Wakefield & District MAG

Minutes of the 11th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

Held at 8:00pm on Wednesday 9th January 2013, at the Grey Horse, Kirkgate, Wakefield

1) Welcome by chair and introduction of Yorkshire Region / National Observer

Steve Travis, Branch Chairman & Rep opened the meeting at 20:10 hrs. Wayne Rooney, Yorkshire Regional Rep in attendance as Region observer.

All members in the branch area had previously been notified in writing, via the December 2012 mailshot, of the date, time, venue and agenda for the 2012 AGM. The details of the AGM were also publicised in The Road magazine, on the branch website (wakefield.mag-uk.org) and the MAG website (www.mag-uk.org)

2) Apologies

Apologies received from Lorna Jaques & Pete Taplin for non-attendance at the AGM

3) Minutes of previous AGM and matters arising

The minutes of the previous AGM (for the 2011 year), held on Wednesday 11th January 2012 were circulated. These minutes were also published on the branch website before the AGM. The minutes were Proposed (Ian Whittaker) and Seconded (Chas Milner) and voted on by all meeting attendees as being a true and accurate account of that meetings proceedings.

No Matters Arising

4) Committee Reports

Reps Annual Report for 2012


Covered in Finance Officers Report


Runs, Rallies, MAG meetings and other Social Events


Other Activity

Achievements against 2012 Development Plan


Another excellent year for the branch. Overall our membership is down, but this has not impacted attendance at meetings, which has remained strong throughout the year. We have remained very active, and packed an awful lot of activities into the year and laid on some very successful events. A huge thanks to all our meeting regulars and all those who have supported the branch in all our activities. Hip Hip .. Hooray.

Steve Travis, Branch Rep

Finance Officer Report - Financial Report & Audited Accounts for 2012

£1404 income, £1200 expenditure. End balance £747 (minus £300 debt awaited) so £447.

Slight Profit over the year due to a late cashing of a Yorkshire Region donation cheque of £300, if this had been on time then it would have been a very typical year again.

The biggest contributor is not the weekly raffle any more, the raffle raised just under £500 but this is significantly (£400) down on prior years as we used to have rollovers, now every week is a winner.

Events raised £600 this year - the auction £590 and the quiz night £112, charity donations from the auction of £200 were made.

Donations of over £700 were made to Yorkshire Region, and £221 to charity, mostly from the auction. Prior years donations of £1000 would have been matched but we are still awaiting a cheque to Yorkshire Region to be cashed for £300, presented in October at the Yorkshire Region AGM.

Branch costs to run were £60 for mailshots etc, not doing a blanket post out saved us £90 on last years running costs.

Donation to Yorkshire Region to be agreed after Auction, but anticipate Auction income plus £250 from funds.

Justine Travis, Finance Officer

Deputy Rep Report

all in all a busy year

Eddie Johnson, Deputy Rep & Clubs Liaison

Press Officer

Not present but branch were aware of the successes with getting mention on Ridings FM, Real Radio and in the local press for various events.

Political Officer

Secure parking at Westgate Station became a conflict between the council and the railway and our council contact disappeared. However, a Freedom of Information (FOI) request has been sent re: Powered 2 Wheeler thefts of motorcycles and scooters in the 5 Towns area and steps being taken to address the issue. Police commissioner has had a response from the successful candidate who is now being pursued for actions. Once Ian has the FOI and police response he will take that back to the council as added leverage.

Ian Whittaker, Political Officer

Products Officer

Only sales in the year have been at Dodworth and VJMC shows. Not much stock left and no orders processed this year. Estimated £350 of stock still held against £400 last year. Mick has contacted a new supplier who can do one off runs for products. Suggestion made to circulate a request form in January with full price/deposit to be made up front with the order.

Mick Culpan, Products Officer

Rideout Coordinator's Report

Covered in Reps Report

Clubs Officer

Covered in Deputy Reps Report

Social Committee

Not present but a thanks went out for all their events from the 10th Wakefield MAG party early last year to date.

MAP Consultative Committee Representative

All meetings attended and various issues brought back for discussion.

Steve Travis, MAP Consultative Committee Representative

Fund Raising Officer

Not present but Raffle held each week - see Finance Report for details.

Membership Secretary

Covered in Reps Report

5) Election / Re-election of branch officers for 2013

The following officers were elected / re-elected onto the 2013 branch committee, unanimously in all cases:

6) Motions

Four motions submitted to the AGM:

1) Review Raffle Fund Raising Activity

We agreed to review raffle success following changes introduced early in 2012. Raffle stats:

Suggestions to increase raffle revenue:

  1. Revert back to Bonus Ball with no guaranteed winners every week, all depends on bonus ball number drawn
  2. Maintain current system but alter time raffle is done to maximise numbers buying a ticket (holding raffle after meeting means some meeting attendees have actually left by the time the raffle tickets are sold)
  3. Any other ideas to increase raffle revenue ?

Proposer: Steve Travis; Seconder: Paul Ingham

Outcome after discussions of pro's and con's was to adopt option 2) i.e. leave raffle format as is but start raffle at beginning of meeting to maximise ticket sales, potentailly throw open to rest of pub and review in 6 months time.


2) All funds raised during 2013 to be donated to MAG fighting fund

Reason - due to the disastrous fall in profits of all three MAP rallies due to inclement weather conditions in 2012 I feel it is not prudent to give to other charities at this time however deserving they may be. Let us not forget the primary function of a MAG region is to raise money to fund MAG which is its main source of income and without which will find it increasingly difficult to function efficiently and may well result in forced redundancy of key personnel. The charities we have given to in the past are not solely reliant on our contribution and unfortunately we are in a situation where we are unable to support them at this time.

Friendly amendment accepted to exclude 1 event - annual post-Xmas auction was accepted.

Proposer: Mick Culpan; Seconder: Steve Travis


3) Investigate the possibility of organising motor cycle first aid course

Proposer: Mick Culpan; Seconder: Steve Travis


4) Intercom system for lead & tail marshals on organised rideouts

Look in to the possibility of purchasing a bike to bike intercom system for the lead and last rider in the group. Motion withdrawn as not necessary - intercom was donated to the branch and is to be passed to Mick as Rideout Coordinator.

Proposer: Mick Culpan; Seconder: Steve Travis

7) Objectives and branch development plan for the forthcoming year (2013)

Objectives and branch development plan for the forthcoming year (2013) agreed after discussion:

8) Presentation to branch heroes

Awards were presented for the branch heroes of 2012, based on points accumulated by members for attendance/participation in MAG/Branch events over the course of the year.

Our branch heroes for 2012 were:

9) Any other business

No AOB raised

10) Date of Next AGM

The date of the next AGM was set for Wednesday 15th January 2014

The meeting closed at 22:15 hrs.

Steve Travis
Wakefield MAG Rep