Carry Nowt Camping

Enterprising Wakefield MAG Members Jake Halsall and JP Roberts, together with ex Halifax MAG Rep Nigel Fairbank, have formed Carry Nowt Camping. The idea is great, you can go along to a rally with an unladen bike, and be shown to your tent, which is already erected in the spot that you chose. All the tents are spacious and sleep four.

At the end of another great rally, you just get on your bike and go, no dismantling tents in the wind and rain, because, as you've hired it, you can leave it to someone else to take it down. Kips mats are included in the tent hire, so all you need is your sleeping bag, a few clothes and lots of beer money for a cracking weekend. And as you have no tent to transport home, there will be room on your bike to carry home all the stuff you bought from the stalls.

Carry Nowt will be at all the Yorkshire MAG rallies (and beyond), so if you want to book them, visit their website and/or phone 0776 027 9905