Wakefield MAG February 2013 Newsletter

Dear Wakefield MAG member,

Welcome to the Wakefield MAG e-newsletter. If you can't attend our Wednesday meetings regularly, it's the next best thing to keep you up to date with what we are up to.


1) Wakefield & District MAG 11th Annual General Meeting
2) Post Christmas Auction
3) 11th Birthday Party
4) 2013 Rideouts
5) Manchester Bike Show Visit - Saturday 12th January 2013
6) Rally Prices
7) 40th Birthday
8) Wakefield MAG Charity Pet Food Run
9) Yorkshire Newsletter
10) Forthcoming Events (for February and beyond)

1) Wakefield & District MAG 11th Annual General Meeting

The branch held it's 11th Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 9th January 2013 at the Grey Horse. We had a most impressive turnout of Wakefield MAG branch members, and it was great to welcome along a few old faces.

The committee reports took an age, mainly because most folks had been extremely busy and as a branch, we had packed a truly enormous amount of activities into the year and achieved an awful lot.

Finance wise, we didn't quite beat our record donation of previous years to the MAG Fighting Fund, but still managed a most impressive £1000 !!!. This also doesn't include the few thousand we raised through MAP rally branch ticket sales. The biggest contributor to branch funds is not the weekly raffle any more, the raffle raised just under £500 but this is significantly (£400) down on prior years as we used to have rollovers, now every week is a winner. The biggest fund raiser is now our events. Events raised £600 in 2012 - the auction £590 and the quiz night £112, charity donations from the auction of £200 were made.

The Branch finances were looking very healthy indeed so we voted to make a further sizeable donation of £250 (plus auction profits) to the MAG fighting fund, at the next Yorkshire MAG Region meeting.

Our new branch committee for 2013 was voted in, and this is:

Our branch heroes for 2012 were:

Well done to all our branch heroes. We discussed and agreed our branch activities and development plan for 2013, and we have lots planned for this year, so check the website and these newsletters for more details.

The full AGM minutes are published Here.

A huge thanks to everyone who attended the AGM, 75 branch points duly awarded !!!!

2) Post Christmas Auction

Check out the event report Here

3) 11th Birthday Party

FREE PARTY !!!!! Our 11th Birthday Party will be held on Friday 8th February 2013, at the Grey Horse, Kirkgate, Wakefield. Raffle (with great prizes), Buffet (small charge will apply), Disco, Party Games, Fancy Dress (strictly optional but prize for best outfit), Having a great time (strictly mandatory) !!! Did I say it was a FREE PARTY !!!!!

We were formed on the 9th of January 2002 and we have certainly come a long way since that inaugural meeting at the White Hart. We still have a good number of regular meeting attendees who were at those first fledgling meetings eleven years ago (so we must be doing something right !!!).

Come along and help us celebrate, from 7:30pm onwards. All Wakefield MAG members and friends most welcome. Good Company and lashings of Ginger Beer guaranteed !!! It's a FREE PARTY, so no excuse for not attending ... Hope to see you there !!!!

4) 2013 Rideouts

Our new rideout co-ordinator Mick Culpan has wasted no time whatsoever in getting on the case and organising our monthly rideouts for 2013. These are:

There are a couple of key changes from last year:

All the rideouts have been specifically designed to make the most of the journey and not just the destination. So expect some cracking roads and there will be NO MOTORWAYS !!!

In addition to the organised monthly rideouts, there will be multiple informal rideouts on sunny Sunday's throughout the year.

5) Manchester Bike Show Visit - Saturday 12th January 2013

Check out the event report Here

6) Rally Prices

Economic circumstances have forced a price increase for the Yorkshire MAG rallies. Ticket prices have not increased since 2006, during which time we have seen the cost of virtually every other good and service increase, including VAT, which MAP absorbed with no costs being passed on to our customers (name one other organisation that did that !!!).

However, the sad economic reality is that if we didn't increase ticket prices this year, we simply wouldn't be able to continue to host these rallies. The ticket increase is an across the board fiver, meaning ITV is now £20 pre-book; £25 OTG, FYP is now £30; £40 OTG and YPR is now £20 pre-book; £25 OTG. These are still bargain prices considering the top quality entertainment and facilities on offer.

The dates of the main Yorkshire MAG events for 2013 are:

We should have tickets for sale at the branch meetings in the next few weeks. Let me know if you want some.

7) 40th Birthday

MAG is 40 years old this year!! MAG was formed in 1973, a pure coincidence that the helmet law was also introduced in that year .... Oh, OK then, MAG was formed to campaign against the new helmet law but over the last 40 years it has transformed from being a single issue group into THE leading riders rights organisation, representing all riders of powered two wheelers, well respected by transport authorities and the government and widely consulted as a subject matter expert in the field of powered two wheeled transport.

Numerous celebration events are being organised the length and breadth of the country, including Leeds MAG's '40 years of Action 1973-2013' day on Saturday 25th May (see the events page for further details).

Nationally, MAG Corporate Member, Continental Tyres are giving away a pack of Nick Sanders Adventure travel DVDs worth £25 with every new membership during 2013!!! Now there really is no excuse not to join MAG.

8) Wakefield MAG Charity Pet Food Run

Our first branch rideout of 2013 will be a Charity Pet Food Run, in aid of Wakefield District Dog Rescues. The run is provisionally scheduled for Saturday 2nd March (TBC - see the events page for confirmation details, and next months newsletter).

We will meet at our new rideout start point: Redbeck Cafe, Doncaster Road, Wakefield, at 09:30, leaving at 10:00. This is later than the other rideouts in 2013 will leave, but then again, it is a lot earlier in the year.

Upon leaving at 10:00, our first port of call, will be Whitehall Dog Rescue in East Ardsley. From there, we will visit the Leeds & Wakefield RSPCA Rescue Kennels.

Bring the following items for donation:

This will be our 4th annual Pet Food Run, and if anything like last year's, a great rideout with a most worthwhile purpose. Really hope you can make it and don't forget those doggy treats !!

N.B. This run is a little early in the year so there is still a risk of frost / ice / snow. In the event of poor / unsafe riding conditions, please feel free to come along in the car instead.

9) Yorkshire Newsletter

A Yorkshire MAG monthly newsletter will be emailed to all Yorkshire MAG members for whom we have a valid email address, starting from February. The Yorkshire newsletter will contain snippets of Yorkshire (and National) MAG news, together with all the upcoming events for the nine Yorkshire MAG branches. Yorkshire is a huge region (bigger than Belgium) and although we have a good number of active branches, there are still large areas of God's own County not represented by a local MAG branch. Within Yorkshire MAG, we want all our members to be well informed and know what an active region we are, hence the monthly newsletter to reach out to all our members, some of whom may not live near to an existing branch, and hence can't regularly attend meetings. Keep an eye out for these newsletters and let us know if your email address has recently changed, so we can keep our records up to date. Happy Reading !!

N.B. These newsletters wont replace your existing Wakefield MAG newsletter !!!

10) Forthcoming Events (for February and beyond)

Friday 8th February - Wakefield MAG 11th Birthday Party

See Above.

Sunday 10th February - Leeds MAG Fred Hill Run

Wakefield MAG will meet at Redbeck Cafe at 09:30, leaving at 10:00 for Squires. The Run will then leave Squires Cafe Bar at Newthorpe at 11.30 prompt. The Run will proceed via Sherburn, Tadcaster, Boston Spa, Collingham, Harewood and Arthington to the Sun Inn at Norwood. This year the run takes place on the 29th anniversary of Fred's death in Pentonville prison.

Please note these runs are very subject to the weather, and may be cancelled at short notice (for very sensible safety reasons). Check the events page on this website for updates before setting off.

Saturday 16th February - Leeds MAG Valentines Party

Live music from Gun Law. Bar open until 11:30pm. From 8pm at the Parkfield Suite, 8 Parkfield Terrace, Stanningley, Leeds, LS28 6BS. £5. Tickets from Leeds MAG meetings or pay on the door (if still available)

Saturday 2nd March (TBC) - Our popular Charity Pet Food Run to Whitehall Dog Rescue in East Ardsley and other local pet rescues.

See Above. Meet 09:30 (leaving at 10:00) at RedBeck Cafe, Doncaster Road, Wakefield.

Sunday 3rd March - Yorkshire Region Meeting (11:00 Start)

The Buckles Inn, Tadcaster Rd, Bilbrough, York, YO23 3PW. Every Yorkshire MAG member is more than welcome to attend the meeting and see how the region is run, its more the merrier and Yorkshire MAG welcome you taking more of an interest or active role.

Sunday 3rd March - MAP Meeting (13:00 Start)

The Buckles Inn, Tadcaster Rd, Bilbrough, York, YO23 3PW. Magic Action Promotions (MAP), is the events arm of Yorkshire MAG, which hosts the ITV, FYP & YPR bike rallies, which contribute so enormously to the MAG fighting fund. Every MAG member is more than welcome to attend the meeting and see how the MAP events are run, its more the merrier and MAP welcome you taking more of an interest or active role.

Wednesday 27th March - Leeds MAG Easter Egg Run

Meeting at Cardigan Fields car park (behind McDonalds on Kirkstall Road) from 6pm, leaving at 6.30pm to ride to Lineham Farm Childrens Centre. Don't forget to bring an egg or two!

Saturday 13th April - MAG Annual Group Conference 2013

Bristol area. Free, but bring your MAG membership card to gain entry & vote

Sunday 14th April - Wakefield Hospice 10K Race (Wakefield MAG providing Mobile Race Marshals)

Starting from Thornes Park. Time: 09:00 (race starts at 09:30) TBC

Sunday 21st April - Wakefield MAG Monthly Rideout to Rivington Barn, Horwich

Meet 8:30am (leaving at 9:00am) at RedBeck Cafe, Doncaster Road, Wakefield, WF1 4EJ

That's all for this month, and I hope to see you all soon.

Ride Safe .. Ride Free
Steve Travis
Wakefield MAG
0772 078 4734

Wakefield MAG meet at the Grey Horse, Kirkgate, Wakefield at 8:30pm every Wednesday. New (and Old) faces are always welcome.