Wakefield MAG August-September 2022 Newsletter

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Dear Wakefield MAG Member,

Welcome to the Wakefield MAG Newsletter. If you can't attend our Tuesday meetings regularly, it's the next best thing to keep you up to date with what we are up to.


1) YPR Report
2) Yorkshire Region AGM
3) Evening Rideout to Sheffield Speedway Report
4) MAG asks Essex Police to promote Filter Friendly campaign
5) Motorcycle Research - help needed
6) MAG fires first shots on motorcycle ICE Ban consultation
7) MAG slams 'Inadequate and insulting' sentencing of drunk driver
8) August Rideout
9) WhatsApp Rideout Group
10) MAG Annual Group Conference
11) Wakefield Hospice Event Marshaling
12) Forthcoming Events (for August-September and beyond)

1) YPR Report

Check out the event report Here

2) Yorkshire Region AGM

The Yorkshire MAG Region AGM, was held on Wednesday 10th August at Squires Cafe, near Sherburn in Elmet. The AGM was very well attended by Yorkshire MAG members, including an impressive 6 members from Wakefield (75 Branch Points awarded).

The following Wakefield Branch report, was presented to the Yorkshire AGM:

Wakefield MAG Reps Report to Yorkshire Region AGM - August 2021 - August 2022

Held a number of events and activities:

Politically, members have been kept up to date via the newsletters and encouraged to complete consultations, surveys, lobby MP's etc.

We have recently made a donation of £2,500 to the Yorkshire Region.

Meetings are now back to around 10-15 attendees each week, which is good as immediately post covid lockdown we were only getting half a dozen at each meeting.

We have some cracking events to look forward to (all invited):

Steve Travis
Branch Rep

After all the Region Officers and Branch reports were presented, the elections for the Region Committee were held.

The Yorkshire Region Committee for 2022-23 is:
Region ContactSteve Travis - Wakefield MAG (Elected)
Region Vice ContactMartin Burgess - Wakefield MAG (Elected)
Political RepTom Lonsdale - Huddersfield MAG (Re-Elected)
SecretaryMarcus Holden (Elected)
Social Media / WebsiteMarcus Holden - Leeds MAG (Re-Elected)
TreasurerGary Timms - South Yorkshire MAG (Re-Elected)
Press / MediaJohn Nettleship - Leeds MAG (Re-Elected)

A huge thanks to Richard Manny Manton, who has been the Yorkshire Regional Rep for many years, and will be a very tough act to follow. Manny won the Tony Berry Memorial Trophy, which is a Yorkshire Region award for outstanding services to the region - well done and much deserved !!!

A huge thank you to all the Yorkshire MAG members who attended the AGM, and there were a lot of you as the room was packed :-)

3) Evening Rideout to Sheffield Speedway Report

Check out the event report Here

4) MAG asks Essex Police to promote Filter Friendly campaign

Essex Police Bad Advice

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) has asked Essex Police to amend their advice (see above) to motorcyclists not to filter through traffic, branding it dangerous and counterproductive to road safety.

MAG's activist network picked up the offending post on the Essex police Facebook page where it was drawing a large volume of complaints from bikers. Within a matter of hours, MAG asked Essex Police to amend their advice with MAG National Chairman, Neil Liversidge, writing directly to Essex Chief Constable Ben-Julian Harrington QPM.

Neil stated: "Nobody doubts for a second the genuineness of Essex Police's intentions, but this is bad advice and needs changing immediately. There is a certain type of car driver - and all of us who ride motorcycles have encountered them - that hate motorcyclists and are envious of our ability to make progress through traffic jams while they sit and stew. These are the people who see us coming in their mirrors and reposition their cars to block us. For the police to say, "it's dangerous, don't do it," runs the risk that the 'haters' will feel justified in their behaviour and after they have knocked us off, will point to the police advice and say, "It's your fault - the police have warned you."

The advice also risks poisoning the minds of magistrates, Judges, and potential jurors who might, in the future, sit on cases where a car driver has knocked off a filtering biker. It may even lead to bias amongst police officers themselves, and CPS prosecutors.

MAG's 'Filter Friendly' campaign https://www.mag-uk.org/filter-friendly/ has been developed in conjunction with officers in Northamptonshire Police who assisted us in making the video and support the campaign. We have been particularly grateful for the support of Nick Adderley, Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police, and NPCC lead for motorcycling, for his enthusiasm and assistance. Hopefully, Essex can talk to Northants."

A copy of the full letter can be found at Here.

Footnote: Since MAG contacted Essex Police, they have now deleted their flawed advice.

5) Motorcycle Research - help needed

New Research into Motorcycle Usage in the UK

Have you ever commuted by motorcycle or scooter? Have you ever thought about commuting by motorcycle or scooter? Is it something you do every day, or a few days a month? Or are you thinking no way, I'm not doing that! What stops you, what spurs you on? What are the pros and cons, the barriers that prevent more people from doing it?

This is the subject of MAG's latest research. There is lots of evidence to suggest that there are many benefits to a wider use of motorcycles and other forms of powered two-wheeler for commuting to work. From environmental benefits, to reduced road congestion, to improved mental health. So why don't more people do it? What could be done to promote this now minority mode of transport and make it an accepted everyday way of travelling here in the UK?

Maybe you already know the answer? Or maybe like me you need to know the details, the facts and figures, the motivations. Either way your views and opinions are valuable so please take part today by completing a short online questionnaire that can be found at the following link:


It's anonymous, totally confidential and you'd be helping to support research into motorcycling and the future of two-wheeled transport. The more people take part, the more valid this piece of research work will be. You don't need to be commuting by motorcycle to take part. If you have a motorcycle licence, even if you don't currently have a motorbike, your opinions are still valuable. It shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to complete, so please take part before the deadline of August the 19th.

Thank you for your support in helping with this important research.

6) MAG fires first shots on motorcycle ICE Ban consultation

The Department for Transport (DfT) launched its delayed consultation on the phaseout of non-zero emission motorcycles on 14th July. The consultation, entitled 'L-category vehicles: ending sales of new non-zero emission models', proposes the end of sales of all new internal combustion engine motorcycles by 2035, with sales of smaller petrol motorcycles up to 125cc to be banned by 2030.

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) has fired its first shots in response to the motorcycle ICE ban consultation. MAG is demanding dialogue far beyond the scope of the consultation. An initial meeting established fact about potential outcomes to the consultation. MAG sees no potential for a good outcome within the scope of the consultation process.

Following the publication of the much-delayed consultation on 14th July, MAG arranged an initial meeting with Department for Transport (DfT) officials. The meeting took place on 21st July.

Firstly, officials confirmed that the consultation will not consider questions of 'if', only of 'when'. 'When' is proposed to be 2030 or sooner for 125cc and smaller bikes. For larger capacity bikes the proposal remains as no later than 2035. Arguments for dates beyond 2035 are highly unlikely to win favour. The officials said a date beyond 2040 is entirely off the table.

Secondly, with respect to claimed technology neutrality, only battery electric, fuel cells or hydrogen are viewed as options. Hydrogen burnt in Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) is considered to be highly unlikely.

Finally, carbon neutral liquid fuels for ICE is considered to be nothing more than a short-term transition fuel for existing ICE. The DfT rules out synthetic or bio fuels as a solution for the continued sale of new ICE.

MAG's Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown, commented: "None of this came as a surprise to me. I made MAG's opposition to the proposed policy clear. MAG is representing the views of its members and, we believe, the vast majority of bikers. We will engage fully in the consultation process, but there is no path to a good outcome. The discussion needs to go far beyond the limited scope of the consultation. We have formally submitted a request for an urgent meeting with the Minister with responsibility for the decarbonisation of transport, Trudy Harrison MP. If necessary we will continue escalating this all the way up to the new Prime Minister. First shots have been fired and MAG is mobilising for a period of intense campaigning."

MAG is seeking a far wider discussion on decarbonisation and the future of transport as a whole. MAG Chair, Neil Liversidge, will lead the Ministerial meetings, backed by both Colin Brown and Lembit Opik (MAG's Director of Communications & Public Affairs). In the meeting request sent to Trudy Harrison MP, Neil wrote: "I must state that The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) is following the wishes of its members and the wider motorcycling community in opposing this policy. I appreciate that this may place us at polar opposite positions, but I feel it is essential that our position is clearly explained and considered in a wider context than the current consultation scope allows. The measures as proposed will curtail individual freedom, damage the UK economy, worsen energy security, and reduce living standards for tens of millions of people, without helping the environment at all. Our solution will enhance everyone's quality of life and be better for the environment, the economy, and our security as a nation."

A second meeting of the UK Motorcycle Forum (UKM) has been scheduled for 11th August. The MCIA has been quick to express disappointment about the inclusion of 125cc bikes in the 2030 slot. MAG is far beyond expressing disappointment, and will fight on.

The consultation can be found at www.gov.uk/government/consultations/l-category-vehicles-ending-sales-of-new-non-zero-emission-models

7) MAG slams 'Inadequate and insulting' sentencing of drunk driver

MAG calls for sentencing rules review after appalling bike smash. MAG's Chairman slams 'Inadequate and insulting' sentencing of drunk driver who almost killed a biker.

Chair of the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), Neil Liversidge, has expressed his frustration over the Attorney General's inability to review the sentence passed by Judge David Melville QC on drunk driver Stephen Jones at Portsmouth Crown Court.

Jones caused an accident that nearly killed a motorcyclist in April 2022, but escaped a prison sentence, despite a video showing him driving on the wrong side of the road and narrowly missing a number of other vehicles before colliding head-on with his victim, motorcyclist Scott Lemon.

The Police reported that Jones - who was nearly four times the legal limit - was 'so drunk he couldn't stand'. However, Judge David Melville QC refused to send Jones to prison, instead imposing a one-year prison sentence, suspended for two years. Jones was also ordered to carry out 250 hours of unpaid work and was disqualified from driving for two years. Mr Liversidge said: "A suspended sentence is inadequate and insulting. It was pure luck that Mr Lemon was not killed."

See the video: Here

Mr Liversidge also noted: "There's a general perception in the motorcycling community that the courts are harsh on motorcyclists when they are the perpetrators of vehicle crime, but lenient on the likes of Jones who perpetrate crimes against motorcyclists. That's why I called for a specific look at this case, and a general review of sentencing to ascertain whether that perception is borne out in reality."

The Attorney General and Solicitor General do have the power to ask the Court of Appeal to review certain sentences which appear to them to be unduly lenient, but only sentences imposed for a limited number of offences. The offences for which Stephen Jones was sentenced are not offences to which the scheme applies. However, a wider review is being undertaken, led by the Sentencing Council, regarding 12 guidelines for motoring offences - and MAG fully intends to make its views known. "We don't want special favours," Neil said, "We just don't want to be treated as second class citizens."

To comment on the consultation, go to: www.sentencingcouncil.org.uk/publications/item/motoring-offences-consultation/

8) August Rideout

The August rideout is being held on Saturday 20th August and the destination is Team Roberts at Doncaster who are hosting a day for the Hinckley Triumph Owners Club. On the day, there is a bike show to give you a chance to enter your pride and joy for all to see, a raffle with some fantastic prizes available as well as food and drinks available throughout the day to keep you refreshed. You don't have to have a Triumph to attend as the event is open to all.

Meet 8:30 (leaving at 09:00) at Redbeck Cafe, 339 Doncaster Road, Crofton, Wakefield, WF4 1RT on Saturday 20th August.

If any learners are planning to join the ride (and you are most welcome), simply let us know beforehand on our Facebook Group (www.facebook.com/groups/wakefieldmag), then we can plan accordingly.

We recommend that before you set off, check our Facebook Group as in the event of forecast prolonged and heavy rain, we may cancel the rideout and this will be advised on the Facebook page (but hopefully it will be cracking the flags !!!)

All welcome and hope to see you there.

9) WhatsApp Rideout Group

We have just relaunched our Rideout Group on WhatsApp. The idea is that the group will be used to convey any last minute information on planned rideouts e.g cancellations, change of plan etc, and to plan forthcoming rideouts. Although we do put rideout information on the website and Facebook, not everyone uses Facebook and sometimes it's not possible to make immediate changes on the website, hence the WhatsApp 'Wakey MAG rideout group'.

To join the Wakey MAG rideout group, send an email with your mobile number to wakefield-rep@mag-uk.org and we'll add you to the group. Alternatively, ask to be added at any of our weekly meetings.

10) MAG Annual Group Conference

MAG's Annual General Conference is being held on Saturday 24th September at the Edward VII Working Men's Club, 65 Leeds Road, Allerton Bywater, Castleford, West Yorkshire, WF10 2HE.

Registration from 12:00 and the conference will start promptly at 13:00.

The following National Officer roles are up for election:

The MAG AGC is restricted to MAG members only (and eligible Affiliate Members), so remember to bring your current MAG membership card. 75 Branch Points awarded to any Wakefield MAG member who attends.

Please be aware that there is no post-AGC party this year.

11) Wakefield Hospice Event Marshaling

In addition to marshaling the Wakefield Hospice 10K race, which we have done for more years than we can remember, the fundraising event organisers at the Hospice have asked for our assistance for their forthcoming Dark Peak Sportive cycle event on Sunday 18th September.

The Dark Peak Sportive cycle event will be (hopefully) starting and finishing at Nuffield in Wakefield. The event has 3 different routes - 40km, 78km and 177km and we have been asked to provide some motorbike support/marshals along the route (similar to what we do with the 10k race).

We'll publish further details when we get them from the hospice, but for the time being, make a note of the date and really hope you can help marshal the event on the day.

12) Forthcoming Events (for August-September and beyond)

Saturday 20th August - Rideout to Team Roberts bike event

See Above.

Tuesday 30th August - Wakefield MAG Social Night

Event: TBC. 20:00 in the Thatched House, Stanley, Wakefield.

Sunday 18th September - Wakefield Hospice Event Marshaling

See Above.

Saturday 24th September - MAG Annual Group Conference

See Above. Venue: Edward VII Working Men's Club, 65 Leeds Road, Allerton Bywater, Castleford, WF10 2HE.

Tuesday 27th September - Wakefield MAG Social Night - Event: TBC

20:00 in the Thatched House.

Tuesday 25th October - Bingo Night

20:00 in the Thatched House, Stanley, Wakefield.

Sunday 13th November - Wakefield MAG at the City of Wakefield Memorial Sunday Parade & Service

Rideout to Royal British Legion Riders Branch event at Mirfield, following our attendance at the Wakefield Remembrance Service. Meet 10:50, Wood Street War Memorial, Wakefield

Tuesday 29th November - Wakefield MAG 18th Annual Bikers Quiz Nite

20:00 in the Thatched House, Stanley, Wakefield. £1 p.p (to cover cost of prizes)

See the events page for further details and more !!!

That's all for this month, hope to see you all soon.

Ride Safe .. Ride Free
Steve Travis
Wakefield MAG
0772 078 4734

Wakefield MAG meet at the Thatched House, Stanley, Wakefield at 8:00pm every Tuesday. New (and Old) faces are always welcome.