Wakefield & District MAG

Minutes of the 2009 Annual General Meeting

Held on Wednesday 13th January 2010, at

The Grey Horse, Kirkgate, Wakefield

Welcome by chair and introduction of Yorkshire Region / National observer

Steve Travis, Branch Chairman & Rep opened the meeting at 20:35 hrs. The Yorkshire Region Rep had to send apologies as he was snowbound in Huddersfield and couldn't get through. An initial vote was taken to check with the meeting attendees whether we wanted to postpone the AGM, but it was a unanimous decision to continue (The MAG constitution does not dictate that local branch AGM's must have a Regional observer, although it is a recommended best practice).

All members in the branch area had previously been notified in writing, via the December 2009 mailshot, of the date, time, venue and agenda for the 2009 AGM. The details of the AGM were also publicised in The Road magazine, on the branch website (wakefield.mag-uk.org) and the MAG website (www.mag-uk.org)


Apologies received from Pam White, Toby Jenner, Mick Culpan & Yorkshire Region Rep for non-attendance at the AGM.

Minutes of previous AGM and matters arising

The minutes of the previous AGM (for the 2008 year), held on Wednesday 14th January 2009 were circulated. These minutes were also published on the branch website, several months before the AGM. The minutes were Proposed by Lorna Jaques and Seconded by Ian Whittaker as being a true and accurate account of that meetings proceedings. No matters arising.

Committee Reports

Reps Annual Report of branch activities and achievements for 2009


Held Post Christmas Auction on 28th January. Huge amount of stuff donated and auctioned off. The auction this year raised nearly £450, more than £100 better than our previous best of £330, not bad considering the world is in a global recession !!! Proceeds donated as follows:

Held our 6th annual Biker quiz night, with a record attendance totalling over 80 people, with 13 teams taking part. Quiz, together with the raffle, raised £125, which after deducting the cost of the prizes, made MAG a hundred quid (first time it has ever raised any money; first time a Wakefield team has won the quiz too !!!).

Total Donation from the branch over the year of £1,400 to the MAG fighting fund via Yorkshire MAG. Set out with an objective at our AGM to raise £1,000 for MAG this year, so we can safely say we have met that.

Raised £2,895, through MAP rally branch ticket sales:


Three Demo Runs attended:

Four of us attended the MAG AGC at Darlington on Sunday 4th March. It should have been five but one broke down about a mile away from the venue and had to be recovered home.

Hosted the Yorkshire MAG stand at the hugely popular VJMC Japanese Bike Show, held on Sunday 26th July at Lotherton Hall. Helped marshal the event (entrance/exit gates and the show gate).

Give a talk about MAG to the West Yorkshire section of the VJMC on Tuesday 25th August.

Contacted all local Wakefield riding schools for case data, to provide to the Transport Select committee inquiry into the new test fiasco.

Attended Yorkshire MAG AGM (4).

Three members attended Activist Training Weekend at Lineham Farm in October, taking the number of Wakefield MAG members 'formally' trained to seven.

Supported all the MAG calls to lobby, sign petitions, write to MP's etc.

All Yorkshire Region meetings attended (or apologies and report submitted).


Held a Wakefield MAG 10 Pin Bowling Night on Friday 13th March, at the LA Bowl on Doncaster Road, Wakefield. We had a most impressive turnout and 32 Wakefield MAG members, friends and family turned up for the night of bowling.

Eight Sunday Rideouts:

Three Evening Rideouts:

Seven Wakefield MAG members helped to marshal this years Wakefield Hospice 10K race, which was held on Sunday 5th April. Wakefield MAG have provided mobile marshals for a good number of years now, and the Wakefield Hospice 10K race is a very well attended amateur athletics event and attracts well over a 1,000 competitors.

Held a Bike Show at the Wakefield Hospice May Day Gala. Rain kept numbers lower than last year's show but still had around 30 bikes and half a dozen trikes in the show over the course of the day.

Mass attendance at this years Edinburgh MAG rally on Friday 5th - Sunday 7th June. 17 Wakefield & Barnsley MAG members rode up in convoy. Great to bump into Ruth, Mark, Joanne & Ross from Hudds MAG up there too. Eight of us marshalled the event on the Saturday evening to help out Steve Wykes & his team.

Mass attendance at the FYP and marshalled Blues tent all weekend.

Held our 5th Wakefield MAG Treasure Hunt on Sunday 12th July. 16 people turned up at the meet and divided themselves up into 5 teams. Big thanks to members of Huddersfield MAG & the VJMC for joining us on the Treasure Hunt.

Mass attendance at the YPR, with significant numbers of Wakefield members helping with the event set-up (from Wednesday onwards), marshalling over the weekend and the event take-down on the Sunday and Monday.

Big attendance at the Spat out of Hull rally.

Five Wakefield MAG members took part in the Yorkshire Regional 'Mystery Tour' Rideout on Sunday 4th October, where our mystery destination was Beverley Minster in EY MAG's home town.

Attended Huddersfield MAG's Twelfty Party (7).

Attended VJMC (West Yorkshire Branch) Charity Awards Evening (6) - Thanks received for helping VJMC to marshal their Lotherton Hall Japanese Bike Show in July.

Held a Christmas pub crawl around Wakefield.

Attended York MAG Christmas Do (5).


Launched a Wakefield MAG Facebook Group, been a good source for generating interest and new members for the branch.

Launched a Wakefield MAG internet forum, linked from Wakefield website. Limited take-up so far but early days.

Sent out a member mailshot (108 letters, for 113 current members and 17 who had expired over the previous 8 month period and not subsequently renewed. Of these 108 letters, 84 were posted and 24 hand delivered to meeting regulars).

Twelve Monthly newsletters emailed & posted on website.

Membership in WF postcode area has remained at the same level as it has been for several years: 114 +/- Good rate of renewal maintained & healthly numbers at each of our weekly meetings, rarely dropping below 20.


Had a talk from MAP (Pete Walker) at our branch meeting on Wednesday 18th February.

Attended FYP marshals briefing at Squires on Tuesday 26th May.

Six of us attended the Yorkshire MAG events debrief in Selby on Saturday 22nd August.

Hosted a YPR debrief for the pre & post set-up efforts on Wednesday 26th August.

Attended MAP AGM (3)

Supported this years Support our Soldiers (SOS) 2009 Christmas Parcel Appeal by collecting items to send to our service personnel serving overseas this Christmas. Collected 15 full shoe boxes just from Wakefield MAG members alone, together with a further 17 from family and friends.

Attended December MAP meeting.


Continue to work with Wakefield Council for:

Continue to support Wakefield Hospice events:

Initiate Major recruitment drive to increase MAG membership within WF postcode area [NOT ACHIEVED - 116 current members in Dec 2008; 113 in Dec 2009].

Maximise Fund raising for MAG fighting fund - Target: £1,000 [ACHIEVED and some !!!].

Continue our close relationship with our 'Buddy' Branch, Barnsley MAG [ACHIEVED].

Continue to support other local MAG groups with their activities [ACHIEVED].

Hold lots of ride-outs and other social events, including our three successful annual events:

Continue to support the major Yorkshire MAG events (ITV, FYP, YPR) and fund-raising activities [ACHIEVED].

Take an active role (along with Barnsley & Sheffield) with the set-up & take-down of the YPR, in- addition to marshalling over the weekend [ACHIEVED].

Mass attendance at the Edinburgh MAG Rally [ACHIEVED].


Another truly outstanding year for the branch. We have packed even more activities into the year than we ever have before, broke all records in terms of fund raising and attendance at our events, and had a thoroughly enjoyable time along the way. Three Cheers for Wakefield MAG !!!

Treasurer's Report of the 2009 Branch Accounts

Justine Travis, Branch Treasurer gave an overview of the Branch finances, which are looking very healthy. A final y/e balance of £449.02 was recorded. Finance wise, we have had our most successful year in the history of the branch, donating £1,400 to the MAG fighting fund over the course of the year (Wakefield are the biggest fund-raising group in the region, who don't run their own rally). Our revised raffle format, introduced early last year to raise extra funds, has proved to be hugely lucrative, raising £1,102 (against costs of £170), more than doubling what 2008's raffle raised.

It was suggested by Justine that we are in a position to make a further sizeable donation of £250 to the MAG fighting fund.

Proposed: Justine Travis, Seconded: Daz Pearson, carried unanimously.

Branch accounts still need to be audited (auditors unavailable on the run up to the AGM). Once ratified, a copy will be lodged with the Region treasurer, Gary Timms.

Products Officer Report

Products Officer Report submitted by email as he could not be there in person.

The early part of 2009 saw quite a lot of activity with a number of orders being placed. This was largely due to the introduction of Men’s Vests and Ladies Camisole Tops both of which were hugely popular and in time for the start of the rally season. Also there were a number of other orders from our existing range which were either replacements or for new members. However after that early flurry stock movements and orders have tailed off with only the occasional car sticker being sold. I am not expecting this trend to change significantly unless there is a sudden influx of new members or the introduction of new products. If anyone has any suggestions for other products please make it known but we have to bear in mind that our current and probably any other supplier does have a minimum order which may not be realistic as we may be unable to sell sufficient stock to cover the cost. With this in mind I feel I must quote the example of our bike pennants which have become something of a white elephant. As you are all aware quotations for these were brought to the attention of our members and a suggested selling price was agreed. A vote was taken on whether to place an order and this was unanimously approved. However very few of these flags have actually been sold the main reason quoted being the cost! I appreciate that there are certain difficulties attaching the flags to some bikes as they are best suited to a bike fitted with a sissy bar or rack but I am a little disappointed at the poor take up and waste of club funds in purchasing something that very few people have actually bought. That said I invite proposals for how we may best dispose of remaining stock whether that be a reduction of price and sell at a loss but at least recover some of our costs or use as raffle prizes etc.

Regarding my position as Products Officer I decided to offer my resignation as my work situation is uncertain at the moment with regard to location and I may not be in a position to carry out my duties efficiently. Therefore if anyone would like to take over the position then please make it known. If there are no candidates I will carry on in a caretaker capacity until someone steps forward or until the next AGM whichever comes first!

A Stock Take was provided together with a Stock Valuation: £325.53.

Rideout Co-ordinator's Report

Rideout Co-ordinator's Report submitted by email as he could not be there in person.

Comprehensive report provided on the 2009 onthly rideouts, covering advertising, venues, attendances, marshalling, and even the videos on our Facebook page. Less successful were the planned evening runs, with a number being cancelled at the last minute, though through no fault of Wakefield MAG.

A number of lessons learnt for 2010:

Attendances (Bikes):

Political Officer Report

Ian Whittaker outlined the activities of the political officer during 2009. Ian has lost his previous good contact at the Council after he left the position. Ian had also begun a new job and unfortunately has had little time to devote to the Political Officer role during the year. Due to this, he is standing down from the post at this AGM.

Deputy Rep / Clubs Liaison Officer Report

Local clubs contacted and Wakefield MAG & Yorkshire MAG (MAP) events advertised, together with reports and pictures emailed. MAG literature circulated around clubs contact list and various venues and meeting places.

Media Officer Report

Not present. Short report provided.

Membership Secretary

Report covered in Reps report (above).

MAP Consultative Committee Rep(s)

Report covered in Reps report (above).

Social Committee

Lots of events organised through the year, and lots of beer drunk. Social Committee (Lorna, Sue & Corinne) standing down at this AGM.

Fundraising Officer

Report covered in Reps & Treasurers report (above).

Election / Re-election of branch officers for 2010

The following officers were elected / re-elected onto the 2010 branch committee, unanimously and unopposed in all cases:

Chairman/Local Rep: Steve Travis
Proposed: Lorna Jaques; Seconded: Mark Rhodes

Deputy Rep: Eddie Johnson
Proposed: Daz Pearson; Seconded: Sue Evans

Treasurer: Justine Travis
Proposed: Lorna Jaques; Seconded: Mo Griffiths

Products Officer: Mick Culpan (to be ably assisted by Daz Pearson)
Proposed: Lisa Brooker; Seconded: Mark Rhodes

Political Officer: Mark Rhodes
Proposed: Daz Pearson; Seconded: Sue Evans

Auditors: Ian Whittaker & Igor Duma
Proposed: Justine Travis; Seconded: Daz Pearson

Social Secretary: Lisa Brooker
Proposed: Martin Burgess; Seconded: Eddie Johnson

Rideout Co-ordinator: Toby Jenner
Proposed: Ian Whittaker; Seconded: Corinne Duma

Wakefield Rep of MAP Consultative Committee: Steve Travis / Mo Griffiths (Deputy)
Proposed: Sue Evans; Seconded: Lisa Brooker

Press Officer: Pam White
Proposed: Daz Pearson; Seconded: Eddie Johnson

Membership Secretary: Steve Travis
Proposed: Sue Evans; Seconded: Lorna Jaques

Clubs Liaison Officer: Eddie Johnson
Proposed: Daz Pearson; Seconded: Ian Whittaker

Fund Raising Officer: Lisa Brooker
Proposed: Ian Whittaker; Seconded: Lorna Jaques

A huge thanks was given to our outgoing (in more ways than one) committee members - Ian, Lorna, Sue & Corinne, who have given absolutely sterling service over the past few years and thoroughly deserve their well earned break.


Three Motions were debated:

Sit at the other side of the meeting room, due to through 'traffic' from the smokers area outside disturbing the meeting. Door constantly being opened also creates noise making it difficult to hear the meeting sometimes. Depends on room set-up prior to meeting however.

Proposed: Igor Duma; Seconded: Ian Whittaker. 1 abstention. Motion carried and agreed to try out the revised format.

Ask for a voluntary donation to the MAG fighting fund, from all attendees on the monthly rideouts. £1 suggested but it can be anything than can be afforded and is not to be made compulsary. Good way of generating additional funds other than via the weekly raffle.

Proposed: Lisa Brooker; Seconded: Ian Whittaker. Motion carried.

Specifically try to recruit new young members. Develop a set of calling cards aimed at young riders.

Proposed: Ian Whittaker; Seconded: Lorna Jaques. Motion Carried.

Objectives and branch development plan for the forthcoming year (2010)

Objectives and branch development plan for the forthcoming year (2010) agreed after discussion:

Continue to work with Wakefield Council for:

Continue to support Wakefield Hospice events:

Initiate Major recruitment drive to increase MAG membership within WF postcode area (Linked with motion to encourage new young members).

Maximise Fund raising for MAG fighting fund - Target: £1,500.

Continue our close relationship with our 'Buddy' Branch, Barnsley MAG.

Continue to support other local MAG groups with their activities.

Hold lots of ride-outs and other social events, including our three successful annual events:

Continue to support the major Yorkshire MAG events (ITV, FYP, YPR) and fund-raising activities.

Continue to support VJMC.

Take an active role (along with Barnsley & Sheffield) with the set-up & take-down of the YPR, in addition to marshalling over the weekend.

Mass attendance at the Edinburgh MAG Rally.

Run our own one night Rally (Lincolnshire Splitters).

Run our own Party Night.

Presentation to Branch Heroes

Awards were presented for the branch heroes of 2009, based on points accumulated by members for attendance/participation in MAG/Branch events over the course of the year:

Most attendances: Mick Culpan (1475 points, duly rewarded with a bottle of Vodka).

Most attendances runner-up: Lisa Brooker (1055 points, duly rewarded with a bottle of Sloe Gin).

Most attendances to Branch meetings on a bike: Mark Rhodes (26 meetings, duly rewarded with a bottle of Brandy).

Chairman's Award (biggest contribution to the branch): Mo Griffiths (for all the hard work put in with the YPR set-up & take down, together with all the MAP meetings attended, generally volunteering for everything and being an all round hero). Duly rewarded with a bottle of Whiskey (to be saved until the Edinburgh rally).

Honourable mentions: Social committee; Everyone involved with the YPR set-up & take-down; Mick & Lisa for promoting MAG at the VSOC meetings; Lisa (again) for her tremendous fund raising efforts ....... and all other Wakefield MAG members for being jolly good eggs !!!


No AOB raised.

Date of Next AGM

The date of the next AGM was set for 2nd week in January 2011 (exact date TBC).

The meeting was attended by 20 branch members, all the more notable given that the weather was absolutely terrible (snow and icy roads).

The meeting closed at 22:20 hrs.

Steve Travis
Wakefield MAG Rep