Wakefield & District MAG


Held at 8:30pm on Wednesday 12th January 2011, at the Grey Horse, Kirkgate, Wakefield

1) Welcome by chair and introduction of Yorkshire Region / National Observer

Steve Travis, Branch Chairman & Rep opened the meeting at 20:35 hrs. Nicki Gage, Yorkshire Regional Rep welcomed to the AGM as observer.

All members in the branch area had previously been notified in writing, via the December 2010 mailshot, of the date, time, venue and agenda for the 2010 AGM. The details of the AGM were also publicised in The Road magazine, on the branch website (wakefield.mag-uk.org) and the MAG website (www.mag-uk.org)

2) Apologies

None received

3) Minutes of previous AGM and matters arising

The minutes of the previous AGM (for the 2009 year), held on Wednesday 13th January 2010 were circulated. These minutes were also published on the branch website before the AGM. The minutes were Proposed by Daz Pearson and Seconded by Lisa Brooker, and voted on by all meeting attendees as being a true and accurate account of that meetings proceedings.

No Matters Arising

4) Committee Reports

Reps Annual Report 2010



Runs, Rallies, MAG meetings and other Social Events


Other Activity

Achievements against 2010 Development Plan


Another fantastic year for the branch. We have packed an enormous amount of activities into the year, achieved an awful lot, made a lot of money for MAG (our largest MAG fighting fund donation in the 9 year history of the branch), but above all, had a lot of fun along the way. Particular thanks to the 2010 committee for all their hard work and to all our members for making Wakefield MAG such a brilliant branch.

Steve Travis, Branch Rep

Finance Officer Report - Financial Report & Audited Accounts for 2010

Bank balance at start: £423.99
Petty Cash balance at start: £92.00
Start Balance: £515.99
Total Income: £2,001.71
Total Expenditure: £2,054.38 (includes donation to Region of £1,550.00)
Income over Expenditure: -£52.67
End Balance: £463.32

Proposed donation to Region of £300 (Proposer: Daz, Seconder: Lorna). Vote taken: (13 for, 5 against). N.B. Against voters were in favour of a £350 donation instead.

£300 to be donated after Post Christmas Auction

Justine Travis, Finance Officer

Deputy Rep Report

As Deputy Rep of Wakefield Motorcycle Action Group, not only have I e-mailed postings of our events on web sites, I have visited M/C dealers and libraries, cafes to post our notices around the Wakefield district, plus made use of MCM mags to be left in high foot fall areas with our leaflets within.

Sadly on a sombre note I attended 5 biker funerals of riders who our members knew and respected, and funded donations at each service.

Events attended:

I feel honoured to be a servant of our members only wish I could do more

Eddie Johnson, Deputy Rep & Clubs Liaison

Social & Fundraising Officer

Covered in Reps report

Political Officer

Not present & no report submitted

Products Officer

The early part of 2010 saw quite a lot of activity with a number of orders being placed. This was largely due to replacements for existing members or for new members and as is usually the case coincides with the start of a new rally season. However after that early flurry stock movements and orders have tailed off with only the occasional car sticker or baseball cap and the odd 'T' shirt being sold. However we did sell a number of items at our Bike Show and at the VJMC show including a flag which was later spotted leaving the show attached to one of the Goldwing owner's club bikes, which goes to prove if you can afford a Goldwing you can afford a Wakefield MAG bike flag. (pause and wait for guffaw of laughter to subside).

I am not expecting this trend to change significantly if things remain as they are however if proposal 5 is passed I think there may be renewed interest in products purchases and I would like to take the opportunity to encourage you to support this proposal as it will mean a greater choice of merchandise at a reduced price but with no reduction in quality.

If anyone would like to take over the position of Products Officer then please make it known as I have been in this position now for several decades and maybe it's time I was put out to pasture. If there are no candidates I will carry on until someone steps forward or until the next AGM whichever comes first!

Our stock balance has fallen from last year which I regard as a good thing but we still have a number of slow moving fairly high value items in stock which I hope will gradually move over the course of the year.

Stock Valuation 2009/2010: £325.53
Stock Valuation 2010/2011: £241.54

It just remains for me to thank all who have helped and assisted with Products purchases and sales throughout last year particularly Daz who has been an excellent assistant. That concludes my report if there are any questions please ask Steve who told me to do it and accepts full responsibility for my actions.

Mick Culpan, Products Officer

Rideout Coordinator's Report

With the annual Fred Hill Run being assigned to start the ride out season (subsequently abandoned to to the surprisingly bad winter weather for the time of year!) and March's ride out being accommodated the well attended (20+) Charity Pet Food run, it was April before the first ride out proper hit the Wakefield MAG Calendar.

The 'inaugural' event was the scenic and circular route across the Pennines in the general direction of Saddleworth Moor. Turn out was an impressive 20 Bikes and a single Trike and despite the spring chill the weather stayed kind to us, just. A planned 'lunch' stop at the Carriage House at Bleak Hey Nook in the oddly named Diggle Valley, found us arriving at just after 11am and waiting for the pub to open at noon !! Forward planning by your ride out coordinator could have been better. Second part of the run was again across t'moor to Holmfirth where the majority enjoyed a second lunch of fish n chips, before returning to Wakefield via Denby Dale. For those foolish enough to press on further a field to put some much needed mileage on their bike or get an early season seagull fix, the heaven opened big style !

Leeds MAG Celebration run accounted for May, so it was June before the next ride out, which could have been labelled Hawes III or Tan Hill Challenge Two but we decided to adopt this as a substitute for the cancelled Fred Hill Run, in the expectation that it would attract a a big turn out. Having planned a challenging route cutting across country from Settle, taking Buttertubs Pass and short alpinesque climb above Keld, then across a barren moor to Tan Hill, I had to bail at the last moment but a massive turnout of five riders assembled on a wet and miserable Sunday morning - it could have been February. Picking up another member John in Settle and meeting Eddie who had made his own way up to Tan Hill on the trike, a total of 7 enjoyed Tan Hill's hospitality, a number of vintage bikes and the return home pretty much via last years route under the TH Challenge.

July saw the yearly treasure hunt, so it was into August before the next ride out of the year. Twenty of us turned out to the Aidensfield Pilgrimage to the wilds of Goatland (I refuse to include the H). The plan was a cross country route to Maltby then up over the North York Moors to the afore mentioned Goat Land. The back end of a certain gentlemen's motor bicycle club picnic at Squires meant the planned breakfast stop had to be hastily rescheduled for the Highway Man, so we ended up nose to tail in traffic on the very unscenic A64. Post breakfast we braved the A64 again, then up the A169 through Pickering to the heart of err Heart beat country and the village of wandering sheep. Once in the land of goat, we went our separate ways to take in the number tourist traps, from the Aidensfiled Arms, Scrips Garage, village shops and the train station. An hour or so later and we had seen all there was and ambled back home via the A64, this time with no jams to be seen. A few with an affinity for seagulls took the opportunity to head Whitby way.

This turned out to be the last run of the year as the planned visit to the Craven Collection of Classic Motorcycles, was dropped later in the year, as it clashed with the Hartlepool Trawler trip on 2nd October.

So all in all fewer ride outs than in previous years, with the cancellation of Fred Hill and November now being assigned for the Remembrance Sunday Parade, but another year and no one got lost (I think) and two exceptional turn outs seeing 20 bikes hitting the road. Feedback suggests a good time was had by all and a few new faces joined the general throng, so we must be doing something right. So its now time to put your ideas forward for 2011, so we can get voting and start planning.

Thanks for everyone's support in my undertaking the role again in 2010, despite the fact I've struggled to get down on Wednesday's for various reason this year. If voted in I will endeavour to do the same stirling job with the usual assistance from Mr T in the coming year, despite our plans to head across the channel in the near future!

Toby Jenner, Rideout Co-ordinator

Clubs Officer

Covered in Deputy Reps Report

Press Officer

Contacted local newspapers & radio to advertise events and achievements. Numerous mentions and coverage over the year

Paaaaam White, Press Officer

5) Election / Re-election of branch officers for 2011

The following officers were elected / re-elected onto the 2011 branch committee, unanimously and unopposed in all cases:

Branch Rep / Chairman: Steve Travis Proposed: Pingy; Seconded: Lorna.

Deputy Rep: Eddie Johnson Proposed: Sue; Seconded: Martin.

Treasurer / Secretary: Justine Travis Proposed: Pingy; Seconded: Bill.

Events Officer / Social Secretary: Lisa Brooker Proposed: Pingy; Seconded: Micha.

Rideout Co-ordinator(s): Toby Jenner / John Hannon Proposed: Justine; Seconded: Micha.

Products Officer: Mick Culpan Proposed: Pingy; Seconded: Micha.

Political Officer: Ian Whittaker Proposed: Mo; Seconded: Steve.

Clubs Liaison Officer: Eddie Johnson Proposed: Daz; Seconded: Bill.

Auditor #1: Ian Whittaker Proposed: Pingy; Seconded: Daz.

Auditor #2: Martin Burgess Proposed: Pingy; Seconded: Daz.

Press Officer: Sue Evans Proposed: Micha; Seconded: Pingy.

Membership Officer: Lisa Brooker Proposed: Micha; Seconded: Pingy.

MAP Committee Rep: Steve Travis Proposed: Justine; Seconded: Pingy.

Deputy MAP Committee Rep: Eddie Johnson Proposed: Daz; Seconded: Pingy.

Fund Raising Officer: Lisa Brooker Proposed: Steve; Seconded: Toby.

6) Motions

Seven motions submitted to the AGM:

1) That all proceeds from the Post Christmas Auction, Midsummer Mayhem Party, Quiz Night, Raffles and any other fund raising event held throughout the year with the exception of a specific event organised solely for the purpose of benefiting a charity be handed over in their entirety to the MAG Fighting Fund except for a small amount to be retained by Wakefield MAG to cover any running costs etc.

Explanation : In the past we have often given to charities and whilst very notable and no doubt appreciated by the recipient there has been very little if any benefit to MAG which after all is the purpose for our regions existence. I feel we should do our upmost to help sustain and encourage MAG central to campaign for our right to enjoy the freedom of motorcycling free from interference and unnecessary legislation.

Proposer: Mick Culpan (123530)
Seconder: Lisa Brooker (126176)

Carried with friendly amendment to remove Post Christmas Auction from fund raising events list i.e. Auction will continue to donate 1/3 of proceeds to charity & 2/3 to MAG

2) That should Wakefield MAG be asked to provide its services as in the past to provide marshals or stewards at other organisations events e.g. The Hospice 10k road race or the VJMC show etc we suggest they make a donation to the MAG fighting fund. Amount to be decided but I propose £100.00 would be a fair price considering the time and effort put in by a number of volunteers.

Explanation : We have provided these services in the past for which we have received very little in return apart from thanks and gratitude but that doesn't pay anyone's wages. Publicity we were promised has been pretty low key to say the least and enlisting new members has not been an earth shattering success despite a free stand and prime location at the VJMC so if we were to receive a donation it would I feel make our attendance at these events a little more worthwhile.

Proposer: Mick Culpan (123530)

No Seconder - Motion Removed

3) That Wakefield MAG host a Fred Hill run but not in February as is tradition due to the uncertainty of the British climate and the very real possibility of last minute cancelation. I suggest we call it the 'Fred Rides Again Run' and hold it sometime during early summer.

Proposer: Mick Culpan (123530)
Seconder: Micha Beckett (128441)

Carried. Agreed for Wakefield to host as Yorkshire event close to 1st June (as helmet law passed on 1st June 1973)

4) That we adopt the '2nd Man' ride out system for all future Wakefield MAG ride outs as recommended by the I.A.M and used by many other MAG groups and M.C.C.'s.

Explanation : I believe our current Floating Marshal system to be potentially hazardous both to the Marshal and to all other riders as unnecessary risks may be taken and speed limits broken thus risking accidents and prosecution. Also in the light of recent events involving the prosecution of riders engaged in a group ride where a serious accident occurred the police are likely to take an interest in any large group of riders regardless of whether they are acting in a reckless or illegal manner or not. So if stopped and questioned and we confirm we are on an organised ride and using an approved method of marking the route as used by the I.A.M and other safety bodies we are far more likely to be sent on our way without unwanted difficulties.

Proposer: Mick Culpan (123530)
Seconder: Steve Travis (97513)

Carried. Will re-trial again with better instruction this time round

5) That we change our current method of purchasing Wakefield MAG products from an independent supplier and instead purchase all our products from MAG Central.

Explanation : All MAG products could be personalised with our own Wakefield MAG logo this would give us access to a greater range of quality products at a cheaper price which could be passed on to the membership thus in all probability increasing sales. I have discussed this with Neil Stevenson and he is happy for us to order from him, all that is required is to supply our logo in a jpeg format and he will take it from there.

Proposer: Mick Culpan (123530)
Seconder: Steve Travis (97513)


6) That we don't pre-book the rideout destinations a year in advance. Events were missed in 2010 that members might have liked to go to, as they clashed with pre-booked rideout destinations, chosen at the start of the year before the other events were known about. Instead, agree the destinations a max. of a month in advance, so that they can still be posted in the monthly newsletter. OK for dates to be agreed at the start of the year. Destinations will be chosen from a pre-defined list, if no other events are on that same day that people fancy going to. Rideout destinations to be voted on at the weekly meetings, at the start of each month

Proposer: Daz Pearson (125889)
Seconder: Lisa Brooker (126176)


7) Meet at Squires for the rideouts rather than Stork Lodge Tea Rooms as the toilets are more accessible (i.e. Don't have to buy something)

Proposer: John Hannon (127865)
Seconder: Eddie Johnson (97314)

Not Carried. Will investigate possible alternatives to SL in Wakefield area

7) Objectives & Branch development plan for 2011

Objectives and branch development plan for the forthcoming year (2011) agreed after discussion:

8) Presentation to branch heroes

Awards were presented for the branch heroes of 2010, based on points accumulated by members for attendance/participation in MAG/Branch events over the course of the year:

Most attendances at MAG events, branch events & meetings:
Eddie Johnson (1115 points)

Most attendances runner-up:
Lisa Brooker (1040 points)

Most attendances to branch meetings on a bike:
Steve 'Jagster' Jagger (20)

Biggest contributor to the branch (Chairmans award):
Lisa Brooker (For exceptional fund-raising & social event organising)

Honourable Mention:

9) Any other business

No AOB raised

10) Date of Next AGM

The date of the next AGM was set for 2nd week in January 2012 (exact date TBC).

The meeting closed at 22:38 hrs.

Steve Travis
Wakefield MAG Rep