Wakefield & District MAG

Minutes of the 10th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

Held at 8:00pm on Wednesday 11th January 2012, at the Grey Horse, Kirkgate, Wakefield

1) Welcome by chair and introduction of Yorkshire Region / National Observer

Steve Travis, Branch Chairman & Rep opened the meeting at 20:05 hrs. Thirty two members were in attendance.

All members in the branch area had previously been notified in writing, via the December 2011 mailshot, of the date, time, venue and agenda for the 2011 AGM. The details of the AGM were also publicised in The Road magazine, on the branch website (wakefield.mag-uk.org) and the MAG website (www.mag-uk.org)

2) Apologies

Apologies received from Lisa Brooker, Sally Johnson and Toby Jenner for non-attendance at the AGM

3) Minutes of previous AGM and matters arising

The minutes of the previous AGM (for the 2010 year), held on Wednesday 12th January 2011 were circulated. These minutes were also published on the branch website before the AGM. The minutes were Proposed and Seconded and voted on by all meeting attendees as being a true and accurate account of that meetings proceedings.

No Matters Arising

4) Committee Reports

Reps Annual Report 2011



Runs, Rallies, MAG meetings and other Social Events


Other Activity

Achievements against 2011 Development Plan


Another fantastic year for the branch. We have packed an enormous amount of activities into the year, achieved an awful lot, made a lot of money for MAG, but above all, had a lot of fun along the way. Particular thanks to the 2011 committee for all their hard work and to all our members for making Wakefield MAG such a brilliant branch.

Steve Travis, Branch Rep

Finance Officer Report - Financial Report & Audited Accounts for 2011

Slight loss over the year but overall a very typical year. The biggest contributor is still the weekly raffle raising just under £900. Donations of over £1000 were made to Yorkshire Region, and £170 to charity, mostly from the auction. Branch costs to run were £150 for mailshots etc

Justine Travis, Finance Officer

Deputy Rep Report

Report submitted. Attended lots, usual high degree of committment over the year.

Eddie Johnson, Deputy Rep & Clubs Liaison

Press Officer

Jobs undertaken over last 12 months:

Susan Evans, Press Officer

Political Officer

Report submitted. Usual high degree of committment

Ian Whittaker, Political Officer

Products Officer

Submitted report of product sales & stock take. Motion to increase sales

Stock Valuation 2010/2011: £241.54
Stock Valuation 2011/2012: £280.69

Mick Culpan, Products Officer

Rideout Coordinator's Report

Rideout Co-coordinators Report and Observations on Riding in France:

Having accepted a joint co-coordinator role / consultancy position for 2011 Rideouts, it soon became clear that Steve could not meet my fees, as I demanded them to be paid in Euros. So I thought Fook this and moved to France!! Seriously folks, priorities overtook my involvement this year as you'll all understand, so I'd like to say a big thanks to John for taking over the role this year he has done a sterling job.

May I also take the opportunity to say a further thank you to all the friends I have made during my short time as Wakefield MAG, as I enjoyed it immensely, you are all sincerely missed. I'll keep in contact via Facebook and the odd mail to let folks know how things are going on out here in France and in view of the recent communiques about what is happening this side of the channel, so you can keep up the fight to stop the crap happening over there. There are a few folks on the Wakefield MAG Group that I've not yet round to adding to my FB friends list but I will soon promise.

As you will have seen by the information coming from Paddy Tyson and the FFMC, the main (official) reasons behind latest regulations being made in France, is casualty reduction. However, the MOT equivalent is not required until a vehicle is 4 years old and the certificate last for 2 years. If you fail you carry on driving for 4-6 weeks while you get the problem fixed!! No problems there then but the MOT is NOT mandatory for motorcycles...........so no guessing for what the majority of folks do then is there? Hardly surprising that there are lots of low cc old bikes (sub 125) getting thrown down the road and they will be exempt for the day glo regs. Madness. Fours years this spring, once I get a ride sorted out, I can't see me paying the Control Technique a visit unless the rules get change.

On the hi-viz / day glo situation, I've yet to spot a lid with the 4 reflective stickers that are required on lids for the last few years but have confirmed this is mandatory. And although I do not agree with any form of mandatory dayglo, the 150 cm sq equates to a minute 24 inch sq Blighty, so a 6"x4" patch meets to government proposal, somewhere between your waist and shoulders. If the Transport Minister thinks this is going to make a difference I just cant see it, especially given the high number of side impact collisions at junctions, where the patch will not be visible at all - unless we start riding side saddle. It really is utter BS, so I am sure FFMC will keep up the fight and this message acts a reminder to all MAG members what could be heading there way unless MAG UK keep fighting against the sh1te.

Toby Jenner, Rideout Co-ordinator

Clubs Officer

Covered in Deputy Reps Report

5) Election / Re-election of branch officers for 2012

The following officers were elected / re-elected onto the 2012 branch committee, unanimously and unopposed in all cases:

6) Motions

Three motions submitted to the AGM:

1) Monthly Rideout Planning

To revert back to the previous system whereby rideout destinations are planned a year in advance, and well publicised, rather than decided a month in advance.

Explanation: The previous system was successful and attracted a number of infrequent rideout attendees. Most people are busy but if they fancy a rideout to a particular destination, they can plan around a particular date, especially where they know well in advance. This is far less likely if they only get a couple of weeks notice. Originally changed as 'Events were missed in 2010 that members might have liked to go to, as they clashed with pre-booked rideout destinations, chosen at the start of the year before the other events were known about'. In practice, this was only the one event (Thundersprint), and 2011 rideouts have been less well attended overall, than in 2010.

Proposer: Steve Travis (97513)
Seconder: Ray Bowles (129369)

Agreed that rideouts would be provisionally planned for the year but confirmed/amended a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the date so that destinations could be publicised.


2) Product Sale

a) We sell 1 x remaining men's vest and 1 x remaining T shirt at cost price in order to get rid so we can start afresh, to be honest they ought really to be classified as 'shop soiled' as they have been in and out of their plastic bags and hung on hangers at shows so many times we can’t really say they are new;
b) The Bike/Car stickers be reduced in price from £2.00 to £1.00 from my records the last time we purchased these they were at £0.33 each but the price was not reduced, I think it should be as we are still making a profit and would probably sell more in any case.

Impact on profits: £414.50 (Before); £355.76 (After); Difference: £58.74

Proposer: Mick Culpan (123530)
Seconder: Justine Travis (97513)


3) Raffle Prizes

To change our raffle prizes (from wine/choccies) to a first prize of £5, and a second prize (which may or may get drawn), of £3. This saves the hassle of bringing prizes to each meeting, and the winner can choose what they want to spend their winnings on. The popular and profitable bonus ball raffle system be retained

Proposer: Lorna Jaques (120474)
Seconder: John Hannon (127865)


7) Objectives & Branch development plan for 2012

Objectives and branch development plan for the forthcoming year (2012) agreed after discussion:

8) Presentation to branch heroes

Awards were presented for the branch heroes of 2011, based on points accumulated by members for attendance/participation in MAG/Branch events over the course of the year.

Our branch heroes for 2011 were:

9) Any other business

No AOB raised

10) Date of Next AGM

The date of the next AGM was set for Wednesday 9th January 2013

The meeting closed at 22:15 hrs.

Steve Travis
Wakefield MAG Rep