Wakefield & District MAG

Minutes of the 16th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

Held at 8:00pm on Wednesday 10th January 2018, at the Grey Horse, Kirkgate, Wakefield

1) Welcome by chair and introduction of Yorkshire Region / National Observer

Steve Travis, Branch Chairman & Rep opened the meeting at 20:10 hrs. Andy Foody, Yorkshire Regional Vice-Rep in attendance as Region observer.

All members in the branch area had previously been notified via email, the December 2017 mailshot, of the date, time, venue and agenda for the 2017 AGM. The details of the AGM were also publicised in The Road magazine, on the branch website (wakefield.mag-uk.org) and the MAG website (www.mag-uk.org).

2) Apologies

Apologies received from Clare Ellam (Social Committee and Rideout Committee), James Dewart and Chas Milner (Deputy Rep and Fund Raising Officer) for non-attendance at the AGM

3) Minutes of previous AGM and matters arising

Several copies of the minutes of the previous AGM (for the 2016 year), held on Wednesday 11th January 2017 were circulated. These minutes were also published on the branch website immediately following the 2016 AGM. The minutes were Proposed (Terry Scott) and Seconded (Pete Taplin) and voted on by all meeting attendees as being a true and accurate account of that meetings proceedings.

No Matters Arising

4) Committee Reports

Reps Annual Report for 2016


Covered in Finance Officers Report







We now celebrate 16 consecutive years as an active MAG Branch (we are old enough to legally ride a moped on the road). In those 16 years, we haven't had to reform / re-launch to keep going. The net Membership numbers have increased by remaining static in terms of overall numbers, when set against an increased member drop-off rate. Meeting attendance has remained very strong throughout the year and the majority of meetings have around 15-20 members in attendance (circa. 23% of MAG Members in the area attend their branch meetings - Nationally, 10% is the 'best' average).

We have been successful again in our fund raising for the MAG fighting fund, matching last years donation. We have remained very active, and packed an awful lot of activities into the year and laid on some very successful events.

All in all, another highly successful year for the branch. A huge thanks to all our meeting regulars and all those who have supported the branch in all our activities. Hip Hip .... Hooray.

Steve Travis
Branch Rep

Deputy Rep Report

Chas Milner, Vice-Rep - 126291

Finance Officer Report - Financial Report & Audited Accounts for 2017

Income £1907 - slight increase against £1842 prior year

End of year balance £534.99 - allowed to hold £250 so need to donate post-auction

April - DonationsNABD
Wakefield Hospice
Air Ambulance
MayBike Show£180£219
JuneTent & Helmet SaleNil£75
SeptemberTreasure HuntNil£12
OctoberMAG Donation
£117 (minus £22 cost)
Product Sales£61£73
Ave £42 pm

Events raised over £1259 this year (£1000 in 2016) - extra bingo again raised us back to just over 2015

Raffle £503 averaging £42 pm, decreased due to social nights when raffle not run and income logged under events instead

Donation of £1500 made to Yorkshire Region as per 2016, but expect we can make an additional donation after the auction

Justine Travis, Finance Officer - 97510

Auditors concurred - Ian Whittaker - 115847, Martin Burgess - 126979

Products Officer

Stock sales have been limited in 2017 (which has become the norm really) with the usual patches, stickers etc going at our May Day Gala Bike Show.

On the plus side we did get rid of 2 x Bomber Jackets and 1 x Flag (which I believe has been around since before the invention of the internal combustion engine).

On the down side the 3 products mentioned were all sold at a small loss which is why the attached sheet shows £76.00 of sales and a profit of -£13.38 but 3 sold is better than 3 dead stock!

Moving into 2018 if anyone wants to take over as Products Person I'd be happy to relinquish the role but help them whenever required.

Martin Burgess, Products Officer - 126979

Simon asked if the products could be seen - branch decided to take pictures and add to the website.

Political Officer

This year again has been dominated by attending numerous meetings at the WYCA along with both Manny and Steve.

Although progress has been demonstrated by the fact we are now included in plans but progress is painfully slow.

After reviewing minutes of past meetings and getting an update from WYCA although the plan has been approved, this only took place in August last year. It has also become apparent that although all councils have representation at the WYCA, in effect WYCA develop strategy and recommend action, implementation is down to local councils.

It may be that next year our emphasis should be concentrated on local councils an councillors with direct meetings by members at councillors surgeries, and if possible attendance at council meetings.

To close on a more positive note we do have access to 1 bus lane and following monies allocated by WYCA we hopefully can have some secure parking. We must continue to monitor and work locally to ensure promises of action by local councils are followed through with no disadvantages to motorcyclists.

Ride free

Ian Whittaker, Political Officer - 115847

Social Committee

Sharon Scott - 132886 & Lorna Jaques - 120474, Social Committee

Rideout Coordinator's Reports

Thank you

Martin Burgess, Rideout Coordinator

MAP Consultative Committee Representative

Being asked and voted in to do MAP committee Rep for 2017 I expected to give it a go with Bob by my side. I'm writing this report for Bob and I. Over the year we have attended all MAP meetings, discussed different items. Brought back any information to group to help us move forward as a unit. Also was involved in the sale of rally tickets.

Lorna Jaques, Bob Kendall, MAP Consultative Committee Representative

Press Officer

E-mail Wakefield Express and Ridings FM Studio of the following events:

Sharon Scott, Press Officer - 132886

Clubs Liaison

Tracy Wheldon, Clubs Liaison Officer not in attendance and no report submitted

Fund Raising Officer

  • If re-elected I would be happy to continue as your fund raising officer.
  • The group wished Chas a great holiday, were looking forward to his return and thanked him for his hard work and cheerful attitude all year.
  • Chas Milner, Fund Raising Officer - 126291

    Membership Secretary

    Covered in Reps Report


    Covered in Reps Report.

    5) Election / Re-election of branch officers for 2017

    The following officers were elected / re-elected onto the 2018 branch committee, unanimously in all cases:

    6) Motions

    None Submitted

    7) Objectives and branch development plan for the forthcoming year (2018)

    Steve as Re-Elected Rep presented the 2018 Branch Development Plan which was discussed and agreed, as follows:

    8) Presentation to Branch Heroes

    Awards were presented for the branch heroes of 2017, based on points accumulated by members for attendance/participation in MAG/Branch events over the course of the year.

    Our branch heroes for 2017 were:

    9) Any other business

    Bob - Raffle suggestion we have a £5 raffle once or twice a year and the winner gets MAG membership for a year - suggested we combine with one of our larger events and with the caveat that you cannot win it twice (in a single year). Agreed to discuss ways to run it at a future meeting. Potential also suggested for running another 'El Gordo' Super raffle but this time rally tickets could be the bumper prize. To be discussed at a subsequent meeting to agree how it may work in practice.

    10) Date of Next AGM

    The date of the next AGM was set for Wednesday 16th January 2019.

    The meeting closed at 22:15 hrs.

    Andy Foody as Regional Observer stated it was run in a democratic manner in line with the MAG Constitution, and as usual, it was a pleasure attending.

    Steve Travis
    Wakefield MAG Rep