Wakefield MAG December 2018 Newsletter

Merry Christmas from Wakefield MAG

Dear Wakefield MAG Member,

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Welcome to the Wakefield MAG e-newsletter. If you can't attend our Wednesday meetings regularly, it's the next best thing to keep you up to date with what we are up to.


1) Quiz Nite Report
2) Remembrance Sunday Report
3) Christmas Present Ideas
4) Wakefield MAG Christmas Do Report
5) Post Christmas Auction
6) Wakefield MAG Annual General Meeting
7) MAG meets Mayor Khan
8) Christmas Meetings
9) DVLA Bike Test Changes
10) Forthcoming Events (for December and beyond)
11) Kidzaware Christmas Toy Collection
12) Pothole Campaign

1) Quiz Nite Report

Check out the event report Here

2) Remembrance Sunday Report

Check out the event report Here

3) Christmas Present Ideas

Stuck for a Christmas present idea for the biker in your life this year? Be stuck no more, as we have two great suggestions:

MAG Membership

A MAG Membership makes an ideal Christmas present ... and as it will last for at least a whole year, it's the present that just keeps on giving !!!!

You can join MAG at any of our weekly meetings, by phone (0800 988 3193 during office hours), on the Internet (www.mag-uk.org/en/membership/), or by post (MAG UK, Unit C13, Holly Farm Business Park, Honiley, CV8 1NP).

Membership fees are £27 (Individual) or £40.50 (Joint). Family Membership is £5.00 per child on either a single or joint adult membership. New members between the ages of 16 and 25 years old receive a £5 discount on first year of MAG membership. If you are feeling particularly generous with your Christmas gift this year, Life Memberships of MAG are available for £425 for an individual or £594 for a Joint.

Yorkshire MAG Rally Tickets

MAP Rallies 2019

Tickets for the Yorkshire MAG 2019 Rallies are for sale online NOW, and what fantastic Christmas pressies they would make !!!

Here are all the 2019 dates for your diary:

Car passes will be available from early 2019. All tickets booked will be sent out mid to late Feb 2019.

To book visit www.mapevents.co.uk

4) Wakefield MAG Christmas Do Report

Check out the event report Here

5) Post Christmas Auction

2019 Auction

Our 15th Post Christmas Auction will be held a little later into the new year than previous years, on Wednesday 3rd April 2019. This is because for the past few years we have been hit by snow, and either forced to reschedule at the last minute (as happened this year), or, suffer with reduced numbers as people don't really want to leave their houses when you can't see where the road ends and the pavements start. We would still like you to donate all your unwanted Christmas presents, together with other stuff you no longer want, or have the room for, to the Branch so we auction them off to the highest bidder .... we just ask that you can hold onto them for a little bit longer until the weather gets a bit more predictable.

6) Wakefield MAG Annual General Meeting

The Wakefield & District Motorcycle Action Group Branch AGM will be held in the Grey Horse, on Wednesday 16th January 2019, starting at 8:00pm (prompt). All members are invited to attend this special meeting, so please try to attend if you can. At this meeting there will be a review of the year, elections for the branch committee and the prize giving for our branch heroes. As this meeting is effectively a MAG political meeting, it carries with it a whopping 75 branch points for everyone who attends (a normal branch meeting only carries 5 points). As all the points are tallied at year end and go towards the branch heroes presentation, points really do mean prizes !!!! What better boost to your branch heroes tally for the new year !!!

In order to save costs (given the huge hike in postal charges), the Annual Wakefield MAG mailshot will be emailed to all eligible Members, i.e. current or recently expired MAG members with a WF postcode, to formally place notice for the meeting. Those members for whom we don't have valid email addresses, will be posted the letter. The meeting is also advertised in the events section on the main MAG website (http://www.mag-uk.org), on our own website, and in the latest edition of The Road magazine. If anyone has a preference for a mailed copy of the AGM mailshot, instead of an email, please let me know.

Last years AGM minutes are available Here.

N.B. Motions for the AGM should be submitted the week before the AGM (Wednesday 9th January 2019).

7) MAG meets Mayor Khan

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) has held a long-awaited meeting with Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. The result of the exchange gives room for optimism amongst the motorcycling community.

"It's been a long time coming, but it was worth the wait," said MAG's London Regional Rep, Tim Fawthrop, following MAG's visit to Mayor Khan at the Greater London Authority's headquarters in City Hall, on 27th November 2018. The meeting was the result of months of lobbying, and the hugely helpful intervention of Greater London Authority Assembly Member Keith Prince AM, who secured and attended the meeting. Lembit Öpik and Colin Brown from MAG's Political Unit were also present.

"We covered two items," continues Tim. "One was bus lanes and the other was the threat to charge bikers in the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ Charge) if their motorbikes are beyond a certain age. MAG argues that this is unfair because bikes reduce congestion and pollution and make no measurable contribution to London's emissions. I suggested that we should find a way to exempt those bikes that can be shown to have very low emissions, and the Mayor agreed to allow us to explore this further with his staff, which is a good outcome."

The discussion on bus lanes was even more encouraging. Mr Prince, who organised the meeting, said: "Mr Khan agreed that motorcycles should be allowed into bus lanes. He assured us that all the so-called Red Routes in London, which are directly under TfL's control, would remain open to bikes. He also said he'll work with MAG to encourage the London Boroughs to open their routes up too. I'm glad to see the Mayor honour the promise he made on this matter."

Next, MAG will meet the relevant officers to explore the best way to progress both matters. Lembit adds "It's a credit to the Mayor that the meeting was not just a box-ticking exercise, but a real chance to talk about our ideas and suggestions. It leaves me optimistic about Mr Khan's attitude towards biking now, and I'm happy to say so."

8) Christmas Meetings

Please note there will be no branch meetings over the Christmas and New Year period i.e. Wednesday 26th December and Wednesday 2nd January. Meetings as normal this year up to and including Wednesday 19th December (which is the date of our December Social Night). Meetings in the new year will commence on Wednesday 9th January 2019, then every Wednesday thereafter, as normal.

9) DVLA Bike Test Changes

The DVLA are changing the rules (AGAIN) around which bikes you can ride when taking your full, 'A' licence, motorcycle test. Current legislation allows the full UK 'A' licence to be taken on any motorcycle that has a capacity of at least 595cc and a total power output of at least 40kW (54bhp). However, as of the 1st January 2019, new rules mean the bike used for the same test must have a kerb weight of at least 180kg and a 50kW (67bhp) total power output. After this date any motorcycles that don't fall in line with the new regulations will not be accepted for the test.

Some previously eligible 'A' licence motorcycle test bikes that don't meet the new requirements include:

We feel this is an utterly pointless change to the rules - it's already a stringent and robust testing regime, and there are only two possible outcomes to this:

Instead of constantly changing the rules for bike tests, why not MAKE IT HARDER to pass the car test by instilling some proper awareness of vulnerable road users, then there might not be so many SMIDSY's ('Sorry Mate, I Didn't See You' accidents).

Please petition the DVLA and the Transport Minister (Current role holder: The Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP) and let them know your thoughts on this one, and let us know what response you get back.

10) Forthcoming Events (for December and beyond)

Wednesday 5th December - Deadline for Kidzaware Christmas Present collection

See Below.

Wednesday 12th December - Leeds MAG Christmas Toy Run to Lineham Farm, Eccup, Leeds

Assemble at the Cardigan Fields Leisure Complex Car Park from 6pm, Leaving Cardigan Fields, LS4 2GD at 6.30 prompt, arriving at Lineham Farm Childrens Centre LS16 8AZ at 7pm. The Children will be ages 8-11 and bring presents wrapped and marked for girl or boy. To make it fair, please spend approx £6 on each gift - bring as many as you like! If you attend, you'll still be back in time for the Wakefield MAG meeting !!!

Wednesday 19th December - Wakefield MAG Social Night - Event: Justine's Festive Film Quiz

20:30 in the Grey Horse, Kirkgate, Wakefield

Wednesday 16th January 2019 - Wakefield MAG AGM

See Above.

The 17th Wakefield & District Motorcycle Action Group Branch AGM will be held on Wednesday 16th January 2019. All members are invited to attend this special meeting, so please try to attend if you can. At this meeting there will be a Review of our achievements in 2018, Officers Reports, Election of Branch Officers for 2019, Plans for 2019 & a Presentation to our Branch Heroes of 2018. Current MAG Membership Card required to vote. 19:30 for a prompt 20:00 start in the Grey Horse, Kirkgate, Wakefield, WF1 4EJ.

Tuesday 22nd January - Leeds MAG Owl with Laughter Comedy Fundraiser

Leeds MAG's comedy night is back - at a new venue (The Royal Hotel, 30 Station Street, Pudsey, LS28 8PR) and with a brand new name and chosen charity! They'll be splitting all the proceeds between MAG and Leeds Mind - an independent Mental Health Charity - see more at: www.leedsmind.org.uk

The Divine Patrick Devine will be MC and he's going to be introducing four fantastic acts:

There will also be the customary curry and cake (of course)! Tickets are £10 and are now on sale (from Leeds MAG meetings / members, the website (leeds.mag-uk.org/) and the venue). Numbers are limited so get your tickets early to avoid disappointment.

February 2019 (Exact Date TBC) - Leeds MAG Fred Hill Run

Meeting from 10am at Squires Cafe LS25 5LX to leave at 11am. For those wishing to travel in from Wakefield, you can meet at Redbeck Cafe on Doncaster Road, where we will be leaving at 10:00am, for the ride over to Squires to join up with the rest of the run participants. The run will take us through the fabulous North Yorkshire countryside ending at The Sun Inn, Brame Lane, Norwood HG3 1SZ. www.thesun-inn.com.

Please note these runs are very subject to the weather, and may be cancelled at short notice (for very sensible safety reasons). It is advised to check the Leeds MAG Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/groups/306110975566 and/or web site: leeds.mag-uk.org/ before setting off.

If you don't know who Fred Hill was, or why MAG holds him in such high esteem, check out his obituary Here. Although Fred's protest was against the mandatory helmet law, introduced in 1973, it must be remembered that the helmet law in itself is NOT the issue. The issue was, and still is, the individuals right to freedom of choice. MAG's central ethos of Let the Rider Decide is as relevant now as it ever was.

Saturday 23rd March - An Evening with Ed March

Leeds MAG is proud to present their 5th annual talk, An Evening with Ed March. 'Riding around the world with no plans, no idea what he's doing ..... and no-one telling him what a stupid idea it is.' Want to know about Ed March? Watch this short YouTube video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6f5yA2N_-8

20:00 at Squires Cafe Bar, Newthorpe Lane, LS25 5LX. Tickets £10 plus postage (also includes free camping) from leeds.mag-uk.org/

Wednesday 3rd April - Wakefield MAG 15th Post Christmas Auction

See Above.

Friday 3rd May - Sunday 5th May - Into the Valley (ITV) Rally


Bank Holiday Monday (May Day) 6th May - Wakefield MAG Bike show at the Wakefield Gala

10:00 onwards at Clarence Park Arena, Wakefield

Friday 21st June - Sunday 23rd June - Farmyard Party (FYP) Rally


Friday 2nd August - Sunday 4th August - Yorkshire Pudding Rally (YPR)


See the events page for further details and more !!!

11) Kidzaware Christmas Toy Collection

Christmas Toy Collection

Just a reminder that the deadline for donating toys / presents (unwrapped at this stage) to our 2018 Kidzaware Christmas Toy Collection, is Wednesday 5th December. We are collecting toys and presents (age range: A few months to early twenties) which we will deliver to this very worthwhile local charity in early December. The charity will then wrap these and Santa will present them to local disabled children (and young adults) at their forthcoming Christmas party.

Thank you in advance for supporting this most worthwhile Wakefield based charity.

12) Pothole Campaign

We launched our pothole campaign last month following the recent budget announcements (of 29th October), that a 420 million pound fund to fix potholes was being made available. Potholes in our road network are a severe problem, and particularly impact powered two wheelers as vulnerable road users. As we are now entering the winter season, freezing temperatures, snow and ice will accelerate the break-up of road surfaces, creating potholes. Hitting a pothole in a car can often result in costly damage to the vehicle (buckled wheels, tyres destroyed, broken suspension, underbody damage). Hit the same pothole on a bike, and if you are very lucky, you'll get away with damage to your pride and joy, if you are not so lucky, you may end up with an unintended visit to Accident and Emergency at the local hospital (or worse). Potholes are a potential killer on a bike, so this extra funding is welcomed.

So, if you spot a pothole on your travels, do make the effort to report it so it can be filled in, it may just save someone's life. Report potholes at these links:

Wakefield District: www.wakefield.gov.uk/roads-and-transport/highway-maintenance/potholes-and-damaged-pavements

Out and about and not sure who has responsibility for the road (other Councils or Motorways and Trunk roads managed by Highways England): www.gov.uk/report-pothole

That's all for this month, have a great Christmas, hope Santa brings you lots of biking goodies, and I hope to see you all soon.

Ride Safe .. Ride Free
Steve Travis
Wakefield MAG
0772 078 4734

Wakefield MAG meet at the Grey Horse, Kirkgate, Wakefield at 8:30pm every Wednesday. New (and Old) faces are always welcome.