HMP and YOI New Hall Disability Awareness week 24th - 28th April 2006

Monday 24th. A Joint effort between members of the National Association for Bikers with a Disabilty (NABD) & Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), spent a day within New Hall Womens Prison near Wakefield . We were invited by the Governor Ms Sara Snell to help promote their Disability event.

We met some of the 400 prisoners in groups of around 50 where we had one on one informal talks, prisoners also had the opportunity to try some of the 8 Motorcycles & Trike’s for size, not running I hasten to add.

NABD & MAG at the HMP and YOI New Hall Disability Awareness week in April 2006

I am sure the day was a learning curve for our Biker friendly inmate’s as well as ourselves.

Being Disabled, we took the opportunity to let both Staff and Prisoners know how NABD worked as a charity and how the organisation helped us modify & adjust machines according to our disabilities and of course let us fulfil our lives on the open road including helping with the healing process .

Mr Pete Chisholm, Resettlement Manager, was our Guide & Camera Man. He Explained the down side of the being a prisoner and how the prison does its best to rehabilitate each prisoner with a view to lead law abiding lives on release. Many of the women we spoke to were there as a result of being somehow involved with the illegal drugs culture and the treatment and help that was required to aid recovery.

As the day progressed my Biker colleague’s and I were making topical conversations, either about what the future held for each Prisoner and the work & pastimes they took part in.

Our day ended with Happy smiles all round, our job was done, we had promoted what NABD was about and demonstrated to the prisoners that there are people worse off than themselves.

Well done all, our Thanks to the Governor Ms Sara Snell, it was our pleasure.

Eddie J

Wakefield MAG Deputy Rep & Yorkshire Media Officer