Branch Rideout Guidelines

Marshalling System

Whenever Five or more machines are involved in an organised Wakefield MAG rideout, the Second Man marshalling system will be used. This is one of the most common, simplest and safest of motorcycle rideout marshalling systems and is used and endorsed by the Institute of Advance Motorcyclists (IAM). If all participants understand and follow this simple system, everyone can ride at their own pace, the group can stretch out for miles and no one will get lost. Marshalling of our rideouts is carried out with the sole intention of maintaining individual safety and group integrity.

Front Marker

The front marker will lead the rideout and hold their position at all times. The front marker is easily identified as they will wear a marshals Hi-Viz fluorescent bib. The front marker (rideout leader) will be a confident rider that knows the route, and are aware of any planned stops and rendezvous en-route.

Back Marker

The back marker will hold their position at all times and always be the last bike in the rideout formation. The Back marker will wear a Hi-Viz marshals fluorescent bib. The back marker will also know the route, and be aware of any planned stops and rendezvous en-route.

Second Man Marker

The rider immediately behind the front marker is the designated Second Man. It is this riders responsibility to mark the direction of travel when the route deviates from a straight ahead direction i.e. at any junction or roundabout when the route is a right or left turn. The Second Man rider takes up a safe yet visible position just past the turn off, to show everyone else which direction to go.

The rider who now finds themselves behind the Front Marker is now the Second Man, and follows this same procedure at the next junction where the route is not straight ahead.

The second man route markers should stay in position until the back marker passes them, and they can then rejoin the group (The back marker will slow down and let the second man junction marker overtake to rejoin the group).

2nd Man system

Road Positioning

Ride in a standard staggered formation. You should be 1 to 1.5 seconds behind the staggered bike, which would put you 2 to 3 seconds behind the bike directly in front of you.

Staggered Formation

Spread out a little around tight corners as most will need a little extra space.

All Rideout participants


DISCLAIMER: All participants in Wakefield MAG rideouts must remember that they are expected to be in total charge of their road legal motorcycles at all times, to ride within the law and within their own riding abilities. We also wish to make you aware that when participating in any branch rideouts or other branch activities that you do so at your own risk. 
Wakefield MAG (and MAG-UK) cannot accept responsibility for any actions you may take, or any accidents that you may be involved in.

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