Wakefield MAG September 2010 Newsletter

Dear Wakefield MAG member,

Welcome to the Wakefield MAG e-newsletter. If you can’t attend our Wednesday meetings regularly, it’s the next best thing to keep you up to date with what we are up to.


1) Yorkshire Pudding Rally Report
2) Aidensfield Pilgrimage Rideout Report
3) Splitters Rally Report
4) Yorkshire MAG AGM
5) New EU Plans
6) MAG Local Group Expansion
8) MAG UK 'Head to Toe' raffle
9) For Sale
10) Congratulations
11) September Rideout
12) October Newsletter
13) Forthcoming Events (for September and beyond)

1) Yorkshire Pudding Rally Report

Wakefield MAG attended this years Yorkshire Pudding Rally en-mass, with nearly twenty of us descending on site on the Thursday to help with the event set-up. We started around 09:30 and our numerous duties involved stage set-up, collecting firewood from Rotherham for the bonfires, site marking, toilet positioning, road sign-age, and numerous other tasks. We were all finished by tea time, and the site was ready to accept happy rally goers first thing in the morning. But before that, we had a barbecue and lots of beers to consume at the Thursday night marshals only 'party'.

Friday morning saw the first arrival at 09:00, even though the site doesn't officially open until 12:00. Following that, folks just kept coming, keeping the gate marshals very busy, and in no time, the site was remarkably full. Two bands played Friday night, both of which were pretty good, with Bad Dog playing first (on the beautifully level stage we erected !!!!), followed by Netherworld (at least they were when we booked them, they had a name change in-between).

Saturday saw the first of the entertainment kick-off at 10:30, with the guided ride-out around the Peak District, led by MAP MD Ali Preston, and other marshals from Huddersfield MAG. Next on the packed entertainment schedule was the aptly titled, Smacked Arse Comedy Club in the marquee, whilst just outside was held the bike show, sponsored by Back Street Heroes magazine.

A large proportion of the Wakefield MAG contingent missed both however, as we opted to venture into Chapeltown, a short walk from site, to sample many of the fine real ales in the Commercial Inn, together with other local hostelries. The sun was shining, the beer was flowing and a good time was had by all, as they say.

Saturday evening had 3 bands playing in the marquee, Fireball, playing classic heavy rock tracks, followed by the rockabilly band, Band from County Hell. Headlining that evening was Big Day, and they certainly made most peoples day as they were absolutely brilliant. Big Day do classic rock tracks but also lots of modern stuff from the likes of Snow Patrol, James and the Stereophonics (their rendition of Dakota was awesome). They headlined at the Farmyard Party in 2009, and went down at storm there, hence the rebooking. Let's hope this is a regular repeat feature !!!!!

All good things must come to an end unfortunately and before we knew it, we were packing up after another brilliant Yorkshire Pudding Rally. The only thing that didn't work this year was the bonfire on Friday night and Saturday night, which we couldn't light as some folks had camped too close and wouldn't move their tents !!!! What that unfortunately meant, was that all the several tons of wood we had moved onto site, had to be moved off again, by the weary take-down marshals !!!!

Quite amazingly also, was for the seventh year running, the weekend of the YPR remained warm and dry. Surely some kind of MAG record !!!! (OK, it sort of did rain last year, but only overnight when everyone was asleep, so technically it doesn't count !!!!)

Feedback following the event has all been entirely positive, and everyone seems to have had a belting time !!! I'll let you know what the event raised once all the bills have been paid and the sums done, but with around 1,500 folks on-site, it should be a most respectable amount.

A huge thanks to the many Wakefield MAG members who helped with the site set-up, marshalling the event over the weekend, and the site take-down, as it couldn't have run without your heroic and most splendid efforts.

2) Aidensfield Pilgrimage Rideout Report

Twenty of us, on sixteen bikes assembled at Stork Lodge Tea Rooms on Sunday 15th August for our Aidensfield (Goathland) pilgrimage. We met at 08:30, and set off at 09:00, which was unfortunately before the Stork Lodge Cafe opens for teas, coffees and fried breakfast products. However, our carefully planned scenic route had a short breakfast stop built in.

We took the Stanley road out of Wakefield, then before the M62, took the Methley route towards Castleford, then onto Lock Lane, heading into Fairburn, then along the route of the old A1, through Ledsham, and onto Squires Cafe for our planned breakfast stop.

However ...... little did we realise that the date clashed with the Yorkshire Rock and Bike Show. Although the show was closing down on the Sunday, they were queueing out of the door that morning for breakfasts, and the queue wasn't going down very fast. Time to implement plan B !!!

We continued on our set route out of Squires, through Cawood, and Naburn towards York. At York we picked up the A64, and instead of taking the nice alternate route we had planned (to avoid the boring A64), we opted instead to stay on it, for our Plan B breakfast stop at the Highwayman Cafe. The traffic was heavy around the east side of York, but being on bikes we were able to filter and make progress as they say.

Suitably breakfasted, we headed eastbound on the A64, picking up the A169 towards Pickering, staying on this road through the very scenic North Yorkshire Moors National Park, past RAF Fylingdales, then into Aidensfield (Goathland). We found a car park with spaces but although they still charged for bikes, the car park attendant didn't mind us packing 4 bikes into one car park space and just paying for the one space, which was rather nice.

First stop was Scripps garage and the obligatory group photo. Some then opted for a spot of lunch in Mr Blaketon's Aidensfield Arms (Goathland Hotel really), whilst others had a wander down to the Railway Station, which also features heavily in the TV Series Heartbeat.

We all met back up again after an hour or so, and had a steady ride back, mostly along the A64, but coming off at Tadcaster and taking the scenic route via Towton, to Wakefield.

The weather stayed nice and dry all day, it was a most pleasant and relaxed rideout, and it was great to welcome along Mary & Mick, both on their inaugural Wakefield MAG rideout. Thanks to Toby, our rideout co-ordinator, for planning the route and leading the ride.

3) Splitters Rally Report

The Splitters Rally was an invitation only get together at Wakefield MAG original members Corinne and Igor's new Lincolnshire 'out in the sticks' country home, held on the weekend of 20th - 22nd August. A sort of rally, come house warming, come excuse for a pi$$ up (as if you ever need one !!!!)

Well, we all arrived in dribs and drabs, all taking different routes, to be greeted by Corinne and Igor , and of course Ziggy the Dog. Once all erections (tents obviously) were completed, the beer run was organised, with Lisa, Lorna and Sue going on the trike to the local supermarket. On their return, the drinks started to flow and laughter was heard well down the lane.

During the festivities, the BBQ was lit and large amounts of food was cooked and eaten to be followed by Corinne's special SHERRY trifle (no other alcohol was needed for the rest of the night). The rally bonfire was lit at 09:30 just as it got dark, everybody sat round the fire chilling and waiting for Steve the Meerkat to arrive. On arrival, he was greeted with a bottle to drink and a plate of food, which was followed by a very LARGE bowl of trifle. In true rally fashion, people then started to retire to bed.

Saturday morning dawned with everybody getting up in stages, Corinne's Cafe kitchen was then open with tea and coffee on tap. In her sexy cooks trousers Corinne started to cook the breakfast – 13 full English with bread was served and delicious it was.

When going to get changed for the ride out a large scream was heard then Sue was seen frantically scrambling out of the tent, between laughter and tears it was ascertained that it was ONLY A TINY LITTLE BABY FROG (she hates frogs). Then, in true rally fashion, a convoy of bikes and trikes left for the seaside.

At the coast, fun was had by walking on the beach and having a paddle, then some of the group then went for a ride on the log flume, Tracey then playing hell as she had a wet backside, before returning to Spilsby for the Ambi fest. Having just the one beer (we were riding after all) and listening to 4 bands (some that could show the rally bands a thing or two), it was time to head back for the evenings entertainment, via a beer run again.

On our return, we found the 'dance tent' up and running with resident DJ Smoothie (well, a neighbour of Corinne and Igor's). Our evening was kicked off by us having a few beers and listening to Eddie rapping on the Karaoke machine (brave man). Whilst enjoying the evening waiting for the BBQ, God decided to make us appreciate he British Summer by giving us a monumental downpour, but this did not deter us as we carried on Partying by dancing on the tables and in the rain.

Between monsoons, a BBQ was had and lots of drinking. As the evening progressed Tracey won the wet T-Shirt content, and people made their way to the 'dance tent' for the next stage of entertainment. On came MADAM FT with her side kick !!! This was a huge hit with us all.

After a short time party goers then returned to the camp fire that had been built Boy Scout style by Pavlo to have a chill out and a dry out. People then started to retire to be disturbed by Sue's dulcet tones (scream) “I cant get out .... I cant get out” ...... Fred the baby frog had returned !!!

Next morning the sun decided to shine and people started to get up at their leisure to be greeted by another full English breakfast with tea and coffee, served buy our very own topless waitress/waiter (Macca). We then had another ride out to the vintage car and bike show in Spilsby to allow the tent to dry out. After an hour or so there we headed back to Corinne's to start to pack up for our return journey's home.

A big Thank You to our hosts who played pop as they were presented with a large bouquet of flowers and some chocolate buttons for Igor. A fantastic weekend was had by all who attended with true commitment shown by Mr Meerkat who travelled to and from Wakefield visiting his better half Joanne in hospital and still taking part in the weekend.

For those who missed the weekend, you missed the best rally of the year (Ed: OK, don't rub it in).

Next year, invite and pre book only, with those attending this year getting first refusal. Thanks again Corinne and Igor and not forgetting Ziggy for a great time.

And a more succinct report from Daz:
We arrived
We got drunk
We got fed
We had a ride out
We had entertainment
We packed up
We came home
But best of all we had a bloody great weekend
Thanks Corinne and Igor

Says it all really !!!!

4) Yorkshire MAG AGM

The Yorkshire Regional AGM date and venue has been set, and is to be held on Saturday 2nd of October 2010, from 1 pm, at the Milnsbridge Liberal Club, 54 George Street, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD3 4JA (same venue as last year).

The AGM is your opportunity to hear about all the regions great achievements, as well as have a say in how the region is run. It's also the opportunity to vote for the forthcoming years regional officers.  

The roles we have are as follows:

  The following two new roles are being made available for the 2010/11 year:   Any further suggestions of roles or people for roles will be very welcome.  

Unfortunately the date clashes with the Wakefield MAG Sea Fishing trip, so the Wakefield MAG attendance will be down on previous years. However, if you are able to make the meeting, 75 branch points are up for grabs !!!

5) New EU Plans

Fresh EU plans announced on 1st September could mean super-MoT tests, roadside spot checks for bikes and further restrictions on bike modification.

The European Commission has just launched an internet consultation on Periodic Technical Inspections (PTI) for motor vehicles and their trailers.

The consultation envisages harsh and costly new measures that go far beyond the current MoT system familiar to riders across the UK, including:

Nich Brown, General Secretary of MAG(UK), said "the scope of this consultation confirms that the EU is contemplating a draconian and expensive burden on riders. All riders need to act now to challenge the potential excesses of yet another pan-European system that fails to meet the needs of individual nations."

The Commission say they are inviting comment from citizens as well as organisations and public authorities from all EU member states. But whilst the consultation questionnaire allows for individuals and organisations to vote for more sensible options, the only way to respond appears to be via an online form that has hardly been designed to let the rider’s voice be clearly heard. For example, the consultation question asking what category of vehicle you usually drive gives no option to say motorcycle - only 'none of the above'.

The usual suspicions about the questionnaire design abound, for example riders and drivers are asked if they have been involved in a road accident or vehicle breakdown, but not whether any accident or breakdown was caused by a vehicle defect that might be detected in the super-MoT or by a roadside spot-check.

The EU and national Governments are said to be 'at one in wishing to ensure that the EU Single Market works as efficiently as possible and that the administrative burden is reduced, in the interests of citizens.' The irony of this statement is that were the most extreme of the options to be adopted almost every EU citizen with a vehicle would face a far greater burden than they do now.

The other main policy objectives are reducing the number and severity of road accidents and to reduce emissions from road vehicles. Official statistics indicate that just 1% of motorcycle crashes in Great Britain involve a vehicle defect, whilst pan-European research suggests similarly low figures elsewhere, even in countries that have no periodic inspection.

This suggests there may be relatively little benefit from the current UK system based on annual MoT testing and certainly does not provide a strong argument for tightening MoT controls or introducing road side checks.

The European Union is asking riders and others to vote on what should be done:

MAG supports the pan-European campaign for individual countries to continue to determine their own national requirements for vehicle testing.  The campaign by dozens of riders groups across the EU is being coordinated by the Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations (FEMA)

The Motorcycle Action Group says that the best way to achieve this, and to defend against moves toward harmonisation around the most draconian form of testing, is for riders and their representative groups to support Option 1 - No change

The consultation runs for less than one month, until 24th September 2010, via the EU official website

If this new EU proposal bothers you (and it jolly well should), please go to the EU website and register an Option 1 vote !!!!

6) MAG Local Group Expansion

MAG has been expanding it's local group network quite significantly over the last 6 months or so. In that time, we have seen new MAG branches launched in Winchester, St Albans, Taunton, South Devon, Rushden & District, Brighton, Uckfield & London.

And this last week has seen a welcome return to a MAG local group presence in Northern Ireland. A bracing Bank Holiday Monday evening saw the first gathering for some time, of MAG members in Northern Ireland. There was an interesting array of bikes and an enthusiasm to get things going again in the Province. The Dirty Duck pub in Holywood was the venue chosen by local riders, and attendees were a healthy mix of old and new MAG members as well as Paddy Tyson who popped over from 'Central'.

Next week sees the first meeting of Hexham MAG in Northumberland and the following week it's Peak District MAG. The growth continues even as the summer ends!

And slightly further afield, following on from discussions with like minded motorcyclists overseas, MAG UK are pleased to announce the launch of MAG New Zealand on 3rd October 2010. We welcome MAG NZ to the international Riders Rights movement and wish them every success for the future. For more information go to: www.mag-nz.org


The date set for Yorkshire MAG’s events company (Magic Action Promotions Limited (MAP) AGM is Saturday 16th October, which is to be combined with the events de-brief of Yorkshire MAG's premier events: Into the Valley, the Farmyard Party and The Yorkshire Pudding Rally. Scarborough MAG will also touch on the Ganton Gathering as Scarborough MAG organised and ran the event on MAP’s behalf.  

The AGM venue is to be the White Horse Inn at Hutton Cranswick Nr Driffield and the meeting will start at 13:00, and a buffet with tea and coffee will be provided mid-meeting. After the meeting there will be a social evening that will consist of a few beers a meal and entertainment from Scott Dangleberry the human jukebox. Good fun will be had by all. The meal will be Chilli, Curry, Veggie option, with accompaniments (Nan breads, rice & chips).  

The White Horse have again kindly offered rooms at the bargain price of £5.00 per person and breakfast at £5.50.  These rooms will be on a first come first served basis, but there is also room for anyone wishing to camp or bring a caravan along, breakfast can still be ordered at the same price.

When you ring to book a room please say you are from MAG or the pub will not take a booking from you.

To contact the White Horse to book a room please ring 01377 270383. I f you wish to camp or caravan no need to book, but please let MAP Events Manager Pete Walker know by the 12th of October as he will need to book food for your buffet and evening meal paid for by MAP. Contact Pete on 01482 873302

The AGM will consist of mainly the financial matters of MAP and also we will be able to tell you the donation to MAG UK.  

Also this year we will need to ratify a change in directors as two of our long standing directors are to be giving up the role because of other commitments:  

For the other officers/directors:

The directors that are replacing those standing down need to be voted in by the MAG groups in the area they represent i.e. East Yorkshire & North Yorkshire. The relevant MAG groups (East Yorks, Scarborough & York respectively) will need to vote for the replacements at their respective branch meetings pre AGM, and then it will be ratified at the MAP AGM. The replacements need to be resident in those areas they are representing.

Hope you can make the MAP AGM and events de-brief. 75 branch points to all Wakefield MAG members who attend.

8) MAG UK 'Head to Toe' raffle

Roll up, roll up for the MAG UK 'Head to Toe' raffle.

Weise Clothing have generously donated the following prizes, which will literally kit you out from 'Head to Toe' :

Have a look at what you can win on the Weise Clothing website: www.weise-clothing.co.uk

Tickets are £1 each, which is a steal when you look at the quality of the prizes on offer.  We now have tickets for sale at the Wakefield MAG branch meetings, so pop along on a Wednesday night if you want one (or more).

The draw will take place at the Carole Nash International Motorcycle & Scooter Show at the Birmingham NEC on Sunday 5th December 2010.

All monies raised from the raffle will go to MAG UK.  Best of luck, and thanks for helping the fighting fund and ultimately, the future of motorcycling.

9) For Sale

The following items are being sold by Wakefield MAG members (or friends):

10) Congratulations

Congratulations go to the following Wakefield MAG members on their achievements:

11) September Rideout

The Wakefield MAG monthly rideout for this month is on Sunday 5th September, destination: Whitby. The rideout meets at 8:30am (leaving at 09:00am) at Stork Lodge Tea Rooms, Thornes Park, off Thornes Road, Wakefield. Hope you can make it

12) October Newsletter

Due to work commitments, there will be no October newsletter. However, normal service will be resumed in November.

13) Forthcoming Events (for September and beyond)

Sunday 5th September - Wakefield MAG Branch Run to Whitby

See above. Meet 8:30am (leaving at 09:00am) at Stork Lodge Tea Rooms, Thornes Park, off Thornes Road, Wakefield.

Friday 17th - Sunday 19th September - East Yorkshire MAG's Spat out of Hull Rally

Bonfire, Bands, Comedians, Great Food. Dean Park, Dunswell, Nr Hull, HU6 0AA east-yorks.mag-uk.org

Saturday 2nd October - Wakefield MAG Sea Fishing Trip

Our much awaited Wakefield MAG Sea Fishing Trip (from Hartlepool) aboard our 'North Sea Trawler', the Flamer II. It's a full day trip (8am - 5pm) and costs £30. Contact Mick Culpan on 0776 260 7500 to see if there are any spare places

Saturday 2nd October - Yorkshire MAG AGM

See Above for details

Saturday 2nd October - Huddersfield MAG's Twelvty Party

Huddersfield Central MAG's Annual Bash at the Gas Club. Live Band, Rock Disco, Raffle, 7:30pm till late at the Gas Club, Gasworks Street, off Leeds Road, Huddersfield, HD1 6NA

Sunday 3rd October - Wakefield MAG Branch Run

Wakefield MAG's Monthly Branch Run for October to Craven Collection (Classic Motorcycles), York. Meet 9:30am (leaving at 10:00am) at Stork Lodge Tea Rooms, Thornes Park, off Thornes Road, Wakefield.

Tuesday 12th October - VJMC Presentation Night

Our good friends at the VJMC are hosting their charity donation presentation night on Tuesday 12th October at the Plough. A small representation of our marshals, who helped marshal the VJMC show at Lotherton Hall back in July, will be in attendance. The annual VJMC Japanese Bike Show raises a huge amount for charity and this is when the money gets donated.

Saturday 16th October - MAP AGM

See Above for details

Sunday 14th November - Wakefield MAG at the City of Wakefield Memorial Sunday Parade & Service

As per last year, we will be attending the City of Wakefield Memorial Sunday Parade & Service at the Wood Street War Memorial, to pay our respects. Further details nearer the date.

Wednesday 24th November - Wakefield MAG 7th Annual Bikers Quiz Nite

Our hugely popular annual bike quiz. Like a pub quiz, but for bikers. 30 bike/biking related questions & 30 general knowledge (but with a bike link, however tenuous). Enter as a team (max 5) or an individual. Prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place, and a booby prize for the least number of correct answers. Quiz starts at 20:00 in the Grey Horse, Kirkgate, Wakefield. Entry Fee: £1 p.p (to cover cost of prizes)

Saturday 12th December - Wakefield MAG Christmas Do

We don't know where and what time yet, but total fun, laughs and copious amounts of alcohol guaranteed !!!!

That's all for the next two months. Take care on the roads and I hope to see you all soon.

Ride Safe
Steve Travis
Wakefield MAG
0772 078 4734

Wakefield MAG meet at the Grey Horse, Kirkgate, Wakefield at 8:30pm every Wednesday. New (and Old) faces are always welcome.