Wakefield & District MAG


Minutes of the 2008 Annual General Meeting


Held on Wednesday 14th January 2009


The Grey Horse, Kirkgate, Wakefield



Steve Travis, Branch Chairman & Rep opened the meeting at 20:40 hrs. Sheila MacFarlane, Yorkshire Regional Rep was formally welcomed to the meeting as Yorkshire Region observer. Jane Chisholm, National Chair of MAG (UK) was also in attendance and formally welcomed to the meeting. All members in the branch area had previously been notified in writing, via the December 2008 mailshot, of the date, time, venue and agenda for the 2008 AGM. The details of the AGM were also publicised in The Road magazine, on the branch website (http://wakefield.mag-uk.org) and the MAG website (http://www.mag-uk.org)


Apologies received from Igor & Corinne Duma for non-attendance at the AGM.



The minutes of the previous AGM (for the 2007 year), held on Wednesday 16th January 2008, were circulated. These minutes were also published on the branch website, several months before the AGM. The minutes were Proposed by Paul Ingham and Seconded by Mo Griffiths as being a true and accurate account of that meetings proceedings. No matters arising.



Committee Reports:


Reps Annual Report of branch activities and achievements for 2008




l      Post Christmas auction (Jan 08) raised 280, rounded up to 300 from Branch Funds:

l      200 donated to Yorkshire MAG

l      100 donated to Brain Injuries Rehabilitation Trust

l      Donated 500 to Yorkshire MAG from branch funds

l      Raised 2,375, through MAP rally branch ticket sales:

l      22 ITV Tickets (330);

l      50 FYP Tickets (1250);

l      3 GG Tickets (45)

l      50 YPR Tickets (750)

l      Contributed to the overall profit, through various organisation tasks and marshalling, of all the MAP events




l      Held our AGM (14th Jan) full & active committee elected

l      Attended Leeds MAG's Fred Hill Run (Feb) 17 from Wakefield attended

l       Attended MAG AGC in Bromsgrove (and won the Richard Tegg award, adding to the long list of Yorkshire MAG members who have won it it previous years)

l      Attended Yorkshire MAG AGM (8 members)

l      All Yorkshire Region meetings attended (or apologies and report submitted)

l      Attended Leeds MAG's Demo Run (May)

l      Supported all National & Regional political campaigns (contacting MP's, petitions, surveys etc)

l      Achieved bike parking success in Sagar Street, Castleford


Runs, Rallies, MAG meetings and other Social Events


l      Hosted Post Christmas Auction

l      Marsalled Wakefield Hospice 10K Race

l      Attended ITV and 13 members marshalled

l      Hosted a Bike Show at the Wakefield Hospice May Day Gala, very successful, over 50 bikes and 8 trikes in the show (report published in the Road)

l      Attended the Edinburgh MAG rally in force (again, report in the Road). Also did some marshalling on the Saturday night to help out Steve Wykes and his team. Won Biggest Club Turnout / Furthest travelled award

l      Big turnout at the FYP, where we marshalled the Blues tent again

l      Held a Treasure Hunt in July, 17 attended. Report in the Road

l      Attended Ganton Gathering

l      Hosted the Yorkshire MAG stand at VJMCC Show at Lotherton Hall.  Very successful, took 10 memberships (last year we took 3). Report in the Road

l      Attended en-masse & marshalled at the YPR

l      Members went to Stormin (and got wet)

l      Hosted a Biker Quiz Nite in November, good representation from other Yorkshire MAG branches

l      Attended the NEC Motorcycle Show en-masse

l      Held a Christmas Pub crawl

l      Held a good number of Sunday rideouts over the year

l      Supported other Yorkshire MAG branch events & meetings:

l      numerous Barnsley MAG meetings attended

l      Joined York MAG on their Easter Egg run in April

l      Attended Halifax MAG's Headless in Halifax rally

l      Big attendance at East Yorks Spat out of Hull rally (14)

l      Attended York Bandit OC's / York MAG Charity Night (Sept 08)

l      Attended Huddersfield MAGs Twelvety Party

l      Attended Halifax / Huddersfield MAG Piece Hall Bike Show




l      Produced 12 monthly member Newsletters (emailed to 100+ on dist list & published on the branch web site for the first time this year)

l      Sent out one member postal mailshot, to invite members to 2008 AGM

l      116 current members (at November 2008) 108 in 2007 7% increase)


Other Activity


l      Comprehensively revamped the Wakefield web site during 2008 and a huge amount of new content has gone on there - aim is for it to be a portal to everything bike related in the Wakefield area. Seems to be working and getting loads of hits (1900 over a 5 month period)

l      Big line of new Wakefield MAG products sold this year (in addition to the usual T shirts etc, we have bandanas, beanie hats, baseball caps, flags, stickers, hoodies, fleeces been a very good fund raiser)


Achievements against 2008 Development Plan


l      Continue to work with Wakefield Council for provision of secure motorcycle parking within Wakefield and the surrounding district [ACHIEVED for Castleford]

l      Conduct a road condition survey within the Wakefield area [NOT ACHIEVED]

l      Continue to support Wakefield Hospice events:

l      Wakefield Hospice Garden Party Bike Show [ACHIEVED]

l      Marshal Wakefield Hospice 10K road race [ACHIEVED]

l      Initiate Major recruitment drive to increase MAG membership within WF postcode area [Partly ACHIEVED a good number of new members & renewals processed over the year]

l      Continue our close relationship with our 'Buddy' Branch, Barnsley MAG hold joint events with Barnsley MAG and help develop / grow MAG in Barnsley (in conjunction with growing Wakefield). [ACHIEVED]

l      Continue to support other local MAG groups with their activities [ACHIEVED]

l      Hold lots of ride-outs and other social events, including our three successful annual events:

l      Post Christmas Auction [ACHIEVED]

l      Treasure Hunt [ACHIEVED]

l      Biker Quiz Nite [ACHIEVED]

l      Continue to support the major Yorkshire MAG events (ITV, FYP, YPR) and fund-raising activities [ACHIEVED]

l      Mass attendance at the Edinburgh MAG Rally [ACHIEVED]




Another fantastic year for the branch. We have packed an enormous amount of activities into the year, achieved an awful lot, made a lot of money for MAG (biggest fundraising group in the region, who don't run their own rally), but above all, had a lot of fun along the way. Particular thanks to the 2008 committee, which I feel has been the strongest and best committee in the history of the branch.


Treasurer's Report of the 2008 Branch Accounts


Justine Travis, Branch Treasurer gave an overview of the Branch finances, which are looking very healthy. The branch has a current cash balance of 779.80, as well as holding a stock value of products of 300 (cost price), and raffle prizes (wine) of 50.


It was suggested by Justine that we are in a position to make a sizeable donation of 500 to Yorkshire MAG. Proposed: Pam White, Seconded: Mick Culpan, carried unanimously.


Branch accounts still need to be audited (auditors unavailable on the run up to the AGM). Once ratified, a copy will be lodged with the Region treasurer, Gary Timms.


Political Officer Report


Ian Whittaker outlined the activities of the political campaigning efforts during 2008 and the branches on-going motorcycle parking campaign. Not as much progress as previous years due to a new job demanding more time, together with the previous Coucil contact having moved on. Activity will be ramped up in 2009.


Products Officer Report


Successful year for Branch product sales and no supplier problems encountered. All products have been quick sellers with the exception of the bike pennants which haven't sold that well and we hold a sizable stock (which accounts for the bulk of the 300 product stock holding).


Deputy Rep / Clubs Liaison Officer Report


Local clubs contacted and Wakefield MAG events advertised, together with reports and pictures emailed. MAG literature circulated around clubs contact list and various venues and meeting places.


Media Officer Report


Very good response within the local press and radio stations and a number of the branches events have been advertised. No mention on Sky News or the BBC World Service though !!!.


Local press Motoring Correspondant Julie Marshall has attended Wakefield MAG meetings, joined the branch on the Leeds Demo Run (on a Harley V Rod on test), and has joined MAG at a branch meeting. Julie has promised to run an article on the branch at some point in the future.


Social Committee


Lots of events organised through the year, and lots of beer drunk.



The following officers were elected / re-elected onto the 2009 branch committee, unanimously and unopposed in all cases:

Chairman/Local Rep: Steve Travis

Proposed: Lorna Jaques; Seconded: Lisa Brooker


Deputy Rep: Eddie Johnson

Proposed: Mo Griffiths; Seconded: Daz Pearson


Treasurer: Justine Travis

Proposed: Pam White; Seconded: Bill Kelsall


Products Officer: Mick Culpan

Proposed: Paul Ingham; Seconded: Mo Griffiths


Political Officer: Ian Whittaker

Proposed: Sue Evans; Seconded: Lorna Jaques


Auditors: Ian Whittaker & Igor Duma

Proposed: Daz Pearson; Seconded: Bill Kelsall


Social Committee: Lorna Jaques, Sue Evans, Corinne Duma, Kelly Evans

Proposed: Ian Whittaker; Seconded: Pam White


Wakefield Rep of MAP Consultative Committee: Steve Travis / Mo Griffiths (Deputy)

Proposed: Lorna Jaques; Seconded: Bill Kelsall


Press Officer: Pam White

Proposed: Mick Culpan; Seconded: Bill Kelsall


Membership Secretary: Steve Travis

Proposed: Lisa Brooker; Seconded: Bill Kelsall


Clubs Liaison Officer: Eddie Johnson

Proposed: Bill Kelsall; Seconded: Chas Milner


Fund Raising Officer (new post for 2009): Lisa Brooker

Proposed: Martin Horner; Seconded: Daz Pearson




Two Motions were submitted prior to the AGM:


l      Change the raffle format from being two guaranteed prizes each week, via two draws of raffle tickets sold, to a bonus ball type raffle, using numbered bonus balls (poker chips). Buy a number, from 1 to n, and two draws will be made. If no winning number is drawn, the prize(s) will be carried forward to the following week. Numbers can be purchased for several weeks at a time if players wish to block buy their favorite number(s). This system will avoid needing to buy books of raffle tickets and will also generate more money if the winning numbers are not picked. If no one wins for several weeks, reduce the number of chips available, by group decision, to increase the odds of winning.


Proposed: Lisa Brooker; Seconded: Mick Culpan. Unanimous Vote.


l      Rideout leader and back marker to wear Hi-Viz vests so that the front and back of the group can be more easily seen, thereby making it easier to keep the group together in traffic. Also, have one or two floating marshals who will act as a rolling road, can wait for stragglers etc, again to keep all the group together. Vests to be printed with Wakefield MAG marshal. Also helps to publicise the branch when out on rideouts.


Proposed: Pam White; Seconded: Daz Pearson. Unanimous Vote. Mick Culpan as Products Officer to arrange printing of Hi-Viz vests.


Two Motions were submitted at the AGM:


l      Agree all monthly rideout destinations in advance for the year and publicise these widely. Last years rideouts, where the destination was publicised in advance were better attended (irrespective of the weather), than those where the destination was unknown until the day. Toby Jenner agreed to put together a potential list of destinations for the year, and these will be discussed and agreed at a forthcoming meeting, then publicised on the Wakefield MAG website, MAG UK website, in The Road magazine, local press etc. Usual rideout rules to still apply: Destination will be no more than 100 miles, maximum cost of an attraction at the destination to not exceed 10, and we all turn up with a full tank of petrol.


Proposed: Toby Jenner; Seconded: Lorna Jaques. Unanimous Vote. Toby Jenner co-opted onto the Social Committee as rideout co-ordinator.


l      Ask for a voluntary donation to the MAG fighting fund, from all attendees on the monthly rideouts. 1 suggested but it can be anything than can be afforded and is not to be made compulsary. Good way of generating additional funds other than via the weekly raffle. Ian Whittaker suggested using a rattle tin for collection.


Proposed: Toby Jenner; Seconded: Justine Travis. Unanimous Vote. Lisa Brooker as Fund Raising Officer to source a collection tin, and collect the donations.



Objectives and branch development plan for the forthcoming year (2009) agreed after discussion:


l      Continue to work with Wakefield Council for:

l      provision of secure motorcycle parking within Wakefield and the surrounding district

l      access to Bus Lanes in Wakefield and surrounding district

l      Campaign for a Wakefield MPTC (to serve Wakefield and the Leeds/Bradford conurbation area)

l      Continue to support Wakefield Hospice events:

l      Wakefield Hospice Bike Show

l      Marshal Wakefield Hospice 10K road race

l      Continue recruitment initiatives to increase MAG membership within WF postcode area

l      Maximise Fund raising activity for MAG fighting fund Target for Wakefield MAG to raise at least 1,000 during 2009

l      Continue our close relationship with our 'Buddy' Branch, Barnsley MAG

l      Continue to support other local MAG groups with their activities

l      Hold lots of ride-outs and other social events, including our three successful annual events:

l      Post Christmas Auction

l      Treasure Hunt

l      Biker Quiz Nite (agreed to change format to 50% bike related questions and 50% general knowledge to increase appeal)

l      Continue to support the major Yorkshire MAG events (ITV, FYP, YPR) and fund-raising activities

l      Take an active role (along with Barnsley & Sheffield) with the set-up & take-down of the YPR, in addition to marshalling over the weekend

l      Mass attendance at the Edinburgh MAG Rally



Awards were presented for the branch heroes of 2008, based on points accumulated by members for attendance/participation in MAG/Branch events over the course of the year:

l      Most attendances: Mick Culpan (955 points, duly rewarded with a 1L bottle of Smirnoff Vodka).

l      Most attendances runner-up: Daz Pearson (845 points, duly rewarded with a 70CL bottle of Smirnoff Vodka)

l      Most attendances to Branch meetings on a bike: Mick Culpan (11 meetings, duly rewarded with a bottle of Port)

l      Chairmans Award (biggest contribution to the branch): Lorna, Sue, Kelly & Corinne (Branch Social Committee, for all the hard work put in). Duly rewarded with a bottle of Malibu (to share obviously)

l      Honourable mention: Mo Griffiths & Paul Ingham (for the motorcycle recovery service from Yeadon to Barnsley, for Barnsley MAG member Lee Armitage, when he broke down following the Tan Hill (Hawes) rideout in October). Duly rewarded with a case of John Smith's Extra Smooth Bitter

l      Honourable mention: Lisa Brooker (for doing the raffle, week in, week out, and not complaining once). Duly rewarded with a box of Cabury's Heroes.




No AOB raised.



The date of the next AGM was set for 2nd week in January 2010 (exact date TBC).




The meeting was attended by 25 branch members. Sheila MacFarlane attending the Branch AGM as Regional Rep for Yorkshire confirmed that it had been conducted in a legitimate, fair, constitutional and democratic manner. The meeting closed at 22:10 hrs.


Steve Travis

Wakefield MAG Rep