Attended Leeds MAG's Demo Run (May 06)

      Attended Edinburgh MAG's Demo Run

      Supported all National & Regional political campaigns (contacting MP's, petitions, surveys etc)


Runs, Rallies, MAG meetings and other Social Events


      Hosted Post Christmas Auction (Jan)

      Supported other Yorkshire MAG branch events & meetings:

      Attended Halifax MAG relaunch (Feb 07)

      Supported re-launch of Barnsley MAG; several Barnsley meetings attended by Wakefield members & joint rideouts held

      Rideout to Humber Bridge Bike Safe Event, in support of East Yorks MAG (April)

      Attended York MAG Relaunch Party (April 2007)

      Attended York Bandit OC's Charity Night (Sept 07)

      Celebrated our 5th Birthday in March 2007 23 of us all went 10 pin bowling

      Marsalled Wakefield Hospice 10K Race (Mar 07)

      Attended FYP Marshals Briefing at Squires (May 06)

      Attended & Marshalled at ITV (May 07)

      Attended Scarborough MAG's Route 64 Rally (May/June 2007)

      Attended Edinburgh MAG's rally & Edinburgh Demo Run (June 07)

      Attended & Marshalled Blues Tent at FYP (June 07)

      Hosted a Bike Show at Wakefield Hospice Summer Fayre (July 07) 25 bikes

      Hosted MAG Stand at Yorkshire VJMCC Show at Lotherton Hall (July 07)

      Attended & marshalled YPR (Aug 07) with Wakefield Members on YPR organising committee

      Attended Headless in Halifax Rally (Sept 07)

      Held a Treasure Hunt (Sept 07) 15 participants (report in forthcoming Road Magazine)

      Organised & Hosted Yorkshire MAG AGM (Oct 07) - Army of 15 Wakefield members prepared Yorkshire AGM mailshot 1200 letters stuffed, labelled & stamped in 2 hours

      Hosted Yorkshire AGM Evening Party

      8 Rideouts held over course of year (excl demo runs)

      Hosted 4th Biker Quiz Nite

      Held joint Christmas Do with Barnsley MAG





      Sent out 11 monthly Newsletters (majority emailed (70+ on dist list)

      New member welcome letter & Membership renewal letters sent, with membership updates from Central

      Sent out one member postal mailshot, to invite members to 2007 AGM

      108 current members (at 01 Oct 2007) 118 in Nov 2006 8% decrease)


Steve Travis as Rep thanked all the members for making Wakefield MAG such a highly successful branch.



Steve Travis, in the absence of Justine Travis (Branch Treasurer), presented an overview of the branch accounts and financial position. Ian Whittaker and Igor Duma, as Branch Auditors, verified these accounts as a true and accurate portrayal of the branches financial position.


A vote was taken to donate 500 from the Branch Account to the Yorkshire Region. Proposed: Phil Statham; Seconded: Bill Kelsall. Unanimous vote.



Ian Whittaker as Political Officer presented an overview of the branches political activity during 2007.



The following officers were elected/re-elected onto the 2008 branch committee, unanimously and unopposed in all cases:

Chairman/Local Rep: Steve Travis

Proposed: Ian Whittaker; Seconded: Bill Kelsall


Deputy Rep: Eddie Johnson

Proposed: Phil Statham; Seconded: Bill Kelsall


Treasurer: Justine Travis

Proposed: Corinne Duma; Seconded: Eddie Johnson


Products Officer: Mick Culpan

Proposed: Lorna Jaques; Seconded: Paul Ingham


Political Officer: Ian Whittaker

Proposed: Igor Duma; Seconded: Mo Griffiths


Auditors: Ian Whittaker & Igor Duma

Proposed: Mo Griffiths; Seconded: Bill Kelsall


Social Committee: Lorna Jaques, Sue Evans, Corinne Duma, Kelly Evans

Proposed: Phil Statham; Seconded: Ian Whittaker


Wakefield Rep of MAP Consultative Committee: Steve Travis / JP Roberts (Deputy)

Proposed: Phil Statham; Seconded: Ian Whittaker


Press Officer: Pam White

Proposed: Corinne Duma; Seconded: Bill Kelsall


Membership Secretary: Steve Travis

Proposed: Sue Evans; Seconded: Mo Griffiths


Clubs Liaison Officer: Eddie Johnson

Proposed: Phil Statham; Seconded: Bill Kelsall




One Motion was submitted prior to the AGM:


Move the meeting start time from 21:00 to 20:30

Proposed: Ian Whittaker; Seconded: Mick Culpan. Unanimous Vote.



Objectives and branch development plan for the forthcoming year (2008):


      Continue to work with Wakefield Council for provision of secure motorcycle parking within Wakefield and the surrounding district

      Conduct a road condition survey within the Wakefield area

      Continue to support Wakefield Hospice events:

      Wakefield Hospice Garden Party Bike Show

      Marshal Wakefield Hospice 10K road race

      Initiate Major recruitment drive to increase MAG membership within WF postcode area

      Continue our close relationship with our 'Buddy' Branch, Barnsley MAG hold joint events with Barnsley MAG and help develop / grow MAG in Barnsley (in conjunction with growing Wakefield).

      Continue to support other local MAG groups with their activities

      Hold lots of ride-outs and other social events, including our three successful annual events:

      Post Christmas Auction

      Treasure Hunt

      Biker Quiz Nite

      Continue to support the major Yorkshire MAG events (ITV, FYP, YPR) and fund-raising activities

      Mass attendance at the Edinburgh MAG Rally

      Initiate a Bikes in Bus Lanes campaign with Wakefield Council


Proposed: Kelly Evans; Seconded: Lorna Jaques. Unanimous Vote.



Awards were presented for the branch heroes of 2007, based on points accumulated by members for attendance/participation in MAG/Branch events over the course of the year:

      Most attendances: Mick Culpan (625 points, duly rewarded with a bottle of Grants Whiskey).

      Most attendances runner-up: Ian Whittaker (610 points, duly rewarded with a bottle of Gin)

      Most attendances to Branch meetings on a bike: Bill Kelsall (34 meetings, duly rewarded with a bottle of Rum)

      Chairmans Award (biggest contribution to the branch): Daz Pearson. Superb commitment shown, turns up for everything and he's not even a MAG member ....... well he is now because his prize is a years MAG membership.

      Honourable mention: Lorna, Sue, Kelly & Corinne (Branch Social Committee, for all the hard work put in)




Thanks were given to Steve for all his work as Rep by Bill Kelsall and endorsed by the Group.



The date of the next AGM was set for 2nd week in January 2009 (exact date TBC).




The meeting was attended by 19 branch members. Dave Nash attending the Branch AGM as Regional Rep for Yorkshire confirmed that it had been conducted in a legitimate, fair, constitutional and democratic manner. The meeting closed at 22:00 hrs.


Steve Travis

Wakefield MAG Rep