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Dear Wakefield MAG Member,

Welcome to the Wakefield MAG e-newsletter. If you can't attend our Tuesday meetings regularly, it's the next best thing to keep you up to date with what we are up to.


1) New hopes for Motorcycles with an Internal Combustion Engine
2) MAG hammers home ICE Ban opposition with Minister
3) Wakefield Hospice 10K Race Marshalling Report
4) Rally Tickets / ITV
5) Fight Motorcycle Theft 2023
6) Wakefield MAG May Day Bike Show
7) Easter Egg Collection (in aid of Wakefield based Charity Kidzaware)
8) Wakefield MAG 21st Birthday Bash
9) Marshals Registration Open ITV 2023
10) Rideouts
11) Forthcoming Events (for April and beyond)

1) New hopes for Motorcycles with an Internal Combustion Engine

Source: FEMA

Six member states of the European Union will not sign the regulation to ban the sale of new cars and vans with an internal combustion engine from 2035. FEMA's Dolf Willigers says this affects motorcycles too.

Motorcycles are still not mentioned in the plans to decarbonize road transport in the European Union. Still, new developments from March 2023 may also have an effect on motorcycles. On 27 October 2022, the European Commission, European Parliament, and the member states, united in the Council of the European Union, reached an agreement in the so-called trilogue about the emission limits for cars and vans. After a few steps to lower the emission of the fleet, from 2035 the sale of new cars that have no zero CO2 emission will be banned in the European Union. There was a very small opening for internal combustion engine in a so-called recital, a non-binding clause in the agreement that asked the Commission to investigate the possibilities for another kind of 'zero-emission' propulsion in the form of e-fuels. However, Frans Timmermans, vice-president of the Commission and responsible for the Green Deal, immediately said he didn't see much in any alternative for the battery electric vehicle.

The next step in the process was the adoption of the agreement by the European Parliament. There it already became clear that the resistance was rising but still, on 15 February 2023, the European Parliament adopted the new regulation with 340 votes in favour, 279 against and 21 abstentions. But doubts were expressed not only here; manufacturers of vehicles with an internal combustion engine found each other in the E-fuel Alliance, that became very active on the social media. Less than a week before the EU member states would sign the new regulation, the Italian government declared that they would not sign it after all, soon be followed by Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Portugal. Later Austria also announced that they could not accept a regulation that focussed on one solution only with the exclusion of all alternatives. The signing of the regulation on 7 March 2023, usually a formality, is postponed.

In the unique situation that has now arisen nobody knows how to act. New negotiations or a change of the agreement seem to be impossible. A solution must be found. In any case, when there are new prospects for cars and vans, then why not for motorcycles? The availability of new cars and vans with an internal combustion engine after 2035 would also mean the conservation of the fuelling infrastructure.

Especially for motorcycles it is necessary to maintain the possibility to make and buy new motorcycles with a combustion engine for leisure purposes and for long distance travelling and to be able to fuel them. FEMA supports freedom of choice: not the governments, but the riders and manufacturers should decide about the technical solutions to reach the determined goal.

Source: Daily Telegraph

A LOOMING British ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars was thrown into chaos last night after Brussels watered down its own restrictions amid opposition from German carmakers. Experts and politicians warned that British rules due to take effect in 2030 are untenable after the European climbdown, which will allow internal combustion engines as long as they burn carbon-neutral petrol alternatives. The EU will ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars from 2035 but permit the 'e-fuels' following a back-room compromise forced on it by the German authorities and signed off last night. Sources suggested that Whitehall was considering following the Commission's lead by allowing an e-fuel exemption. British carmakers Aston Martin and McLaren are understood to be examining e-fuels as an option for powering future models. Critics of the Government's net-zero plans seized on the EU's decision as evidence that a total policy rethink was needed, while campaigners including Greenpeace have said that it could slow down electric vehicle adoption.

Sir Iain Duncan Smith, the former Tory leader, said: "The 2030 deadline for the elimination of petrol and diesel engine cars in the UK is simply not achievable. Unless we delay, we hand a massive boost to the Chinese car manufacturers. They are already dominant."

Britain is to ban the sale of new cars (and small motorcycles) that run on petrol and diesel only in seven years under plans drawn up by Boris Johnson. New hybrids (and larger motorcycles) will still be allowed until 2035, at which point the UK will only permit fully electric cars and other zero-emission vehicles, such as those which burn hydrogen. The EU's e-fuel exemption will allow a synthetic alternative to petrol that is made by mixing carbon dioxide captured from the air with hydrogen obtained by splitting water molecules using renewable energy. Andrew Graves, a car industry veteran and professor at the University of Bath, said: "I think it's exciting technology we can not only use for motorsport, but also keeping existing vehicles on the road. I think there's a lot of things that the Government needs to look at before it goes hell bent on just having a blanket ban on diesel or petrol.".

Brussels' decision is also likely to raise questions about how enforceable a British ban on petrol and diesel would be if similar rules are not followed in the EU - particularly given the open border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. Sir John Redwood, a former Tory cabinet minister, said: "Britain is in a desperate struggle to keep its car industry, and if we insist on phasing petrol and diesel out before anyone else, we will find it harder to attract investment.".

The EU climbdown followed months of lobbying by the German government on behalf of its car manufacturing industry. Porsche has invested £61 million in a trial e-fuel factory. The Daily Telegraph understands that the British government is prepared to follow the EU's lead. Greg Smith, a Tory MP who sits on the transport select committee, said: "Groupthink has dictated battery electric to be the way forward for too long. The 2030 ambition isn't realistic in the first place and we need the innovators and the automotive companies to be given the time and space to produce."

Ed: This is a particularly significant development and a very tangible sign that the 2030 ICE ban is looking increasing untenable. However, we cannot be complacent and just assume the ban will be overturned or kicked into the long grass. We need to keep up the campaigning effort - be sure to mention the above when you contact your MP as part of Operation Earthquake. See the January 2023 newsletter for more details of how you can get involved with Operation Earthquake. If you have already contacted your MP ... Thank You .... but can I ask that you drop them another note covering the EU climbdown as it is particularly significant development. Thank You in anticipation.

2) MAG hammers home ICE Ban opposition with Minister

Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) Chair, Neil Liversidge and Colin Brown (Director of Campaigns and Political Engagement), met Minister of State (Decarbonisation and Technology) Jesse Norman on 21 March 2023. With resistance to the ICE ban growing in Europe, MAG hammered home the message that the Government should abandon its plan to ban the sale of new ICE vehicles in the UK from 2030. Instead, MAG is presenting a radical alternative that will massively improve transport connectivity to unify the UK, improve air quality, and reduce emissions, whilst at the same time strengthening our country economically.

Neil and Colin hammered home the scale of the mistake the UK Government will be making if it mandates the end of internal combustion engined vehicles (ICEVs) as planned from 2030.

Key points they highlighted included:

The meeting took place as news surfaced that the EU's own anti-ICE plan is in trouble, with proposals tabled to create an exception for e-fuelled cars from 2035. Germany, Austria, Italy and other EU nations are opposing forced electrification due to the lack of technology neutrality. MAG has consistently argued that internal combustion engines will be necessary and desirable for the foreseeable future. Net Zero can be achieved whilst this technology continues to supply the clear benefits of carbon neutral, energy dense liquid fuels. There is no logic in enforcing the demise of a technology in a way that will inevitably cause hardship for UK citizens, whilst seriously damaging the UK's economic prospects, and therefore its security, certainly for decades and possibly forever.

Speaking after the meeting, Neil said: "We were not expecting the Minister to announce a U-turn on the policy in the meeting, but I can say that we have robustly presented the strength of feeling on the ICE ban. We briefly discussed MAG's alternative solution for the future of transport with rapid expansion of an electrified public transport system allied to a diverse range of technologies in the private motorised sector. There are no reasons why electric and ICE vehicles cannot co-exist to create a diverse and resilient transport system. We are seeing Europe edging towards this reality, and the UK could lead the way. We have agreed to submit a fleshed-out proposal to Jesse Norman that will both meet the Government's ambitions and avoid destroying the economy and motorcycling culture in the process."

3) Wakefield Hospice 10K Race Marshalling Report

See event report here

4) Rally Tickets / ITV

We now have our Branch allocation of sale or return tickets for the Yorkshire MAG 2023 Rallies and these are currently for sale at our weekly meetings.

Ticket prices and dates are:

Remember, if you buy your tickets directly from us, you save on the on-line booking fee (which are per ticket not per transaction !!!) and postage .... more money in your pocket = more beer money .... what more of an incentive could you possibly want !!!

See the Yorkshire MAG Events site for more details of these 3 fantastic rallies: www.mapevents.co.uk

The first of these mighty fine rallies (ITV) is this month !!!! (28-30 April at Driffield Showground). As if the weekend wasn't already set to be the best ever Into The Valley, Rick Hulse of The NABD, brings you, on the main stage on Saturday afternoon, a Smacked Arse Comedy Show to beat all comedy shows. This show in itself would cost you at least £20 of your £30 weekend ticket!!!

So what are you waiting for, get yersen to Into The Valley 2023, bring the partner, bring the dog. None of them should miss out!!!

As a reminder, your £30 gets you:

What is there not to like, it's got the makings of a GREAT WEEKEND. This is a limited capacity venue, and we have already sold over 75% of the available tickets so when they are gone they are gone. Buy your tickets at any Tuesday Wakefield MAG meeting.


5) Fight Motorcycle Theft 2023

Motorcycle theft is a big issue in our region. Several Yorkshire MAG members have had their bikes stolen recently. This is often perpetrated by armed gangs with links to organised crime. The stolen bikes are either used to commit other crimes or moved out of the area and likely stripped for parts. The thieves are quite blatant and have been seen using angle grinders in broad daylight to cut through chains and locks. They often carry knives and/or other weapons to deter anyone who challenges them.

Fight Motorcycle Theft 2023

MAG is well aware of the ongoing issues and is organsing a number of Fight Motorcycle Theft roadshows throughout 2023. One has already been held in Kent, the next is on Saturday 15th April in Birmingham, with Leeds, Hull, Nottingham, Manchester, London, Cardiff and Edinburgh to follow.

The Leeds event is provisionally booked for Saturday 13th May (TBC) at the John Charles Centre, Middleton Grove, Belle Isle, Leeds, LS11 5DJ.

At these events you will have the chance to question our speakers and put forward your ideas to fight bike theft. Police and Crime Commissioners, Senior Police Officers, MAG's own Colin Brown plus other speakers will be at each event.

Watch this space for more details of the forthcoming Leeds event !!!

6) Wakefield MAG May Day Bike Show

Wakefield MAG May Day Bike Show
Wakefield May Day Gala

Our popular bike show, hosted at the Wakefield Gala at Clarence Park Arena, on May Day Bank Holiday Monday (1st May), is rapidly approaching. Fettle up your pride and joy and enter it into the show .... for FREE. All types of Bike, Scooter, Moped, Combination and Trike are welcomed and there are six winning categories plus an overall Best in Show up for grabs. We will also be hosting the Wakefield MAG stand and running a tombola (with some great prizes to win). Lots of other attractions at the gala (including a motorcycle stunt show) to entertain you whilst you wait to see if your bike has won, and it's a great family day out.

Location: Clarence Park, Wakefield. Show to be judged at 14:30, Entry into show from 09:30 onwards (Gala officially opens at 10:00).

Hope to see you there. Did we mention it was FREE !!!

7) Easter Egg Collection (in aid of Wakefield based Charity Kidzaware)

Just a reminder that the deadline for donation of Easter Eggs for the Kidzaware charity is our Tuesday meeting on 4th April.

Easter Egg Collection (in aid of Wakefield based Charity Kidzaware)

8) Wakefield MAG 21st Birthday Bash

Wakefield MAG 21st Birthday Bash

2023 is quite significant for Wakefield MAG for we are 21 years old !!!; Significant also for MAG nationally as MAG is 50 years old this year !!!

To help celebrate this monumental anniversary, we are hosting a Saturday Bike Day on 24 June 11:00 - 17:00) at the Thatched House, with a bike display / show in the car park, Steve the Landlord will be laying on a BBQ, we'll have our Wakefield MAG stand and the legendary Huddersfield MAG Top Box Sale (on tour) will be joining us so lots of opportunities to bag some bargain bike gear. We'll also have a tombola and prize raffle. We are also hoping to feature live music but if we fail in that endevour, we'll have recorded music playing.

Hopefully you'll be able to join us in June, to help celebrate MAG's 50th and Wakefield MAG's 21st birthdays.

9) Marshals Registration Open ITV 2023

The Registration Application Forms for Into The Valley 2023 are now available to fill in from the MAG Marshals website: www.magmarshals.co.uk. The website has been updated to make it easier to register from any device, whether that is a computer/laptop or mobile device.

The forms are available from Saturday 4th March until Friday 14th April and the marshal rota will be compiled that weekend. Marshals will then be emailed your shifts in the week beginning Monday 18th April.

Anyone expressing an interest in being on the build-up crew will be passed on to Pete Walker, who will have the final say on who will be on the list. The successful people will be notified separately by email.

If anyone needs a car pass could you please email Pete at pwalker@mapevents.co.uk. He will keep all your requests in a folder and will email the passes out the week before the event.

If you fill in more than one form in your household, then it may be beneficial to clear your browsing data and cookies before attempting each form as the form may hold the information from the previous attempt if you do not do this.

If you do have any problems, please email the Marshal Co-Ordinators at marshals@mapevents.co.uk who will help you.

Thank you for volunteering your time to marshal at our events, as without you all the events simply would not happen.

The Thank You Package for MAG marshals at ITV is:

Also, all marshals have the use of showers and a secure marshals camping area.

10) Rideouts

Wakefield MAG Rideouts are very popular

Now we are in Spring thoughts turn to organised rideouts. Wakefield MAG don't have an elected rideout coordinator(s) for 2023 as no one stood for the position at the 2023 AGM in January. We will be organsing a few rideouts during the year but these won't be a regularly as monthly (or more frequent) as in previous years.

However, we are encouraging our members to join Wakefield Motorcycles (a local Facebook Group of biker friends), who have a schedule of monthly (or more frequent) rideouts planned. The key dates are on our events page but be sure to check Wakefield Motorcycles Facebook Group for the latest details and updates: www.facebook.com/groups/317356459505503

11) Forthcoming Events (for April and beyond)

Tuesday 4th April - Last donation day for the Easter Egg Collection (in aid of Wakefield based Charity Kidzaware)

See Above

Tuesday 25th April - Wakefield MAG April Social - Event TBC

Friday 28th - Sunday 30th April - Into the Valley (ITV) Rally

See Above. www.mapevents.co.uk

Sunday 30th April - Wakefield Classic & American Car & Bike Show

Held in Wakefield City Centre, 10:30 onwards

Monday 1st May - Wakefield MAG May Day Bike Show

See Above

Tuesday 30th May - Wakefield MAG May Social - Event TBC

Friday 16th - Sunday 18th June - Farmyard Party (FYP) Rally

See Above. www.mapevents.co.uk

Saturday 24th June - Wakefield MAG 21st Birthday Bash

See Above

Tuesday 27th June - Wakefield MAG June Social - Bingo Night

Friday 4th - Sunday 6th August - Yorkshire Pudding Rally (YPR)

See Above. www.mapevents.co.uk

See the events page for further details and more !!!

That's all for this month, hope to see you all soon.

Ride Safe .. Ride Free
Steve Travis
Wakefield MAG
0772 078 4734

Wakefield MAG meet at the Thatched House, Stanley, Wakefield at 8:00pm every Tuesday. New (and Old) faces are always welcome.